14 Best Pinterest Tools and Apps for Social Media Enthusiasts

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Advanced Pinterest board management toolBloggers and internet marketers are using Pinterest to drive huge traffic to their websites and blogs. Although the native web interface of Pinterest is very user-friendly, use of additional tools and applications for a social media platform helps us get more out of the service. Today, we're going to look at some of the popular Pinterest tools and apps that are used by seasoned social media enthusiasts to benefit from this powerful platform. Some of these tools are simple web-based applications while others are standalone desktop applications. I've also included some of the best Google Chrome plugins for Pinterest users. Professional bloggers can also use WordPress extensions made specifically for promoting your content on Pinterest. Let's see these powerful and flexible Pinterest tools for getting targeted traffic.

Web-based and Desktop Apps & Tools

Pingraphy - Web-based Pinterest toolViralTag - It is one of the most popular web-based Pinterest tools that's easy-to-use and is extremely effective. It's most used feature is the pin-scheduling option that lets you easily add pins to the queue for posting at the right time. This will help you get more eyeballs for your pins as they're published at the peak time as per your preferences. If you're a photoblogger who regularly pin photographs on a daily basis, this tool gives you a handy option to upload and pin all your photos in bulk. This not only saves your time but also saves you from tiresome pinning activity. It also provides all the important metrics related to your pins to track their performance. You can also use its unique followers and users analysis module to find power users and the right kind of accounts to network with.

HelloInsights - A Pinterest analytics toolHelloInsights - This handy web-based analytics tool is made for Pinterest users. It provides you with lots of useful data to get more out of your Pinterest account. You can view all your boards in a tabular format with the associated performance data to better visualize how each one of them is performing. It also analyzes your Pinterest account to find out the topics and domains which are generally associated with it. Active users also get daily statistics about their activity to get a better picture of how well their graphics content is doing on a daily basis. It also provides daily scores associated with different activities so that you can quickly assess the performance with a quick glance. This tool is ideal for regular Pinterest users who want to track the performance of dozens of boards maintained by them.

Advanced Pinterest board management toolPinstamatic - This is one of the coolest tools to put your Pinterest boards on steroids. Unlike adding simple graphics in your boards, this service lets you spice up your boards in different ways to get more attention from the users. This powerful tool lets you add quotes, music, website and clickable maps to your Pinterest boards. The customization is extremely easy through a seamless web-based interface and the results are equally amazing. These board add-ons make all your boards stand out from the rest and naturally attract more followers. This solution is ideal for social media professionals who're promoting business-related boards to connect with potential customers. You can also add captions, dates and Twitter profiles to your Pinterest board through this service.

Get pinning notifications through PinAlertsPinAlerts - Pinterest users who want to keep an eye on the pinning activity of other users within their account can use this excellent service. It lets you get timely notifications of all the repins of your content. Each time, a visitor pins your website content, this tool gives you an almost real-time email notification of the same. It's ideal to track your content's performance on Pinterest. In case, you start getting a massive amount of repins, these notifications can overwhelm your inbox. It's ideal for those webmasters who get low to a moderate number of pins for their content. You can deactivate and well as reactivate the pin alerts at any time. In fact, you can set filters or forwarding rules to divert pin notifications for different content categories to their respective authors within your Gmail account.

PinPointing - Get recommendations for your Pinterest accountZappos PinPointing - If you have a fairly new Pinterest account, this tool can be a boon for you. It scans a Pinterest account and recommends both pins and other users. You get both the right kind of content to repin as well as the relevant network of users to grow your Pinterest network. This service can also give excellent gift ideas for your friends on Pinterest as it presents the list on the basis of their pinning activities. Active users who create theme-based boards can benefit from this tool as it provides accurate and the most relevant pins and users after analyzing a Pinterest account. You can also find power users related to a topic very easily through this service. This way, connecting with users with high reach can help you disperse your content more widely across the Pinterest ecosystem.

PinLeague - Complete Pinterest management dashboardPinLeague - This powerful Pinterest tool is ideal for serious users who want to use this social media platform for growing their online business. It has one of the richest and insightful analytics dashboards available for Pinterest. Through it, you can visualize how well your pins and boards are performing and what kind of audience is promoting and following your boards. It can also filter out active users who're pinning the similar kind of content you regularly pin within your account. Its unique 'PinMail' feature lets you run effective email marketing campaigns targeting Pinterest users. This helps you grow your Pinterest following at a rapid pace. It can also find your existing brand advocates on Pinterest who're not in your network. This encourages more comments, likes and repins for your targeted content.

Pinalytics - Analytics tool for PinterestPinalytics - Apart from regular analytics information, this tool can also act as a powerful search engine for Pinterest. It lets you search for people, pins, and boards through keywords and phrases very easily. This is ideal for searching the desired pins and like-minded Pinterest users. It also provides advanced sorting options for the result sets to arrange the information as per your preferences. While searching for profiles, it provides tons of other analytics information to get a better assessment of the reach and influence of the user. You can also see social data related to other popular platforms as well (e.g. Facebook Twitter & Google+) for each profile or pin in the result set. This gives the overall view of how the content is performing across the entire social media ecosystem.

Pintensify - A desktop app for managing Pinterest accountPintensify - This is a standalone desktop-based application that can be used to manage your Pinterest account very easily. It can run on a continuous basis completing a lot of tasks in an automated way. It has a complete board management module that lets you maintain dozens of topic-based boards in an automated way. It also lets you perform an extensive search on Pinterest for relevant content and users. Power users can also use its logging module to keep track of the task activities that have been completed for a given account. It has a flexible schedule that can run continuously to pin your content in an automated way. You can use this application on Windows, Mac and on Linux too. Webmasters can use this app on their web servers to completely automate critical and time-consuming Pinterest activities.

Firefox Add-ons for Pinterest Users

PinImage add-on for Firefox browserPinImage - Although the plugin mentioned above can pin images too, but this extension has something unique. It reduces your work of completing the fields of the pinning box in an effective way. The description box is automatically filled with the alt text of the image if any. This helps you fill the most accurate description of the image without any need to type anything. The pin hyperlink is also automatically filled with the canonical URL present on the web page. This further reduces your work of filling the required information manually. The result is speedy pinning activity without any glitches. Very active Pinterest users who upload a large number of images on a daily basis will find this plugin very helpful. In case, the alt text is missing for an image, you can supply your own version depending on the context of the image.

Pin It Button"Pin It" Button - This is the official pinning button for Firefox users. It can be added to your browser's bookmarks bar very easily through a simple drag-n-drop process. Once installed, you can easily pin images present on different web pages during your browsing session. This button automatically picks the source URL of the image to be included in your pin. If you have multiple boards in your account, you can also choose the preferred one to pin the image in the right category. Since this is the official version, you can be assured of its accuracy and efficiency as it is regularly updated by the Pinterest team. I generally use this button for my pinning activities. Removing this button is also simple and only requires removal of its entry from the bookmark bar.

Google Chrome Extensions for Pinterest

Google Chrome extension for holding Pinterest contestsPinterest Contest - I've chosen this extension due to its uniqueness and the power to sell and promote your products through Pinterest. It lets you create special boards based on your products that serve as a base for Pinterest contests. You can run these contests very easily on your Facebook page as well as on your website. This extension lets you capture details on the contest participants so that you can remain in touch with the prospects. This includes the demographic data associated with each participant. It also lets you create Pinterest contests that are only visible to fans of your Facebook page. You can also update your page wall in an automated way whenever a new fan enters for your Pinterest contest. Businesses and affiliate marketers can benefit from this useful extension.

Pinner - A Pinterest extension for Google ChromePinner for Pinterest - This is an all-in-one Google Chrome extension for Pinterest users. You can pin both graphic and video content through this plugin. While pinning the media, you can highlight the text to automatically add it to the pin description. Advanced users who pin extensively can also configure its keyboard shortcuts to speed up the entire process. In case you do not highlight any text, this extension picks the title of the web page automatically which can be changed later manually if required. Since it can pin both pictures and video, you can use it on a large number of websites for pinning the most relevant content for your theme-based boards. If a web page contains lots of media, pressing a button can show you all the images and video on that specific page. This makes the selection easy and in turn facilitates easy pinning.

Chrome extension for Pinning custom screenshotsShotPin - Sometimes, Pinterest users want to pin custom screenshot of a web page instead of pinning any kind of media present on that page. This powerful plugin lets you take custom screenshots for adding to your Pinterest boards. Simply click the plugin button and select the region you want to pin. You can add the desired description and URL according to your needs. If you're promoting different websites for your clients, this extension can help you in pinning key web pages with ease. It's also ideal for pinning those websites which serve great content but are devoid of any graphics. It can also be used to share website designs with your clients through private boards on Pinterest. This makes it an ideal solution for both web developers and social media professionals.

QuickPin extension for pinning graphic contentQuickPin - This plugin is quite popular among Pinterest users who using Google Chrome as their default browser. Simply install this extension and pin any image on web pages through a simple right-click mouse action. The pinning process is fast and seamless and is ideal for users who pin images in bulk from different websites. As always, this extension also lets you provide custom URL and description before pinning an image. This plugin is extremely fast and doesn't slow down your browser in any way. Due to its stability and accurateness in delivering the pins, professional users can rely on this plugin without any doubt. I've tried it with two Pinterest accounts and found it extremely good and easy-to-use. Remember, if right-click has been disabled by the webmaster, you cannot pin the image through a simple mouse action.


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