9 Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Developers

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GuideGuide extension for PhotoshopAlthough there are countless plugins available for various Photoshop versions, only a small percentage of them are really useful for designers and developers. One can easily overwhelm by the sheer volume of plugin options available at his disposal. Depending on the exact type of work you do in Photoshop, only a handful of plugins can help you do more in a much lesser time. The plugins listed here are very popular among the Photoshop community and they're used for almost every web designing need. Whether you're editing photographs or creating a website layout, these plugins will help you get more out of your Photoshop image engine. Depending on your precise needs, you may omit some of the plugins mentioned here. All these killer plugins have been thoroughly tested on different versions of Photoshop.

GuideGuide extension for Photoshop
GuideGuide - This handy plugin is ideal for web designers who're extensively using web grid layouts and designs for completing their site mockups. Through this plugin, you can create large and small grids with different sizes in different formats.

You can provide the grid size details in different ways (pixels, percentage) depending on your project requirements. By default, it automatically picks the current size unit active within the software.

This free and useful plugin runs smoothly both on Windows and Mac platform. While installing this plugin on a Windows machine, make sure you have administrative privileges to correctly complete the plugin activation.

Web fonts plugin for Photoshop
Web Font plug-in - Freelancers and web designers must use this plugin to quickly create website prototypes and mockups for their clients. It uses WebINK and Google web fonts library to help you embed different types of fonts with Photoshop images with ease.

It's a free plug-in with no restriction. I've used it in my several projects for preparing initial layouts for my clients. In fact, it's a complete font management tool for your Photoshop projects.

It is used in conjunction with text layer to embed high-quality free fonts at the desired location within your image files. Once activated, you can use hundreds of fonts to test and modify your website mockups in no time.

FontShop plugin for Photoshop
FontShop Plugin - This is yet another powerful font plugin for Photoshop users. It lets you preview tons of fonts including advanced font search that meets your requirements. This plugin is available both for Windows and Mac systems.

It also lets you create a collection of fonts by tagging and organizing your favorite fonts into groups. This lets you reuse the frequently used font combinations with ease. Its handy preview and download buttons let you quickly create libraries of your favorite fonts in no time.

Like several other plugins, this one also requires administrative privileges during installation and activation. This plugin also keeps previewing history and recent fonts option to quickly revert back to the desired font collection.

CSS Hat plugin for Photoshop
CSS Hat - This is a must-have plugin for professional web developers who regularly design advanced design elements that use CSS shadow, gradients and other similar effects. While generating CSS through this plugin, you can opt for browser specific CSS code to ensure maximum compatibility.

It has inbuilt support for three popular CSS preprocessors viz., SASS, LESS, and Stylus. This plugin can be used on both Windows and Mac systems. It also has CSS syntax highlighting with complete support for font properties.

You can select a specific layer within a complex image and can generate CSS code for the layer properties to build your website with ease. You can also turn on dimensions to get the exact web element size within your CSS code.

CSS3Ps plugin for Photoshop
CSS3Ps - This plugin is very handy in situations when you're designing buttons, forms and boxes with shadows and gradients in Photoshop. Now you can easily get CSS3 code for these elements with a click of a button.

You simply have to select the layer associated with the web element whose CSS code is needed by you and it automatically generates the optimized code for direct pasting in your style sheets. You can also select multiple layers at the same time to generate the combined CSS3 code for all the layers.

Vendor-specific CSS prefixes and support for SASS preprocessor is already included in this plugin. You can also create CSS3 code for text layers to quickly get the typographical code for your website or blog.

WebZap plugin for Photoshop
WebZap - This is an ultimate prototyping tool for web developers who regularly use Photoshop for creating layouts and mockups. You can create sharp and clean user interface layouts through this handy plugin.

It has inbuilt support for 960 grid system to create real web page layouts in no time. It can also create perfect text layout sections so that you never had to fiddle with messy text layers in Photoshop.

It has a complete library of common web page interface elements for easily placing and embedding at the desired place within your prototype. All these library elements are completely editable to suit your needs. It also has a handy preview and presentation option to easily prepare the mockups for inspection by your client.

Dev Rocket plugin for Photoshop
Dev Rocket - Whether you're developing a responsive website for iOS, retina display or you're creating an application for iOS platform, this powerful can speed up your development process by miles.

It has a huge library of UI elements and canvas for both iPhone and iPad models that can be customized with a click of a button. In fact, you can scale the default canvas resolution to a bigger size without any kind of distortion.

For complex layouts, it even gives you an option to save individual UI elements in different files. It also has a unique option of saving the design for retina displays so that your apps and websites can rock on these high-resolution displays.

Cut n Slice plugin for Photoshop
Cut&Slice - As the name implies, this plugin has everything to do with Photoshop layers. It can save all the layers within a large image very easy in different formats. If you're creating buttons for a website, it can easily save different states of a button without any hassle.

It's not just the different states of a layer, but you can also specify different sizes for each layer while exporting them in your preferred format. You can also export different layers in retina-ready format.

Developers can also group similar kinds of elements within different layers in a single place for easy batch export. This plugin is ideal for web developers who frequently export selective layers from a project.

Tych Panel plugin for Photoshop
Tych Panel - Web developers who frequently use image grids for different sections of a client's website can use this handy plugin. It provides you with an easy way to arrange multiple images in different grid formats within a specific area.

You can also customize border style, spacing and layout of the image grid with precision and that too in a simple way. You can also crop and slice a larger image into a custom grid with smooth edges.

One of its powerful features is an automatic arrangement of additional pictures within the grid keeping the height and width constant. This allows you to concentrate on the grid content rather than worrying about resizing it again and again.


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