How to Create Pinterest Boards Correctly

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Pinterest boardsLarge numbers of Pinterest users are using boards to organize and showcase their topic or theme-oriented collections. Whether you're using personal boards or are creating public boards in collaboration with a team, incorrect settings of the same can result in poor visibility with no results. Fortunately, you can easily learn the correct way of creating Pinterest boards such that they not only attract followers but also divert them towards your business website. If you've already created several boards, you can apply these techniques on those as well to get the best possible results. Here I must stress on the fact that despite taking on the necessary steps while creating Pinterest boards, long-term results largely depends on your engagement with the community. So let's see how to correctly make result-oriented Pinterest boards.

Choose Board Name Wisely

While creating a new board, this is very first information you'll type in the board-creation dialogue box. Unfortunately, large numbers of users do not pay much attention to the name and pay the price at the later stage. Remember, your board name is just like a slogan on the billboard. The more unique, persuasive and hard-hitting it is the more is the probability of someone checking it out.

Let's take a simple example to understand it in a better way. Let's assume you're creating a new board that will focus on different types of pasta from across the globe. A general use may name it - "Pasta Varieties". But, this is quite common and generic name for a board.

Pinterest board names
Here's a much better alternative as shown in the image above. This name creates curiosity in the minds of the potential followers. This name is alluring and naturally attracts clicks from the new users.

Whenever you're creating a new board, devote some time in coming up with a killer name. But, there's one more important thing to consider once the name is assigned to the board. You must create several persuasive names for a single board. Test these names for one month each and monitor the number of new followers you gained within each respective month. This way you can easily find the best performing name for your Pinterest board.

Select the Right Category for the Board

Although most users try to select the right category for their boards, some do not bother about it. How selecting a wrong category affects the growth of a board? Pinterest board categories can be compared with the tags of posts on a typical WordPress blog. This tagging and categorization activity helps Pinterest's internal search system to easily fetch the relevant content from properly categorized boards.

Pinterest board category
In simple words, whenever a user tries to find pins related to a specific topic through the search bar, properly categorized boards are the first choice for fetching the queried pins.

This means, proper categorization makes your Pinterest board search-friendly as well as exponentially increases its visibility. In case, you forgot to properly categorize an old board, you can correct it easily by editing the existing category.

Find and Add Contributors for Every Board

If you want to skyrocket the popularity of your board, you must consider adding contributors for every single board you're creating for the targeted audience. This becomes more necessary when the topic associated with the board is broad with a huge audience. But how adding more contributors helps your boards grow quick and fast?

Pinterest board contributors
More hands mean more pinning activity within your board. This essentially means that each follower will regularly get fresh content to consume on a daily basis. While creating a new board, you must research and find out some of the potential board contributors that may be interesting in pinning images for your board.

Once you've shortlisted the names, you can easily send them invites to add them to the contributors. Make sure you're following each potential contributor beforehand else you won't be able to send the invite. Several Pinterest power users use this technique successfully to create a highly active public board that's regularly updated through a team of collaborators.

Create Customized Board Cover

Pinterest lets you assign a custom board cover which is a very useful option for professional users. Instead of cropping a simple image for your board cover, you must pimp up an existing image with taglines, speech bubbles or various other effects to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

Pinterest board custom cover image
Quite similar to board name, the board cover also plays a big role in attracting new followers. Seasoned Pinterest users always create custom board covers for creating a visually appealing entry in the list of boards. The combination of persuasive board name and killer board image works like wonders and effectively pull potential followers.

By following these simple board-creation tips, you can easily attract massive number of targeted visitors for your website or blog. Instead of creating a large number of boards, focus on a broader niche and create at most dozen boards which can be managed easily. This will give you consistent traffic from this social media platform.


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