16 Best Ways to Share Your Code Snippets on the Web

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Social sharing iconsFreelancers, web developers and software engineers often want to share code snippets with their team members and clients. An old way to do this is to share the code file as an attachment within an email. But this methodology has several shortcomings. There's no syntax highlighting, no real-time feedback or extended sharing options when using traditional email for sharing code snippets. A better approach would be to use a dedicated code snippet sharing service that not only provides an easy way to host and share the code, but also provides extra features to get feedback from the viewers. Fortunately, there are several good services that offer such kind of service for the programmers. Following is a handpicked list of apps and services that will let you share your code snippets very easily on the web.

Snipt : Source code sharing serviceSnipt.org - This is yet another useful source code sharing service that provides various options to customize your shared snippet. You can make your code private as well as can include line numbers for long snippets. It also provides several themes for displaying your code snippet to make the code visually appealing. Like other popular services, this popular app also supports dozens of different programming languages.

Gist from GithubGist - This is my favorite code sharing service that is powered by GitHub. I use this service regularly on this blog to share code snippets related to various tutorials. It has a handy shared snippet creation tool that fully supports programming language auto-detection, syntax highlighting as well as a handy snippet embedding option. This lets you easily include your code snippets at the desired location on your website or a blog.

Snipplr : Social sharing of code snippetsSnipplr - Large numbers of freelancers use this code sharing service to not only distribute their source code but also to get opinions and feedback from the community. It also has a handy embed option for including the snippets on your own website. If your shared snippet code is quite long horizontally, its 'expand and collapse' option lets you view the code in a more legible way. You can also use your Facebook account to access this service.

Code collector pro code snippet organizerCode Collector Pro - This powerful code organizing tool is ideal for Mac users who not only want to maintain a large repository of code snippets but also want to share select snippets in a secure way. This app has several advanced options to arrange your code snippets in groups and folders. It also has complete syntax highlighting support. It also has a drag 'n' drop support for placing code snippets anywhere on your Mac system.

Pastebin source code sharing applicationPastebin - This is one of the most popular source code sharing services on the web. It supports syntax highlighting for a very large number of programming languages. Users can also customize snippet visibility and its life. You can either keep your code snippets forever or can make them expire automatically after the specified time period. Private and secure code snippets are also supported for registered users.

Codebox : Code snippet managerCodeBox - This premium code snippet manager for Mac users is an all-in-one solution for managing and sharing your source code snippets. It has a gorgeous interface with powerful snippet management functions. This app seamlessly integrates with snippet sharing services like GitHub to distribute your code snippets right from within the application. It has a flexible snippet organizing option that includes a powerful search feature.

SourceDrop code-sharing app for MacSourceDrop - This is a popular PasteBin client for Mac users that lets you share your code snippets without opening any web browser. Once installed, this app adds a handy snippet sharing icon within the top OS X menu bar. This makes the code sharing process just a click away. It is ideal for those Mac users who frequently share small code snippets throughout the day. This app supports syntax highlighting and line numbers for the code.

Code collector for sharing and discovering code snippetsCode Collector - This is one more popular code snippet management application for Mac users. You can easily organize and share your entire collection of code snippets. Users can also share their code snippets very easily on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook through this service. Due to its tight integration, users can easily import and reorganize their entire code snippet collection to the Code Collector Pro application.

Snippi - a simple code snippet sharing serviceSnippi - This is one of the simplest and user-friendly code snippets sharing service. It has a handy snippet expiration and syntax highlighting option to customize the appearance and visibility of the shared code. It also has a clipboard copying option and a handy raw code display to easily transfer the snippet to your favorite code editor. The generated snippet URL through this service is in the shortened form so that you can easily share it on social media networks.

iPaste source code storage and sharing serviceiPaste - If you want to share your code snippets with selective people across the globe, this useful service gives you the option to password protect your uploaded code snippets. It also supports unique line highlighting syntax within your snippet. It supports a large number of programming languages and also provides you an option to provide the description and author name for every shared code snippet.

Tipila code sharing applicationTipila - This code snippet sharing service can be used through your Google+, Windows Live or through your Facebook account. Apart from regular code snippet sharing features, it also includes a voting mechanism for useful source code. Code owner can also enable editing option for a snippet so that others can contribute to optimizing an existing piece of code. You can also add tags to your code snippet for easy searching.

Mystic Paste source code sharing serviceMystic Paste - This snippets sharing service supports several keyboard shortcuts to speed up the code snippet creation process. It supports syntax highlighting for every popular programming language. Users can create both private and public code snippets through this service. It also allows downloading of every shared code snippet in various user-friendly file formats for reuse in popular IDE applications.

Code Pad - Code snippet sharing toolCode Pad - Its clean and professional interface makes it one of my favorite code snippet sharing services. Its integrated tweet button lets you quickly share large or small source code on Twitter. You can also view the statistics (downloads, comments, likes) related to a published code snippet. It allows you to reuse the code snippet in three different ways viz., file download, clipboard copy or a raw copy-paste action.

Slexy tool for sharing source code snippetsSlexy - If you want more customization related to the lifetime of your published code snippet, then this service is made just for you. It supports the snippet expiration duration from 5 minutes to up to 6 months. You can also enable tabs within your source code through this service. Users can also enable or disable the line numbers for their code snippets. It also supports both public and private code snippets with title and description.

SiteKickr Coda code snippet sharing serviceSiteKickr - This unique service lets you share code snippets in three different ways. Users can share regular snippets, tips and code fix for a programming language. It supports a massive number of programming languages. Users also get a rich text editor for writing the description of the code snippet in a better way. It also lets you specify the version of the programming language associated with your code snippet.

Tinypaste - secure code snippet sharing serviceTinypaste - If you want to share private source code with your team members, you can use this secure service that allows you to assign passwords to your uploaded code snippets. You can also customize the font size and color of your uploaded code snippets. You can also embed videos along with your source code snippet through this handy service. Users can also override syntax highlighting for a particular shared code snippet.


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