10 Best Books to Master Pinterest Marketing

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Pinterest logosThere's no doubt that Pinterest has the power to boost your business or niche website. Webmasters and bloggers use numerous tools to get more out of Pinterest. But, application of these tools in a correct way is a different thing. Same applies to the general principles of Pinterest marketing that can bring loads of prospects to your business website. I've picked some of the best selling and popular books that'll help you master the art of leveraging the Pinterest platform to the fullest. Some of the techniques mentioned in these books are used by power users and experts to draw a huge volume of visitors' towards their websites and blogs. You can easily apply or implement these methodologies to strengthen your existing Pinterest marketing strategies. Check out these extremely useful books to master Pinterest platform.

Title cover image - The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Business With Pinterest!The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Business With Pinterest! - This book is one of the most popular Pinterest marketing guides available for professional as well as casual users. Beginners can read a comprehensive section explaining what Pinterest exactly is and how it works. It also has a complete chapter to help you convert your standard Pinterest account to a full-fledged business account. A lot of emphases is given to various aspects of board management to understand how to strategically organize your image collections for maximum benefits. You also learn powerful SEO tricks for your Pinterest account so that your boards rank high in search results. This book also contains a chapter that teaches you how can track, measure and analyze the results to accurately calculate ROI for your Pinterest account.

Title cover image - Pinterest Power: Market Your Business, Sell Your Product, and Build Your BrandPinterest Power: Market Your Business, Sell Your Product, and Build Your Brand - As the name implies, this book is targeted towards professional users who want to grow their online business or brand through Pinterest. There are several real-life case studies to present the strategies and techniques that have brought concrete and effective results in the past. This way, readers get practical Pinterest tips to leverage their own account in the best possible way. It also includes several interviews with the Pinterest team members who share the most powerful ways to use the platform in the right way to boost your small business in a quick time. Through this book, you also get to know the tactics and methodologies used by several power users who're already having millions of targeted followers on Pinterest.

Title cover image - Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with PinterestPinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest - This book starts from the basics and guides you to create a powerful Pinterest profile. This greatly helps you build a brand on this platform at a later stage. It also shows various techniques for deeply integrating Pinterest with your business website or blog. This way you can facilitate easy sharing of relevant content on Pinterest by your inbound traffic. It also includes great tutorials about integrating Pinterest with other popular social networks. This also includes methodologies for tracking activities and conversations within your Pinterest account. You can also find tons of information related to board and pin management to easily maintain a large number of collections. Professional users can also find important information related to Pinterest copyright issues for media uploaded to your account.

Title cover image - Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a DayPinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day - It's a very popular book to help you learn killer techniques of Pinterest marketing. Like other popular books, this one also includes several case studies and interviews to present you with practical tips and tricks for effectively leveraging this popular social media platform. The best thing about this book is that it presents you with an excellent guide about preparing your marketing plan according to your niche and business goals. This way you can modify and adapt according to your changing needs and can get the desired results from Pinterest. You also get a handy guide related to content curation so that you can choose the right kind of content that'll help your business grow via this social media network.

Title cover image - Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for BusinessUltimate Guide to Pinterest for Business - This book focuses on techniques of building strong communities on Pinterest to help spread your targeted content to large number of eyeballs. You get all the information related to account creation, board management, and various popular pinning strategies. It also shows how you can connect with power users on Pinterest to use their reach for your benefit. One also gets a vital section on holding contests on this platform to build a fan base that can be converted into loyal customers at a later stage. One also learns about image optimization to keep your popular boards load fast across different networks. In a nutshell, this book will equip you with the necessary knowledge to build and promote your brand on Pinterest.

Title cover image - Pinterest for Business: How to Pin Your Company to the Top of the Hottest Social Media NetworkPinterest for Business: How to Pin Your Company to the Top of the Hottest Social Media Network - I'd highly recommend reading this book as it has the most comprehensive tutorials for confidently using Pinterest social network. This unique book makes you familiar with the most common and vital terms and abbreviations used on this network by the general as well as power users. It has the most detailed guide that will show you how you can set up a powerful branded Pinterest page for your company. A lot of stress has also been given on understanding and leveraging demographic data related to this network. This way, you can target your audience in a precise manner. The author has excellently explained the use of psychology while picking image content for your boards. You also get tons of information about how you can use infographic based boards.

Title cover image - The Ingenious Guide To PinterestThe Ingenious Guide To Pinterest - Unlike other books, this one teaches you both common and uncommon strategies to master this social media network. This includes repinning techniques and how you can pin videos and text from external websites. The author has devoted an entire chapter to board creation that clearly explains what kind of boards should be created and how they should be marketed. Newbies will find this book extremely helpful as it includes step-by-step instructions supplemented with illustrations and diagrams. It also explains how you can safeguard private content within your account and how you can share selective content with your extended network. And last but not the least, one also learns about killer strategies of selling products to thousands of prospects through your Pinterest account boards.

Title cover image - How to Build a Huge Following on PinterestHow to Build a Huge Following on Pinterest - This book takes a scientific approach explaining how to pick the right content for your Pinterest account that will arouse the interest of potential buyers. It also teaches you how you can pick the right color scheme of images and how they should be presented and pinned for grabbing the maximum attention from the followers. The book also focuses on building a quality network on this social network. In other words, it shows you selective techniques of building lasting conversations within your network to expand your reach in a quick time. A large section is also devoted to copyright and security issues so that you don't fall into any kind of trouble while promoting your products and services on Pinterest.

Title cover image - 10,000,000 Re-Pins: The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest Viral Marketing10,000,000 Re-Pins: The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest Viral Marketing - If you own a niche blog, business website or an eCommerce portal and want to pull traffic for it from this social network, then this book is written just for you. It presents you with a comprehensive guide to create a strong network on Pinterest that broadens your reach helping you attract leads and prospects. It shows you extremely effective techniques about how you can trigger viral sharing within your extended network to get a consistent flow of inbound traffic for a long time. You also get various case studies of popular brands that are using unique strategies to build their brand and to attract thousands and thousands of customers on a regular basis. It also presents useful information about community building on Pinterest which is so vital to helping spread your premium content to the masses.

Title cover image - Pinterest for Business: a Complete, Updated Guide for Ultimate SuccessPinterest for Business: a Complete, Updated Guide for Ultimate Success - Affiliate marketers and business bloggers will find this book extremely useful as it presents various techniques that'll help you understand how you should correctly use affiliate links on this network. Building massive number of followers on Pinterest is a big challenge for many users and that's what this book teaches you through step-by-step instructions. You're also introduced to the techniques used by some of the top power users on this social network. Webmasters can also find an entire section dedicated to the integration of Pinterest on websites and blogs for easy sharing of content and media.


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