How to Create Powerful Adsense Reports in Google Analytics

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Adsense performance custom report - Page wisePublishers often complaint about limited reports in their Adsense accounts which bars them from tracking the performance of their ad units in more detail. Fortunately, you can do so very easily in Google analytics provided you've connected your Adsense account with your Google analytics account. Once the connection has been established, you can create a large number of custom reports to analyze the Adsense data in an easy way. These custom reports can be created with a simple point and click controls giving you the flexibility to come up with different data sets in quick time. The reports shown here is just tip of the iceberg. You can easily import these reports directly into your Google Analytics account through links provided below. Let's see how we can create killer Adsense reports in our Google analytics dashboard.

I'm assuming you've successfully connected your Adsense account to your Google analytics account. I'll advise you to wait at least 48 hours after the connection before you attempt to create a custom report. This much time is needed for relevant data to appear in the analytics dashboard. So let's start with our first report.

Note: For creating all these reports, click the Customization → New Custom Report option once you've opened analytics dashboard for one of your websites.

Adsense Performance (Page wise)

Adsense performance custom report - Page wise
The blue fields are the columns of the report and the green field denotes the rows within the report. This report shows performance of Adsense ads on per page basis.

In simple words, you can find out which post or page on your blog or website converts most when it comes to earnings from Adsense account. You can sort the result set in descending order for the 'Revenue' field to find out the least performing pages. This report will show the title of the posts or pages. In case, you want the URL instead, you can select the appropriate dimension field from the drop-down selection box.

Adsense Performance Report (Page wise) ← Click to import.

This report can be used to analyze the kind of content that you should be producing that attracts more traffic interacting with the ads.

Adsense Performance (Keywords)

Adsense custom report for keywords
This handy report can help you improve your earnings by leaps and bounds. The dimension selected in this report is - keyword. In other words, you can get a fair idea about the most profitable keywords on your blog that brings you maximum revenue through Adsense ads.

Remember, now Google analytics doesn't show the keywords for logged in users and you may not be able to find out the bulk of those phrases that bring you the maximum revenue. But, if you get a fair amount of traffic, you can still get a long list of keywords that perform quite well. Focusing on these keywords while churning out new content for your website can help you get more revenue from Adsense.

Adsense Performance Report (Keywords) ← Click to import.

If you're running several niche blogs, this report is made just for you. You can use it to optimize your content that performs well with Adsense ads.

Adsense Performance (Traffic Type)

Adsense custom report for type of traffic
This is one of my favorite reports as it lets me analyze the type of traffic that's giving me the most revenue. This report segregates the Adsense performance on the basis of traffic coming on your website.

For example, you can easily find out whether organic, referral or social stream is giving you the right kind of traffic that interacts more with your ads. This report also shows the Adsense data for traffic coming through URLs tagged with utm variables. Some publishers will be surprised to see that their non organic traffic is giving them more Adsense revenue as compared to the good old traffic stream.

Adsense Performance Report (Traffic Type) ← Click to import.

Publishers use this report to find out the traffic source that is most profitable for them. This helps in concentrating much of their energy at the right channel.

Adsense Performance (Country wise)

Adsense custom report for different countries
Why would any Adsense publisher need this report? Well, there are two reasons to use this report. First one is quite obvious as it lets you know the country which gives you the maximum revenue. But the second reason is more interesting.

If you look at the eCPM column of this report, you can easily get a fair idea from which country clicks are comparatively more fruitful. In other words, it gives you a clear picture of the country where CTR of ads is much higher than other countries. With this information in hand, you can optimize the content for that country to increase your current revenue.

Adsense Performance Report (Country wise) ← Click to import.

I often use this report to compare fluctuation in eCPM for a given duration related to a specific country. This can give you precise details about peak times when advertisers are most active targeting their customers.

Miscellaneous Precautions and Guidelines

And finally, here's a handy list of precautions and guidelines that'll help you get more out of these reports. Once go through it to get started with this powerful tool in your hand.
  • While sharing screenshots of these reports do not forget to blur eCPM, CTR and Revenue data as sharing this data publicly is against Adsense service terms and conditions.
  • Use multiple dimensions to get deeper insights of the data at your hand.
  • Sort the data on different columns to get the trends of the other half.
  • Do not hesitate to select a large time frame spanning across years to get the macro view of Adsense performance on your website over passage of time.
  • Merge these reports with other custom reports to get rich set of trends related to Adsense and traffic.


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