How to Post Updates To Google+ From WordPress

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Bloggers using WordPress as the platform often want to post status updates on their Google+ profile directly from within the dashboard. This can not only save time but can also help you not only post your blog's content as well as custom updates relevant to your Google+ followers. Fortunately, there's a cool way to configure such facility in a few easy steps. To make it work, you must have a self-hosted WordPress blog, a public Google+ profile and a working Google Voice account. The entire process is broadly divided into two different sections. One part is associated with doing the necessary settings within relevant Google services like Google Voice and the second part involves configuration of a free WordPress plugin. So let's see how we can easily post updates to our Google+ profile from within our WordPress blog dashboard.

Essential Google Voice Settings

This service serves as a bridge between WordPress and Google+ to fetch, transfer and post status updates on your Google+ profile. Correct configuration of Google Voice is essential to the success of this posting methodology. Let's see how to do it.

Once you've opened your Google Voice account, make sure you have a Google Voice number by visiting Phones tab in the settings. If you've not claimed your number as yet, claim it right away and make sure it is selected in the tab mentioned above.

Google Voice number
Once you've ensured you have a working Google Voice number, it's time to move on to the next step. Click the Voicemail & Text tab within settings and make sure you've checked the text forwarding option as shown below.

Google Voice text forwarding option
The email associated with this option must be the same having your public Google+ profile. After selecting this option, all the text conversation happening in your Google Voice account will be transferred to your Gmail account.

Now compose a text in your Google Voice account and send it to 33669 (USA) or to 9222222222 (India). Since this text is sent to fetch an email address needed for configuration, you can write anything within the text.

As soon as you'll send a text on the number mentioned above, you'll receive an email for the same in your Gmail account. This is due to the email forwarding setting done in the earlier step. Open the text notification email and pay attention to the email address from: through which it has arrived.

SMS notification email
Copy this email address and save it in a text editor as it will be used later during configuration of the plugin within your WordPress dashboard. If you cannot find this email in your inbox, once check the spam folder.

Google+ Settings

The next step involves connectivity of your Google+ and Google Voice account. Header over Google+ settings page and click the Add phone number option. Provide your Google Voice number in the text field and click Send verification code button.

Google plus phone verification
Once your Google Voice phone number is added and verified within your Google+ account, you've created a bridge to post updates on your Google+ profile. This is an essential step and must be completed to ensure everything works correctly.

Configuring the Plugin - (Final Step)

And now follows the last step of installing and configuring the Auto Post to Google+ plugin that'll help you post updates on Google+ from your WordPress blog.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, header over to Settings → Google+ Auto Post option. You'll find three options requiring simple information to complete the setup.

The first option is a checkbox ensuring your updates are public by default. You must check this option so that your followers can see your public updates. If you leave it unchecked, all the status updates on your Google+ profile posted through this plugin will be private and your followers won't be able to see them.

Google+ plugin option configuration
The text input field for the second option should be populated with the text notification email address you've saved in a text editor while completing one of the steps mentioned above.

And the last option simply needs the email address associated with your Google Voice account. In simple words, this is the Gmail address you use to log in your Google Voice account. Once all the three options are filled and saved, you're all set to post updates to your Google+ profile.

Post to Google+ from WordPress dashboard
As shown in the image above, while editing your blog posts, you'll get a handy update box right on the top right side. You can use this box to post updates to Google+ while working on your posts. One can either post custom updates or can copy paste, post content along with the URL to share it with the followers.

Hope this method will help you remain more active on Google+ while blogging through WordPress.


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