20 Best Responsive Sliders For WordPress

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When blogging was in its infancy, sliders were generally used for showcasing images. Things have changed and now sliders not only support images but also help you embed videos and featured posts. These awesome content showcasing elements now also support responsive behavior to gel with the similar blog designs. There are several good responsive sliders available for WordPress bloggers. I've selected some of the best that can help you market your content more effectively in front of your readers. Each of these sliders is responsive and is thoroughly tested on different devices. Using these sliders is quite easy and simply requires working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Almost each of these sliders comes with countless customization options to showcase the content in your preferred way. Let's dig in these sliders.

bxSlider responsive slider
bxSlider - This minimalistic and responsive slider is powered by jQuery. It's a full-fledged content slider which allows you to embed any type of content within the slides. It has built-in support for swipe and touch actions on tablet and mobile devices. You can also apply various themes on this slider. The entire slider file size is small with optimized code. It has tons of customization options to help you change or transform the slider behavior and appearance as per your preferences. If you have a minimalistic WordPress theme, this cool responsive slider is the one you need.

ResponsiveSlides slider
ResponsiveSlides - This is yet another powerful responsive slider for WordPress bloggers. It is one of the leanest and fastest sliders available for web publishers. It supports captions and custom HTML elements within slides to pimp up the content embedded within the slider. It has an option to separate pagination and previous/next controls. Pagination can be completely customized with custom HTML markup. Needless to say, it has dozens of customization options for every element of the slider. The images within this custom slider can also be hyperlinked very easily.

Soliloquy - Premium slider for WordPress
Soliloquy - This is one of the best premium sliders available for WordPress users. Contrary to common slider solutions, this one lets you create impressive sliders through point and click controls in a quick time. It is perhaps the only slider that lets you add vital SEO related metadata to your slides. It is also translation ready helping you embedding it easily on multilingual blogs. The captions within the slider can accept email sign up forms and iframes apart from the regular text. It supports shortcodes and template tags for easy insertion within content pages on your blog.

WOW Slider for WordPress
WOW Slider - This powerful responsive slider includes killer slide transition effects. It includes several stunning themes to customize the slider's look 'n' feel with ease. In case JavaScript is switched off, the slider automatically degrades to a CSS-only version. This slider is also search engine friendly with optimized HTML markup. It allows you to create sliders through simple clicks without any need to write complex code. It also has a touch and swipe support for relevant devices. You can also customize bullet navigation and descriptions for individual custom slides.

Flex Slider
Flex Slider - As the name implies, this responsive slider is quite flexible when it comes to customizing its features. It supports multiple thumbnails slider and a full-fledged carousal as well. You can also specify minimum and maximum range for both static and dynamic content slides. You can also embed video within this slider very easily. Switching between different slider formats is extremely easy. I found this slider quite fast despite adding a large number of image slides in a single go. This slider is frequently updated to give you the best features for showcasing content.

Blueberry slider
Blueberry - This intuitive slider lets you dynamically crop large images used in the sliders. Advanced users can use custom style sheets to modify the default look & feel. It also lets you create custom pager for multiple slides. One can also activate navigation of slides through the keyboard. This greatly helps in quick traversing of a large number of slides. This slider is open source and you can freely extend it suit your needs. Like other flexible slider solutions, blueberry also offers several flexible and easy-to-use customization options to change the default behavior of the slider.

jQuery Slider shock responsive slider
jQuery Slider Shock - You can embed both images and videos in this slider with ease. You can customize the background for the captions included within slides. This is one of the few sliders that let you add slide content from multiple sources including an external server. You can also add labels to thumbnails and can change the size of captions as well. It supports dozens of transition effects for the slides. If required, you can also turn off the responsive nature of this slider for fixed width templates. You can also select and change various skins for your slide content.

Slider PRO - Responsive slider
Slider PRO - This slider can handle blog posts and well as images and video content. It supports massive 100+ transition effects for the slides. You can activate lazy loading feature to help page rendering in a timely manner if the slider content is heavy. Viewers can also switch the slider to full-screen mode in all modern browsers. It also has a powerful preview feature that lets you preview individual slides before publishing on your production site. This slider is translation ready and is compatible with multisite WordPress installations. It also has a flexible skin editor for themes.

Sequence.js responsive slider
Sequence - This open source slider is extremely fast with clean and optimized code. It supports over 4 dozens transition effects for the content slides. This slider has a collection of gorgeous themes that can match with your website design. You can also request for a custom theme from the slider developer. It also has a fallback mechanism for browsers which do not support CSS3 transitions. You can easily fork and extend this slider on Github. As I said before, this slider is blazing fast and possibly optimizes images before delivering it to the viewer. It's one of my favorite content sliders.

Royal Slider - Responsive slideshow
RoyalSlider - This touch-friendly content slider solution is quite robust and is packed with features. It not only has dozens of customization options but also has a good number of templates to change the appearance of the slider. All the elements and controls within this slider can be resized dynamically. You can also add animated HTML blocks to each slide. This gives you the liberty to add almost anything within the slider. This slider is SEO friendly giving maximum visibility to the graphic content of Google image search. This powerful slider is definitely worth trying.

SlideJS responsive slider
SlideJS - This is one of the simplest slider available for web publishers. It supports stunning CSS3 transitions to add spark to your showcased content. You can customize the pagination and navigation controls with ease. This slider is also touch-n-swipe aware and runs smoothly on tablet and mobile devices. It also has active support forum where users can get help quite easy to customize and install this slider solution. Slider developer also provides premium support for a small fee if you are looking for a complete custom solution to fit your exact requirements.

Glide JS responsive slider
Glide - This is yet another responsive slider that supports cool CSS3 transitions with a fallback support for older browsers. It also supports slider navigation through keyboards including the auto play of multiple slides. The file size of the base file is extremely small and the resulting slider is blazing fast. You can use custom navigation controls in the form of arrows or bullets. You can configure it for swipe actions as well as for pause on hover over content slides. Advanced users can also use its API to create custom callback methods. This flexible content slider uses object-oriented CSS.

Liquid slider
Liquid Slider - As the name implies, this excellent slider is extremely flexible and easy-to-use. It has tons of options that can transform it completely from its default format. The best part is that configuring these options is quite easy. If you have a working knowledge of HTML & CSS, you can do it in a few easy steps. It has one of the most comprehensive documentation available for users. It also includes 4 custom hooks for activating custom actions during the loading of the slider. You can fine-tune the transition effects of content slides through its rich library of custom functions.

Fraction responsive slider
FractionSlider - This powerful slider lets you embed multiple content types into a single slide. Customizing its options are quite easy and even a layman can do it comfortably. The slider code is optimized for speed and can be used to extend it further with new functionalities. Author of this slider also provides help and support through email. Its unique background animation feature lets you create rich content slides. You can also apply the different effect on different elements in a single slide. You can use this useful slider with different content management systems quite easily.

Basic jQuery Slider
Basic jQuery Slider - If you want a simple and easy to implement content slider, then this one is just the right candidate for you. It's free of bells and whistles and just gets the work done with minimal setup. If you have a large number of slides and with each page load you want to start with a random entry, you can do so quite easily with this slider. You can also edit the CSS styles to change its default appearance. If required, one can also change the position of the navigation controls through a simple parameter. Its minimal and optimized code base makes it an extremely fast slider.

FlexSlider - responsive slider
FlexSlider - I always prefer content sliders with an option to embed multiple HTML elements within a single slide. This flexible slider supports this option with added features. It has a rich set of options for customizing the navigation controls. Same goes for caption support which helps you add custom captions so easily. And its powerful callback API lets you easily manage multiple sliders on a single page. You can freely extend and modify this slider for commercial purposes too. It also supports swipe actions and leverages hardware acceleration, if possible on the viewing device.

jQuery content slider
Jquery Slider - This advanced jQuery slider comes in 5 different formats to suit your needs. For every format, you can find dozens of themes to match it with your existing website design. What's more promising is that you can assign a unique theme to each and every slide. You can also embed the same slider with matching the content on the same web page in different locations. Apart from dozens of transition effects, you also get custom timers for various slider properties. You can also embed multiple YouTube and Vimeo videos quite easily within each or selective slides randomly.

LayerSlider - responsive slider
LayerSlider - This content slider supports an unbelievable 200+ transition effects for the slides. It also includes over a dozen stunning themes to stylize your showcased content. This slider is also SEO friendly helping you get the relevant benefits from the displayed content. It also has a powerful API for advanced users. Like every powerful slider, this one too supports embedding of multiple types of content. This includes forms and flash content from various sources. It also supports three different types of handy navigation controls which can be customized quite easily.

Responsive slider
Responsive Slider - This fully responsive content slider is tightly integrated with Twitter's Bootstrap framework giving you enough flexibility to customize it easily. Apart from default animation effects available with this slider, you can also create and design your own custom animation effects for different content slides. It also allows you to jump to a specific slide within a collection and that too dynamically. Its slide level callback methods help you trigger custom actions while changes occur in the slider. You can also send feedback and suggestions to the developer of this slider.


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