6 Best Color Palette Generators for Designers and Developers

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Adobe Kuler color palette generatorWhether you're building a website or a digital art, colors are one of the primary components required to complete the design. Though we can combine and create impressive color schemes, it is not the same with everyone. A human eye is sensitive to colors and a slightly wrong color scheme can spoil the entire design of the website. Fortunately, there are several tools and software to generate perfect color palettes on an automated basis. Although I can list hundreds of color palette tools for different platforms, including each one of them here will not be possible. Therefore, I've picked the best from the lot to help you generate awesome color schemes for your website. All these tools are quite easy to use and work within the browser. You can check out the unique features offered by each one of them and can pick the best one from the lot.

Adobe Kuler color palette generator
Adobe Kuler - Without any doubt, this is one of the most popular online color scheme generators used by large numbers of designers. The interface is intuitive and lets you easily create custom color palettes to be used in your design. It has several handy options to generate color palettes in multiple ways. And with the support and technology of Adobe, you can rest assured about its functionality. You can get the color codes in all popular coding formats (exp: HEX, RGB) used by developers. Following are some of the excellent features of this powerful color palette generator.

  • Multiple ways to generate palette - You can use both color wheel as well as a picture file to generate color palettes for your design. The latter method is the easiest way to generate color scheme from an image.
  • Save custom schemes - All your custom color palettes can be saved within your Adobe account which can be retrieved later for using in your design projects.
  • Multiple color rules - It also has several base color rules that can be applied while creating a custom color palette.
  • Interactive color wheel - Its core color wheel used to generate color schemes has several intuitive controls and is fully interactive.

Pictaculous color palette generator
Pictaculous - This simple yet powerful color palette generator use images to create impressive color schemes for your web projects. Simply upload the image from which you want to pick the colors and the rest is done by this unique tool. By default, this color scheme generator takes the entire canvas of the image into consideration while generating the color schemes. In one go, it suggests several color schemes from a single image. This color scheme generator is developed and maintained by popular email marketing service MailChimp. Following features are included in this tool.

  • Multiple palettes from one source - For every uploaded image, you can get multiple color palettes to choose from. This gives you several options that can be considered for the custom design.
  • Mobile friendly - This excellent tool is responsive too and can be used easily on a smartphone.
  • API for developers - Power users can use its API to harness the power of this flexible color palette generator.
  • User friendly - The tool itself and its interface is very user friendly allowing even newbies to easily generate custom color schemes.

Color scheme designer palette generator tool
Color Scheme Designer - At a glance, you may think that this color palette may not offer too many options or features, but that is absolutely wrong. This powerful tool also lets you generate the palettes for the color blind audience having a different degree of vision. Its handy tooltips assist you in properly leveraging the options offered by this tool. Like other popular tools, this one also lets you apply different color generation rules with a click of a button. One can also use its flexible undo function to revert back to the original color palette after making several changes.

  • Export palette in different ways - You can export the generated color palette in different formats viz., CSS + HTML, XML, Text, Photoshop palette and GIMP palette.
  • Randomize palette - With a single click, you can generate random color schemes to start with a blank canvas.
  • Fine tune color wheel settings - Several options like hue, rotation, saturation and others can be used to play with color options available in the wheel.
  • Generate web safe color schemes - If required, you can also generate completely web safe color palettes so that they work perfectly on all the browsers.

Color palette generator
Color Palette Generator - This is one of the lightest and simplest color palette generators. This tool uses image files to create a color scheme. Unlike other tools which include the entire image canvas for color scheme generation, this one lets the user select the part of the image to be considered for palette generation. The tool returns the hex code of the colors. You can change the number of colors that must be included in the palette from 2 to 8. The default mode includes 5 colors in the custom palette. Following features makes it one of the best color palette generators.

  • Clustering algorithm based generation - This tool uses k-means clustering algorithm to smartly generate impressive color schemes from an image.
  • Simple interface - The tool itself is very simple with no bells and whistles focusing on the primary job of color palette generation.
  • Customizable palette size - Users can increase or decrease the number of colors to be included in the custom palette generated by this tool.
  • Random palettes from the same image - One can also randomize the color palette to generate a completely new color scheme from the same image source.

ColRD color palette generator
ColRD - This is yet another useful color palette generator service with user friendly features. Once created, you can easily export your color schemes in the form of Illustrator, Photoshop or GIMP swatches. By default, it includes 3 colors in a single custom palette. Through sliding controls, you can easily customize various options of the palette generator. Developers can also browse and discover other color palettes generated by different users through this tool. If you only want to create color swatches for using in popular image editing software, then this tool is ideal for that.

  • Export color swatches - Designers can export color swatches for use in external image editing tools to create impressive design patterns.
  • Randomize palette generation - With a single click, you can generate a random color palette with unique color combinations.
  • Preview on entire viewport - Its handy preview function lets you view the complete palette within the entire viewport.
  • Change palette size with a click - And last but not the least, you can easily change the number of colors that must be included in the custom color palette.

ColorBlender palette generator
Color Blender - This is one of my favorite color scheme generation tools. It has several useful options to make the entire palette generation process, a cakewalk. Quite similar to other useful tools, this one also lets you export swatches for using in major image editing tools. You can also save or email your custom color palettes through this tool. You can use this service in over a dozen popular languages. I've used this color palette generator for one of my projects and found it extremely easy-to-use. Let's check out some of its unique palette generation features.

  • Switch between two modes - You can switch between 'Auto Match' and 'Direct Edit' mode to generate the color palette through your preferred process.
  • Export or save with ease - Apart from exporting color swatches for image editing tools, you can also save all your color palettes within your own account.
  • Browse blends from other users - If you have shortage of time, you can browse and select various color palettes generated by other users from the community.
  • Intuitive interface - The palette generation interface is slick with handy controls to quickly customize the associated options and settings.


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