5 Best Video Blogging Apps and Tools for Publishers

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Hipcast video blogging serviceIf video is the primary form of content you want to publish regularly, there are several ways to do so. The tedious method involves doing each step manually. Since video blogging is a time-consuming process, publishers often take help of tools and plugins to cut down the time spent in managing a video blog. Whether you're preparing your videos from scratch or using videos already hosted on popular platforms, video blogging requires publishing the content is a slightly different format than regular text content. The layout, theme and associated features of a typical video blog are different from a regular blog publishing text content. I've selected 5 best video blogging tools and services that can be used to create a user-friendly video blog. All these flexible and powerful video blogging tools are quite easy-to-use.

Hipcast video blogging service
Hipcast - This is one of the best video blogging services for professional bloggers. It offers a wide array of features to create an impressive video podcast. The unique features offered by this service helps you customize your video blogging tasks and routine as per your preferences. The interface and tools offered by this service are excellent and even newbies can get started in a short period of time. It supports the publishing of both audio and video podcast for your target audience. Following are some of the excellent features offered by this user-friendly video blogging service.

  • Secure hosting on the cloud - Every single video upload through this service is stored on a secure cloud server where it is kept safe from unauthorized access.
  • Tight integration with blogging platforms - It supports integrating or publishing your video podcast on all major blogging platforms viz., WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad and many more.
  • iPhone and iPad apps - You also get apps optimized for Apple tablets and smartphones to manage your video blogging activities while on the move.
  • Regular media file backup - Video bloggers worry most about the media files uploaded on their web servers. Fortunately, this service automatically takes regular backups of all the uploaded video files to keep your data absolutely safe.
  • SEO optimized podcast directories - The podcast directories created by this excellent tool are fully search engine optimized for better visibility and reach.

VideofyMe app for video blogging
VideofyMe - This intuitive app for iPhone and Android equips you with user friendly tools to video blog right from your smartphone. It includes several impressive features which makes it fairly popular among video bloggers. If you frequently record short videos while on the move for your video blogging feed, then this app is made just for you. This little app has everything to pimp up your recorded videos before you publish them for your readers. Following useful features ensure that your smartphone is easily turned into a full-fledged video blogging gadget.

  • Powerful video editing options - After recording your video, you can apply several filters, can merge two clips and can even add custom audio feed very easily.
  • Publish on your blog - With a single click, you can publish all the recorded videos on your blogging engine. This app supports publishing to all major blogging services.
  • Share across social media platforms - You can also share to multiple social media platforms in one go to get more visibility for your content.
  • Add meta data & description - You can also add name, relevant hashtags and a detailed description to let the audience know what the video is all about.
  • Add custom widgets on blog - To promote your video podcast feed, you can also create custom widgets which can be easily embedded at the desired place within your blog or website.

VideoPress - This powerful WordPress plugin is used by professional video bloggers across the world. If you're running a self-hosted WordPress site with limited disk space, this plugin can ensure your media files are hosted externally with care so that you can focus on creating useful videos for your readers. After using it, I found the plugin administration interface very clean and user-friendly. Several unique features present in this plugin are not supported by other video blogging solutions. Following features are included in this flexible and robust video blogging plugin for publishers.

  • Privacy controls - Video bloggers often require more control over the archives of their media files. This plugin easily lets you control the accessibility of the videos.
  • No limit on video time frames - This plugin does not imposes any kind of restriction on the length of the video. This essentially means that you can upload fairly large duration videos through this plugin.
  • Custom video layouts - Bloggers can also choose different layouts and sizes to showcase the video podcast feed in a pleasing format.
  • Enable disable video downloads - With a single click, you can also disable download function of all the videos published on your website.
  • Complete HTML5 support - Due to its complete HTML5 support, your videos are guaranteed to run seamlessly in every modern web browser.

Huzzaz Video Gallery plugin for video bloggers
Huzzaz Video Gallery - This is one of the preferred video blogging plugins used by thousands of bloggers. If you're running a YouTube channel or have a collection of videos on Vimeo, this handy plugin can be used to integrate and publish them on your website quite easily. It has several user-friendly features letting you publish videos in different layouts and formats without any complex configuration. Power users can use this plugin to publish a professional grade video blogging site. Following options and features makes it one of the best video blogging plugins for WordPress platform.

  • Responsive & auto pagination - All the video galleries created by this plugin are responsive out-of-the-box. It also paginates them automatically according to the device screen on which they're viewed.
  • Simple shortcode usage - Through a handy shortcode, you can easily publish your video content on posts as well as within static pages.
  • Drag and drop organizing - While creating a large video gallery, you can use its flexible drag and drop interface to easily organize collection of media files.
  • Custom gallery styles - You can also use custom color and styles for your galleries and single video embeds.
  • Easy to use - The plugin interface is very easy and non technical bloggers can also get started with it without any problems.

Sliding Youtube Gallery plugin for video bloggers
Sliding Youtube Gallery - You can use this plugin to include YouTube videos from different sources to create impressive video galleries on your WordPress based website. Creating awesome sliding video galleries through this plugin is just a matter of few mouse clicks. Themes with wide content sections can take advantage of this plugin to create rich and user-friendly video gallery. For designs with a narrower content section width, one can opt for a horizontal gallery layout that is paginated automatically. Check out some of the useful features offered by this awesome plugin.

  • Custom gallery shortcodes - Bloggers can use different shortcodes to easily embed custom video galleries at the desired location within their website.
  • 3D carousel support - This powerful feature lets you create three dimensional video carousel within minutes.
  • Gallery theme previews - While creating your video galleries, you can use different themes and can preview them before making the entire gallery live on your website.
  • Leverages caching option - This plugin takes advantage of the caching technology supported by the web server and the platform to serve videos blazing fast to the visitors.
  • Multiple galleries on one page - You can easily embed multiple custom video galleries on a single page without any conflict or glitch.


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