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4 Easy Ways to Convert Your PSD Design into CSS/HTML Code

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PSD2HTML Converter toolAlthough PSD to website design process has gone down in recent years after the introduction of new web design technologies, it is still one of the prominent techniques to quickly build an online home. Often people are quite good in graphic designing but lack the coding skills to convert their awesome designs into a full-fledged website. Fortunately, there are several good solutions that allow you to convert your existing PSD designs into CSS & HTML code. No coding skills are necessary to use these tools. Simply upload your PSD file which is processed by the online application returning back the required CSS and HTML code containing the layout and structure of the website based on your PSD design. Let's check out each one of these handy tools that can help us put life in our sparkling PSD designs.

PSD2HTML Converter tool
PSD2HTML Converter - It's one of the best and popular online services that can convert from simple to complex PSD designs into an optimized and valid HTML code. Before using this service, you must read their detailed documentation about creating PSD layers in a better format to fully take advantage of the available conversion tool. I've tested this service with a fairly complex PSD design and found the resulting code extremely good. Through its handy video tutorial, you can get started in no time. Following are some of the features included in this PSD to HTML conversion service.

  • Detailed documentation - New users can easily follow the detailed tutorials about creating a PSD file in a right way to get the best possible code.
  • Instant conversion - Once your PSD file is uploaded, the resulting code is delivered immediately without any delay.
  • Optimized code - The code itself is fully optimized without any redundancy or inefficiencies.
  • User friendly - The services interface and usage is dead simple with no complex prompts or controls.

PSD To Web tool for PSD file to HTML conversion
PSDTOWEB - This free service is quite simple to use and easily converts PSD files into corresponding HTML code and the associated images, if any. The conversion process is very simple involving just 2 steps. Simply upload your PSD file and wait few seconds till the converted HTML code and images are ready for the download. You can upload large PSD files of up to 80 MB. All the converted images are in PNG format to properly incorporate transparency and other effects present in the design. Following features makes it one of the popular options for PSD to HTML conversion.

  • 100% free-to-use - This is one of the few PSD to HTML conversion services that doesn't charge a dime for the code generation.
  • Generates both code & images - Apart from the regular HTML code, this service also generates all the needed images in PNG format to complete the design in the best possible way.
  • Simple conversion process - The entire process is very user friendly with minimal steps leading to the final HTML code.
  • Supports large PSD file size - As I mentioned before, designers having large PSD files can use this service to convert their designs seamlessly.

Jadii tool to convert PSD design into HTML code
Jadii - This is one of the simplest and free PSD to HTML conversion service requiring just two simple steps to get the optimized web code. I've tested it with several PSD files and found it quite fast and accurate in delivering the optimized code. Avoid uploading very complex PSD designs to get the best results. There's no limit on the number of conversions one can do for free. Apart from this awesome tool, there are several other handy utilities supported by this free service. Following are some of the noticeable features found in this flexible PSD to HTML conversion application.

  • Simple & easy - The usage of this conversion tool is easy enough even for a layman or a non techie.
  • Completely free - This is yet another conversion service that's absolutely free to use.
  • Accurate code generation - The generated HTML code is precise and renders the resulting web pages precisely in all modern web browsers.
  • Fast conversion - The conversion process itself is quick and delivers the code files almost instantly.

psd2css Online tool for web design
psd2css Online - And last but not the least, this excellent conversion tool lets you change your PSD designs instantly into CSS & HTML code that can be directly uploaded to your web server. Before downloading the code files, one can preview the converted design through dummy live web pages temporarily activated on the web. It also generates both JPG and PNG images for all the layers present in the uploaded PSD file. All the CSS files are thoroughly commented to facilitate easy modification and editing. Following useful features are part of this flexible conversion tool.

  • Generates both CSS & HTML code - This excellent conversion tool generates both CSS and HTML code from the uploaded PSD file.
  • Image files for all the layers - All the layers in the PSD file are also available as standalone images, once the code generation process is complete.
  • Optimized code - Both CSS and HTML code is optimized without any redundancy or poor structure.
  • Handy preview feature - One can easily view the converted design in the web browser before downloading the generated code files.


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