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How to Create Custom Landing Pages on Your WordPress Blog

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WordPress Landing Pages pluginWhether you're creating sophisticated eCommerce squeeze pages or simply want to create custom landing pages on your WordPress blog, specialized plugins can ease the building task by many folds. If you have a business blog or you promote your service or product through your WordPress powered website, customized landing pages are necessary to get more conversions. An average user almost always struggles while creating effective landing pages. But, through select powerful plugins, you can make impressive landing pages that may help you generate more business from your website. I've picked some of the best plugins for WordPress that can aid in creating awesome and flexible landing pages and that too fairly quickly. Test these flexible plugins on a demo blog before picking the best one that meets your requirements.

WordPress Landing Pages plugin
WordPress Landing Pages - This powerful plugin is an all-in-one solution to create professional grade custom landing pages. It's ideal for freelancers and affiliate marketers looking to create highly converting services and product pages for the target audience. Some of the features included in this plugin are generally not included in a typical splash page plugin. You can also add extra features through ever-growing 3rd part extensions that can be easily integrated with this plugin. Check out the killer and flexible features included in this useful and handy landing page plugin.

  • Easy visual template editing - Its powerful visual design editor helps newbies craft a unique and impressive landing page design without messing with code.
  • Inbuilt A/B split testing - Professionals who swear by statistics can use the powerful A/B split testing feature to test different variants of the same landing page.
  • Collection of design templates - Instead of designing your landing page from scratch, you can use one of the designs included in the template library supplied with this plugin.
  • User friendly interface - The options and settings interface is fairly straightforward and is easy to manage.

Ultimate Landing Page plugin for WordPress
Ultimate Landing Page - This popular plugin claims to help you run your very first custom landing page in approximately 5 minutes. I'd recommend this plugin for publishers looking to grow their existing email list. It can help you design stunning email capturing landing pages. With full branding capabilities, you can ensure your landing page matches with the rest of your website. With shortcode support, you can easily place multiple email sign up forms anywhere on your splash page. Following are some of the useful features supported by this intuitive landing page plugin.

  • Customizable page permalink - Web publishers often want a customized permalink for their landing pages. This plugin lets you make one quite easily.
  • Integrate with popular email services - Popular email services like Aweber and MailChimp can be easily integrated with your landing page sign up forms.
  • Multiple templates & layouts - Through a collection of design templates, you can get started immediately to come up with a unique and effective landing page.
  • Shortcode support - This plugin also has handy shortcode support to easily insert sign up forms within the landing page.

Parallax Gravity - Landing Page Builder plugin for WordPress
Parallax Gravity - Landing Page Builder - You can use this plugin to build a fairly complex landing page with multiple sections. Advanced users can take advantage of its section adding the capability to quickly add different content sections to their custom landing page. It's like a mini web page builder that lets to divide your splash page into different zones. The interface is intuitive and quite easy to follow. You can easily add background images and can change the colors of all the page sections generated through this plugin. These features are part of this plugin.

  • Easy section creation process - Adding new content sections through this plugin is a matter of minutes.
  • Light and user friendly - The plugin itself is very light without unwanted bells and whistles and keeps you focused on the primary task.
  • Custom page slug support - You can also specify a custom post slug for all your landing pages.
  • No limit on custom sections - There is no limit on the number of custom content sections you can create within a single landing page.

Easy Landing Pages plugin for WordPress
Easy Landing Pages - As the plugin's name suggests, creating custom landing pages through this plugin is very easy. This premium plugin comes with tons of features to create different types of squeeze and splash pages. Power users can completely modify the HTML & CSS associated with each custom page. It includes one of the largest collections of theme templates with tons of customizable options to quickly create a perfect landing page. You can also configure selective landing page to be shown only to the new visitors. Following killer features are included in this plugin.

  • Multiple page types - You can easily create common types of landing pages through this plugin like sales page, lead capturing page, coming soon page and more.
  • Big collection of templates - As I hinted before, this plugin comes with dozens of gorgeous page templates to quickly deploy your own version with minimum hassle.
  • Conditional page rendering - You can apply various conditions when and how a specific landing page should be displayed to the incoming traffic.
  • Excellent user interface - The plugin and page management interface is top notch with excellent controls.

WP Splash Page plugin for WordPress
WP Splash Page - This is yet another simple yet powerful way to create custom splash pages for your website. Once created, the page itself remains hidden from spam bots but is easily visible to the normal visitors. Users can completely customize the landing pages created through this powerful plugin. It also has a handy age verification system integrated right within the page. Apart from templates available with the plugin, users can also create reusable templates for their projects. The pages created by this plugin render well within JavaScript & cookie disabled browsers.

  • Customize the display period - Once displayed, you can configure when the page should be again shown to the visitor or to the incoming traffic.
  • Supports full page background videos - If required, you can embed full screen videos on your custom splash page.
  • Mobile friendly - Did I mention earlier that every page created through this plugin is responsive?
  • Handy preview function - During the building and design phase, you can use its handy preview function to make sure everything looks good before you make the page live.

Launchpad by Obox for WordPress
Launchpad by Obox - This popular landing page creation plugin includes lot of useful features to customize the pages as per your needs. All the landing pages made through this flexible plugin are responsive. This plugin is ideal for creating 'Coming Soon' pages generally built for upcoming products or services. A basic page can be created within minutes through generic and default settings. It works seamlessly with almost every theme without any glitch. Power users can take advantage of some of its developer-friendly features. Check out the cool features of this useful plugin.

  • Drag & drop layout editor - This is one more landing page plugin that includes a flexible layout editor. It ensures you can make impressive designs without writing any code.
  • Custom CSS support - Advanced users can easily use its custom CSS support to fine tune their landing pages.
  • Integrate social links - Through simple point and click actions, you can easily add links to your popular social media profiles.
  • Use ready made templates - And, if you want to start quickly, you can use one of the read made designs to publish your custom landing page in no time.


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