4 Powerful Ways to Use Content Delivery Network for WordPress

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Blue Hat CDN plugin for WordPressThere are several ways to speed up a WordPress site and integration of content delivery network (CDN) is one such option. This technique distributes website assets across multiple delivery networks so that viewers get the content much quicker. Generally, configuring and integrating a content delivery network with a WordPress site requires some technical knowledge. That's why a good number of web publishers couldn't take advantage of CDN to speed up their websites. Fortunately, there are several powerful and flexible plugins that can help you implement CDN service in a few easy steps. I'd highly recommend using CDN feature with a caching plugin to get the best possible results. Before using these plugins on your production site, make sure you've thoroughly tested all the settings on a dummy blog on the web server.

Blue Hat CDN plugin for WordPress
Blue Hat CDN - This handy plugin is quite flexible with several powerful features that makes it an ideal choice for large websites experiencing heavy traffic. It supports several popular CDN services out of the box. You just need to select your preferred CDN service that can be configured quite easily. Power users can take advantage of its advanced features to make their site - a zipper. Apart from regular CDN feature, it also offers several site optimization functions to speed up the site at the server level. Following are some of the features of this popular CDN plugin for WordPress.

  • Merges multiple static assets - This plugin intelligently merges static CSS and JavaScript files to reduce the latency. The merging process is automated and is completed without user intervention.
  • Static content on preferred CDN - You can easily specify the CDN service on which all the static content and media library should be permanently stored.
  • Refreshes CDN content on content update - The plugin intelligently copies the new fresh content on the CDN whenever you make changes within old content.
  • Easy to configure - You never need to be a technical expert to configure this plugin. It works with minimal settings making your WordPress site blazing fast.

CloudFlare plugin for WordPress
CloudFlare - As the name implies, this plugin helps you implement CloudFlare CDN service to speed up your WordPress site. It not only reduces the latency but also offers several other features like correct detection of IP addresses of visitors who're leaving comments on the site and second layer of spam protection through the CDN network. The entire setup takes less than 5 minutes and can be completed in a few easy steps. I've used this plugin on a couple of client sites and the feedback was extremely positive. Following useful features are included in this plugin.

  • Powerful spam protection - It is one of the most powerful content delivery networks with impressive service quality. Its inherent spam protection mechanism is a boon for sites experiencing bulk spam injections.
  • Ideal for content heavy sites - If your WordPress site serves multimedia content on a regular basis, using this CDN plugin can reduce the latency significantly.
  • Simple setup - It is one of the simplest plugins to integrate a CDN network with a WordPress blog or a website.
  • Large user base - As I mentioned before, CloudFlare CDN service is one of the most popular services and is used by large number of web publishers.

The WP Booster CDN Client
The WP Booster CDN Client - This is yet another popular plugin that requires just 2 steps to integrate a CDN network with a WordPress site. This CDN service is well known to reduce the site latency on smartphones and tablets. It implements server level caching mechanism on an automated basis that relives the blogger from all the technical configuration steps. The service itself is very much affordable and even small web publishers can use it without putting any burden on their pockets. Following are some of the best features of this CDN plugin for WordPress sites.

  • Fast static assets serving - This plugin ensures all your static assets are served through CDN to reduce the latency in the best possible way.
  • Quick setup - The entire plugin setup is fairly simple and is completed through few trivial steps.
  • Low cost - Even if your site is experiencing heavy traffic, you can easily afford this CDN service as it is very cheap and cost effective.
  • Automated cache control - And last but not the least, the entire caching mechanism is automatically handled by the CDN plugin.

Amazon S3 and Cloudfront plugin for WordPress
Amazon S3 and Cloudfront - If you're using popular Amazon's CDN service for your WordPress site, you can use this plugin to integrate it easily. If you frequently use WordPress media uploader to serve a lot of multimedia content for your readers, then you must use this plugin. It automatically transfers all media uploads to the Amazon S3 service and then serves all the transferred content through their CloudFront CDN service. If you already have a big archive of thousands of articles, it smartly changes the URL of all the media assets linked to content and posts.

  • Works out-of-the-box - Simply install it and with few simple steps it starts working without any glitch.
  • Reliable and secure platform - Amazon's CDN network is used by millions of web publishers and is known to be extremely reliable and powerful.
  • Affordable for everyone - Cloudfront CDN service's competitive pricing tiers easily give its competitors a run for their money.
  • API and documentation - Developers and advanced users can take advantage of Amazon's API and documentation for advanced implementation of the content delivery network.


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