4 Powerful Ways to Do Split Testing On Your WordPress Blog

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Title Experiments plugin for WordPressProfessional blogs almost always include custom landing pages to attract and convert prospects. And that's where split testing comes into play to get the best possible design and layout for maximum conversions. This popular technique involves the creation of more than one landing page and testing how visitors behave and interact on each page. Fortunately, there are several split testing plugins available for WordPress platform. We're going to see some of the select split testing plugins that you may use on your own blog. Some of these plugins not only helps in split testing but also include powerful tools and create and manage custom landing pages. I'd strongly recommend getting familiar with web analytics concepts and terms to take full advantage of these plugins. Let's start split testing on our WordPress site.

Title Experiments plugin for WordPress
Title Experiments - This is the simplest of all yet extremely useful split testing plugin. As the name implies, this plugin lets you test the performance of different titles for a custom landing page or a post page. One can easily create multiple titles for a page through the editing screen and can get detailed statistics of impressions versus clicks. This way, you can check the performance of an unlimited number of different titles associated with a page or a post. For site owners who want a quick and easy tool to test various call to actions (titles), this handy plugin is an ideal choice.

Simple Page Tester plugin for WordPress
Simple Page Tester - The plugin's name itself tells what it's all about. Whether you want to test two different variants of the same page or more than two versions, this plugin can easily set up the testing environment on your blog. The inbound traffic receives different versions of the page on a random basis and the associated data is collected for your analysis. This way, you can easily select the best performing variant that's giving you the best results. Fortunately, it works perfectly even in cached environment giving you the accurate and user-friendly test results.

WordPress Landing Pages plugin for WordPress
WordPress Landing Pages - The name itself indicates that this plugin is an all-in-one solution not just for building custom landing pages but also for performing flexible and user friendly split testing. Its split testing module contains several powerful tools to build a highly converting business website. Apart from regular split testing data, you can also track conversions targeting forms and buttons on the page. This gives you deeper insights into the behavior of visitors on each custom landing page. This excellent plugin is compatible with all popular form building add-ons.

Ultimate Landing Page plugin for WordPress
Ultimate Landing Page - This plugin lets you perform split testing quite easily on multiple custom pages and requires no technical knowledge. It also includes support for MailChimp forms to include it easily in your custom landing pages. All pages under test can be SEO optimized to get the best possible results that can help you take the right decision. I'd recommend this plugin to those WordPress bloggers who frequently create custom pages for their visitors. Fortunately, it can also build and test Coming Soon pages very easily. The interface of this plugin is quite nice & slick.


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