10 Useful and Popular IFTTT Recipes for WordPress Bloggers

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IFTTT Recipes for WordPressNo matter what your domain is, IFTTT recipes are always a life saver when it comes to automate online tasks. I've been using IFTTT service for a long time and found it so easy-to-use and powerful to cut down my workload while working online. Bloggers often use this automation tool to assist them in completing various tasks associated with their WordPress sites. Today, we're going to look at some of the best and extremely useful IFTTT recipes made specifically for WordPress bloggers. You can either use these recipes as it is or can freely modify it to match with your exact requirements. All these automation tasks are not only time saver but also help you in developing smart marketing strategies to get more out of your blog. So let's get started and check out these awesome and flexible WordPress IFTTT recipes.

IFTTT Recipes for WordPress
Most of the recipes presented here can be used both for self-hosted and hosted WordPress blogs. Usage of these recipes is dead simple and you can configure the task within minutes. So here we go!

Tweet WordPress posts through IFTTT service
Tweet WP Posts to Twitter - As the name implies, this popular recipe automatically tweets about your newly published WordPress blog post on your Twitter handle. You can easily customize the tweet to match your preferences. Apart from post title and post link, you can also add a custom text prefix along with other metadata like category, tag, published date and much more. You can also add featured post image to tweet along with post content excerpt with a click of a button. It's my preferred tool for automating new blog post tweets for my followers.

Archive WP posts to Evernote account
Archive WP posts to Evernote - This is one of the most popular IFTTT recipes for WordPress bloggers. This excellent recipe diligently archives your blog posts within your Evernote account. The flexible options provided within the recipe allow you to accurately format the posts before archiving them into a specific notebook. After activating both WordPress and Evernote channels, you can easily customize the post details including categories, tags and the target custom notebook where you want all posts to be archived. Blogs with large archive can use this handy recipe.

Post WP posts to LinkedIn network
WP Posts to LinkedIn - Business professionals using WordPress platform can take advantage of this useful recipe by automating the posting of their content on LinkedIn. The posted content will appear on the default public wall of your LinkedIn connections. As always, one can easily customize the format of the update to attract the attention of your network. You can also add a custom suffix or prefix along with the update to better target the connections. One time LinkedIn channel activation is required to use this powerful IFTTT recipe made for busy business professionals.

Post WP content to Buffer App
Post WP Posts to Buffer - Without any doubt, Buffer is one of the most popular social sharing services that is used by thousands of WordPress bloggers. Through this flexible recipe, you can easily divert your fresh content to the buffer service. Though you can easily use recipes that directly post to the respective social network, diverting to Buffer service can reduce the total number of IFTTT recipes you may use to post to different platforms. I'm using this recipe for posting to Twitter and it works seamlessly without any issue every time a new post arrives in the queue.

Backup WP posts to Google Drive
Backup WP Posts on Google Drive - Now, this recipe is definitely one of my favorites that offers an excellent way to backup your fresh content automatically on Google drive. Whenever a new post is published, this recipe creates a new Google Docs document and backups all the post information in it saving it at the target folder within Google Drive account. You can specify the custom folder path for backups and can also customize the post information that should be stored within the document. I'd highly recommend using this recipe for taking post backups.

Post WP content on Delicious bookmarking service
Share WP Posts on Delicious - Those WordPress bloggers who're quite active on Delicious will find this recipe an excellent opportunity for them. Instead of manually submitting the content to the bookmarking service, you can fully automate the process to save your precious time. If you're blogging for a targeted niche, you can easily add multiple tags from within the recipe before the content is submitted to Delicious. This ensures your content is visible on the right channel or streams on the Delicious site. A vice versa action is also available in a reverse recipe for this task.

Post to WP via email
Post to WordPress via Email - Extremely busy bloggers will find this recipe very useful. Without leaving your inbox, you can easily publish content on your WordPress blog through emails. You can specify post title in the subject field of the email and the post content in the body of the email. One can even configure HTML text body to format the post in the desired way. Tags and categories support is also included in the recipe. You can either publish the post instantly or can instruct to save the post as a draft. Private posts are also supported by this excellent recipe.

Post WP content to Facebook page
Share WP Posts on FB Page with Image - Now, this is one of the recipes we all are going to use sooner or later. If you have a Facebook page, this powerful recipe is going to publish customized content updates from your blog on the page which includes an image from the post. It can either pull the first image from the post or can fetch the featured image associated with the blog post. Of course, a link back to the post is also part of the update so that visitors can easily land on the post page on your blog. I use this handy and powerful IFTTT recipe for one of my niche blogs.

WP content back up on Dropbox
Backup WP Posts on Dropbox - The is one of the most customizable IFTTT recipes that allows you to backup and store your WordPress powered blog content within your Dropbox account. Apart from specifying a custom folder path, you can also create a custom file naming pattern so that each post is automatically stored in its own file with a unique name that is easily recognizable. You can also customize what content associated with the post needs to be backed up. The backup is done whenever you publish a new post and the recipe detects it by checking the feed.

Post WP content on Google+
Share WP Content on Google+ - And last but not the least, no such list is complete without a recipe that allows you to share content on Google+. You can also specify the circles where you want to post the blog posts. Similarly, update format can be customized to ensure it looks informative and nice on the Google+ timeline. You can also pin an attachment with the update to include different types of media. Use your secret email posting address provided by your Google+ account. Once activated, simply fire an update email and your Google+ stream will be updated automatically.


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