9 Powerful Gmail Chrome Extensions to Enrich Your Email Experience

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Right Inbox for Gmail Google Chrome extensionGmail is the preferred email service I use on regular basis and I'm sure you're an avid user of the same. Today, we're going to see some of the most flexible, feature packed and powerful Google Chrome extensions to make your Gmail experience better and productive. Some of these extensions enhance the native web interface while others let you perform several activities without opening the account. Depending on your requirements, you can combine multiple extensions to enrich your Gmail experience. I'll mention my favorites within the list while tabulating each of the extensions shown below. Since the number of Google Chrome extensions for Gmail is large, I've tried to select the best one quite popular among its users. You can also share your experiences with these extensions about how they helped you get more out of Gmail.

Right Inbox for Gmail Google Chrome extension
Right Inbox for Gmail - This is one of the most popular Gmail extensions for Google Chrome. It allows you to easily schedule emails that can be sent later at your desired time. Facility to create handy email reminders ensure you do not miss important business conversations happening in your inbox. Who would have thought that it will be possible to send recurring emails right from your Gmail inbox? That's what this powerful extension offers to ease your periodic tasks. It has inbuilt time zone support so that scheduled emails & reminders are sent at the right time.

Checker Plus for Gmail Google Chrome extension
Checker Plus for Gmail - If you manage multiple Gmail accounts then this extension is going to be a lifesaver for you. As the name implies, this extension automatically checks for new emails in the accounts and notifies you about the same. Instead of monitoring the entire account, one can also monitor select labels to concentrate on the most important and active email channels. Interestingly, it can be configured to run in the background even when you've closed the web browser. This way, you can easily get desktop email alerts despite doing other important tasks.

Send from Gmail Google Chrome extension
Send from Gmail - This extension is very useful when you frequently want to share information on the web pages while browsing the web. It creates a handy button and popup mail composing window whenever you click a link on the web page. This helps you in quickly sharing the page information with the recipients. You can also configure Google Apps for Domain email account very easily through this extension. I often use this handy extension to quickly archive important links and information within my primary Gmail account in a few clicks without any glitch.

SMS from Gmail Google Chrome extension
SMS from Gmail - This is yet another extremely popular Gmail extension that allows them to send SMS right from their inbox. It's completely free of cost and is directly linked to your Android phone. Apart from sending SMS and MMS from your Gmail account, you can also get low battery alerts about your phone within your Gmail account. I've tested it with my Gmail account and it worked like charm without any issues. This handy extension's activation and syncing process with the Android phone is also quite fast and is quickly completed in less than a minute.

Google Mail Checker Google Chrome extension
Google Mail Checker - This simple yet powerful plugin is a must-have for every Gmail user. It checks for all the unread emails in your account and shows the count in a user-friendly notification bubble. You can also open your Gmail inbox by clicking the extension icon. It periodically checks for fresh emails arriving in your account and updates the unread count accordingly. This extension is ideal for people getting frequent emails throughout the day. In case you're overwhelmed by the unread count updates within the notification bubble, you can temporarily disable this extension.

Cloudy for Gmail Google Chrome extension
Cloudy for Gmail - This is the ultimate tool for power users who frequently attach different types of media files as attachment within their emails. You can attach files from various popular cloud services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Picasa. You can also attach notes to your emails directly from Evernote. All the attachments data is transferred over a secure connection so that your private data remains safe from hackers. It allows you to capture an image or a video clip directly within Gmail that can be directly used as an attachment.

Block Sender Google Chrome extension
Block Sender - This is a life saver extension if you're getting lot of junk emails in your Gmail inbox that's not filtered by the native spam filtering service. You can easily block any email so that you do not get emails from the target email address. You can also send fake delivery error email to select users who're sending unwanted emails to your inbox. It supports pretty flexible filtering options allowing you to fine tune the junk removal process on an automated basis. You can also easily block all the notification emails coming from popular social media platforms like Facebook.

ActiveInbox for Gmail Google Chrome extension
ActiveInbox for Gmail - This extension gives you handy options to quickly process your emails keeping your account in a manageable condition. You can easily add checklists and notes associated with emails to quickly find, process and clean your inbox queue. You can also configure deadlines and due dates associated with an email conversation. Once you get hold of all the functions included in this extension, you can easily finish processing dozens of emails in a fairly quick time. I'd highly recommend this handy Google Chrome extension for business professionals.

Markdown Here Google Chrome extension
Markdown Here - And, this last extension is made for writers, bloggers and geeks. If you're addicted to Markdown syntax for composing text, this extension adds that support within your Gmail account. The Markdown mode is available in toggle mode so that you can easily activate or deactivate it. It also supports code and syntax highlighting out-of-the-box making it one of the preferred extensions among developers and programmers. Fortunately, this excellent and powerful Markdown extension is also available for other web browsers apart from Google Chrome.


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