4 Best Off Canvas Responsive Navigation Menus For Your Website or Blog

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Pushy off canvas responsive navigation menuDifferent types of navigation menus are used on websites to help visitors' better traverse and mine the information hidden within the archives. Since the evolution of better design techniques, various new types of navigation systems are used within a responsive design suited best for phones and tablets. One such design pattern is off-canvas navigation menus that not only saves space on a small screen but also helps you easily go to other parts of the website. Today, we're going to look at some of the easy solutions available to integrate such kind of menus within our website. If you have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can easily use these solutions. I've tested these solutions both on a live server as well as on a local installation and each one of them worked without any glitch. Let's check out these off-canvas menus.

Pushy off canvas responsive navigation menu
Pushy - This dead simple jQuery-powered off canvas responsive menu solution is quite popular among its users. With extensive documentation, you can easily implement it both on a static website as well as on a full-fledged CMS platform. For using this excellent solution, you must use at least 1.9 or up version of the jQuery library. It works seamlessly both on desktops and smartphones. Advanced users can easily modify this plugin for custom functionality. Let's check out some of the best features included in this handy solution for making impressive off-canvas navigation menus.

  • Good browser support - Unlike several other solutions, this one supports all modern browsers out-of-the-box. In case, you're using an old version, graceful fallback mechanism is also included within the plugin.
  • Easy to implement - Installing and integrating an off canvas menu is quite easy and can be completed within minutes provided you have basic knowledge of simple HTML and CSS.
  • Fully responsive - Needless to say, any off canvas navigation menu solution is useless unless it is responsive. Pushy works seamlessly on tablets and mobiles too.
  • Open source - Since the plugin itself is open source without any restrictions, you can freely modify it to suit your needs.

ShiftNav off canvas responsive navigation menu
ShiftNav - This premium off-canvas navigation system is made for WordPress users and includes tons of features. If you receive a good percentage of mobile traffic on your WordPress blog, I'd highly recommend using this powerful and flexible plugin. Developers can use its intuitive API to tightly integrate it within their premium themes. The free version of this plugin is good enough for general users with enough features to gel it well with their design. Let's check out some of the unique and interesting features included in this off-canvas navigation plugin for WordPress.

  • Mobile App style menus - The interface and function of this excellent menu resembles native app menus of standard applications for the respective platform. This way, your visitors get the best navigation experience while viewing the site on a mobile device.
  • Automated integration - Simply install and activate this plugin and you're ready to use it without any complex coding steps. It automatically inserts the off canvas menu functionality, whenever needed.
  • Multiple themes - Nothing can be better when you have ready made themes for the menus. This plugin includes several good themes that can be easily integrated with almost any design.
  • Submenus and icons support - One can easily create multilevel menus as well as can assign custom icons with each menu option as per the requirements.

Panels jQuery off-canvas menu
Panels - This is yet another powerful off-canvas navigation menu plugin that is packed with dozens of awesome features. It is completely free for personal use while professional licenses are also available for commercial usage. It includes lots of modern CSS transitions that make the menu usage, a pleasant experience. It has one of the best web browser compatibility supports. Power users can also use its rich API for advanced and custom implementation. Let's see how this plugin gives you the best in its category through a flexible & featured packed off-canvas menu.

  • Embed media - You can easily embed different types of media (image, video and much more) within the menu with ease.
  • Slide out from all sides - Like all other powerful solutions, this one also lets you configure the menu in such a way that it can be slide out from any side of the viewport.
  • Use any container - You can use almost any type of block level container to host the sliding off canvas menu.
  • Custom transition styles - And last but not the least, you can easily apply dozens of nice visual effects to make your menu behave the way you want it to.

Slidebars off canvas responsive navigation menu
Slidebars - As the name implies, this excellent off-canvas menu solution lets you integrate impressive custom navigation points within your existing design with ease. This one is my personal favorite as I find it very flexible and easy-to-use. Apart from regular menus, you can also create custom sliding containers through this plugin. One can use it both for personal and commercial projects without any kind of restriction. It's regularly updated by the developer to include new features or to fix bugs if any. Following are some of the impressive features of this useful plugin.

  • Lightning fast - My testing results show that it is one of the fastest off canvas navigation menu solutions with highly optimized code.
  • Full swipe & drag control - It completely supports popular mobile actions like swipe and drag to easily handle various menu controls.
  • Rich API - The rich collection of API functions ensure you can easily include various custom features within the menu to match with your design and requirements.
  • Easy-to-use - And last but not the least, you can easily create a basic menu through this plugin within minutes.


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