7 PayPal Plugins to Sell Products on WordPress Sites

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Easy PayPal plugin for WordPress platformSometimes a full fledged eCommerce plugin is an overkill and all you need is a simple PayPal plugin allowing you to sell products easily on your WordPress site. Since it is one of the most popular payment gateways, bloggers often want to use it instead of complex eCommerce set up. There are good numbers of PayPal plugins available for WordPress that can be easily configured allowing you to start selling tangible and intangible goods with ease. I'd highly recommend getting a PayPal sandbox account to ensure you can easily test the waters while configuring the plugin before you go live. Make sure you perform all kinds of plugin testing in a staging environment since configuring it on a live blog may not be a wise move. Let's see some of the PayPal plugins that allows you to sell products on a WordPress blog.

Easy PayPal plugin for WordPress platform
Easy PayPal - If you want to sell digital goods through PayPal, then this plugin is an ideal choice amongst the available solutions. The entire set up and configuration takes minutes and you're ready to sell multiple digital goods. Its handy automatic validation system helps you quickly add relevant product records with ease. Once the payment is complete, buyers are automatically redirected to the product download page. Needless to say, like other professional PayPal plugins, this one also sends an automated email with the product download link to the buyer's inbox instantly.

PayPal button by POWr for WordPress
POWr PayPal Button - This is one of the simplest PayPal plugins available for WordPress platform. Once activated, you can quickly add customized PayPal button anywhere in your blog theme. Shortcode support allows even a layman do the job with ease. It also includes support for generating discount codes to attract more customers during special events. The multilingual feature ensures you can easily use the buttons in almost any language. And last but not the least, out-of-the-box responsive support ensures your PayPal buttons look nice both on smartphones and tablets.

WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept plugin
WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept - This excellent PayPal plugin supports good number of customization features to make your product selling exercise, a pleasant experience. You can easily add different types of products widgets within your site design to quickly accept payments without any glitch. You can also configure your preferred currency while receiving payments from the customers. Variable payment option is also supported by the plugin to help customers choose the correct amount of multiple choices while purchasing an item. Custom button image is supported.

Ultra-simple PayPal cart for WordPress
WordPress Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart - As the name suggests, this powerful plugin provides a simple way to integrate PayPal payments on your WordPress blog. You can also create a 3-step information collection process during the checkout including a custom form too. It also supports variation in prices for a product including multilingual text mode. Power users can fully customize the PayPal button through custom CSS. You can also embed the PayPal cart at the desired place in your theme either through a shortcode or through a function.

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart
WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart - With a large user base, this popular plugin lets you add a flexible shopping cart system on your WordPress blog powered by PayPal. The flexible cart allows visitors to add and remove multiple items from the basket as well as increase or decrease the quantity of each item before checkout. You can also gather special instructions or other information from the customer while they're doing the checkout. You can also customize the look and feel of the shopping cart (include product thumbnails) format to match with your needs.

WordPress Simple e-commerce through PayPal
WordPress Simple PayPal eCommerce - While selling digital products through this plugin, all the download links are encrypted so that unauthorized access is denied straightaway. You can also sell your online services with pricing variations and subscriptions. Coupon codes are also supported by this plugin so that customers can easily avail discounts while paying through PayPal. Multiple currencies and country targeting are also supported by the plugin. Buyers' not having a PayPal account can also make payments quite easily through this powerful plugin.

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin
WordPress Shopping Cart - With different templates and themes, this PayPal powered shopping cart plugin is one of the good candidates for selling products on your blog. It also includes different types of widgets to sell your products that can be embedded in select locations. It also has a strong Google analytics integration so that you can easily get advanced statistics related to product purchases. Each showcased product includes social sharing buttons to allow customers easily spread the word. You can also sell and track tangible products through this useful PayPal plugin.


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