12 Easy and Flexible Ways to Edit and View Markdown Files

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Dillinger web-based Markdown editorMarkdown is one of the popular text formatting standards used widely nowadays across the world. It's easy-to-use and can be learned very quickly. More and more applications are using this format to power their text editing tools. Documentation and help manuals are also powered by this popular text formatting system. Since learning markdown formatting directives are very simple, almost anyone can use it without any steep learning curve. Today, we're going to see some of the most flexible, feature packed and powerful markdown editors and viewers used across the globe. Some of these apps are web-based, while others can be installed as a desktop application. If you're occasionally viewing or editing few lines of markdown text, web-based version is more suited for the task. Professionals must use a desktop editor.

Dillinger web-based Markdown editor
Dillinger - This lightweight markdown editor is quite popular among its users. Its two-pane editing interface shows real-time preview as you edit the markdown text. It has multiple export options allowing you to save your text in HTML or PDF format too. It also supports direct saving of your markdown text within your cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Similarly, direct import from all popular cloud storage services ensures you can access your markdown files from anywhere. You can also save your editing session to compose a long markdown file in several breaks.

StackEdit web-based markdown editor
StackEdit - It is one of the best web-based markdown editors that provide rich WYSIWYG editor controls for better and easy text formatting. It also has a full-fledged multi-language spell checker to correct mistakes, if any. Since this editor is completely customizable, users can adjust or change its theme and layout as per the requirements. It also provides an easy way to synchronize and share your stored documents with other users. Bloggers can also use it to directly upload their composed documents to popular blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress.

Markable web-based markdown editor
Markable - This web-based markdown editor has some powerful features like syntax highlighting and auto-indentation of text. Its inbuilt auto session saving allows you to continue editing your markdown documents from a different computer. You can also import and convert HTML files into their markdown equivalent. It's also tightly integrated with Evernote facilitating easy import and export of relevant notes and files. Tumblr users can also use this editor as their blog post composer. The editor itself is lightweight with an easy-to-use interface.

MarkdownPad editor for markdown files
MarkdownPad - This is a powerful desktop markdown editor for Windows platform. It is loaded with many advanced features for professional or power users. You can use custom CSS stylesheets to customize the look and feel of your HTML files. You can edit multiple markdown files simultaneously within this editor. It also has an image upload option to easily embed pictures within your markdown documents. One can also customize the fonts and color schemes of the editor to get his preferred editing environment. It's a must try desktop markdown editor.

MacDown markdown editor for Mac OS X
MacDown - Mac users who frequently compose markdown documents filled with code snippets will find this editor, a life saver. It is designed to support syntax highlighting of dozens of popular programming languages within a markdown document. Since the editor itself is open source with MIT license, power users can modify it at will to include the required features. Its handy auto-complete feature helps you in speeding up the composting process. With a neat and clean interface, this minimal and powerful markdown editor is perfect for developers and writers.

Mou markdown editor for Mac users
Mou - This premium markdown editor is packed with features and is available for Mac platform. Its sync scrolling and advanced exporting features give you the flexibility to edit and compose long markdown documents with ease. Users can install and use custom themes with this editor. Like other competitors, this one also supports custom CSS for preferred HTML formatting. Its powerful pattern matching search helps you in finding text within a big markdown document. It also has a word and character counter with the support of direct posting to Tumblr blogging platform.

Texts markdown editor for professionals
Texts - This powerful markdown editing tool is available both for Windows and Mac platform. You can easily add footnotes and hyperlinks within the document. It is one of the few markdown editors that supports a wide array of exporting options like Word and ePub documents. Its professional grade typesetting features allow you to easily convert and print your markdown documents to perfection. This one also supports custom CSS for getting new themes for your editor. It is being actively developed and maintained by its developer. It's one of my favorite markdown document editors.

MdCharm markdown editor desktop application
MdCharm - This free and powerful markdown editor can be used on Windows as well as on Linux systems. Line highlighters and numbers are some of the unique features of this editor. With drag and drop support, one can easily open multiple markdown documents in several tabs. Its handy find and replace function is useful while modifying common text patterns in a big file. For preview pane, you can easily provide custom CSS to get your desired look and feel. You can also open related markdown files in the form of a single project for easy maintenance and editing.

Remarkable markdown editor for Linux platform
Remarkable - This flexible and free markdown editor for Linux platform is widely popular and is packed with some awesome features. Its handy keyboard shortcuts are made for power users to get things done in quick time. It has one of the finest interfaces of markdown editors. It also supports Github markdown that is quite simple and easy to learn. You can also swap view panes as well as activate night mode to customize the environment of the editor. You can also zoom in and out to see the document text clearly if required. It's a must-have editor for Linux users.

Markdown Pro editor for Mac users
Markdown Pro - As the name implies, this premium markdown file editor is truly a professional grade solution for Mac users. It's tightly integrated with the iCloud facilitating direct editing of markdown documents stored in your cloud. It also supports RTL languages making in quite popular among users using such languages. You can also use custom templates with this editor. One can also switch to full-screen mode while composing markdown documents to avoid distractions. Its file revision feature allows you to easily revert back to the previous state of the markdown file.

Markdown Life editor with markdown support
Markdown Life - This markdown editor supports display of invisible characters. If you regularly make hard copies of your markdown documents, this editor supports color printing of the same. It also includes a handy scientific calculator for designers and developers. The editor itself is lightning fast and light on system resources. This editor also supports flexible document version history which is useful for reverting back to the previous state anytime. Its CJK support ensures you can compose your markdown documents in popular Asian languages. It has a minimal & nice interface.

1Writer markdown editor for iPhone and iPad
1Writer - And last but not the least, this markdown editor ideal for editing your documents on the go with your iPad or iPhone. Its distraction free mode and dark theme ensure you're able to edit your files with minimal hassle. An added keyboard row for navigation and text formatting allows easy editing of a large document. You can access and sync your markdown documents stored on iCloud or Dropbox. It can convert the selected text into its markdown equivalent in a single step. It has plenty of export options including conversion of a markdown file into an Evernote note.


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