10 Useful Color Pickers for Web Designers

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Front-end developers often use different types of tools to design websites. One of the most important elements of the website is the color scheme. Web developers often deal with this aspect of web designing on day to day basis. Picking the desired color from onscreen elements is one of the common tasks developers have to perform. That's where color picker applications come into play. These apps come in various forms. Some like web-based color pickers; some prefer browser plugins while others always prefer desktop based standalone applications. I've shortlisted some of the best desktop color picker applications used by front end developers across the world. Both Mac and Windows color pickers are included in the list for your convenience. Most color pickers in this list are free-to-use with few premium applications as well.

ColorPic color picker applicationColorPic - This free color picker for Windows is one of my favorites in this list. Its resizable magnifying window allows you to easily choose colors even on a large high resolution monitor. It can also easily save custom color palettes automatically which can be used instantly at a later stage. You can also easily adjust the RGB value of the captured color to fine tune your choice. You can also configure a setting to allow the color picker to snap the color closest to the web safe mode. And, if your screen has less space, its collapsible sections let you use it easily in limited area.

ColorPix application for picking colorsColorPix - This handy tool is lightweight and lets you pick colors easily on screen of any size. Its powerful magnifier lets you choose colors from high resolution images. The captured color code is available in all popular notations so that it can be used easily in your project. You can also configure it to launch automatically on Windows start up. Color capture can be done by any key on the keyboard while the dropper is active on the screen.

Developer color picker app for Mac platformDeveloper Picker - This excellent color picker app for Mac platform is quite popular among the web developers. It's a no nonsense simple color picker that just works. Like other similar tools, you can get the captured color code in almost every popular notation. Its opacity control lets you adjust the color transparency with ease. The interface of this color picker is user friendly allowing even a layman to take advantage of all its features.

Pixie color picker portable appPixie - This is one of the tiniest, lightest yet powerful color pickers for Windows platform. Apart from producing color code in all the notations, it also displays the current mouse cursor position on the screen. With a size of just 11 KB, it is perhaps the smallest color picker. It can run even on legacy Windows PC without any glitch.

Skala color picker for MacSkala Color - This is another flexible and feature packed color picker for the Mac platform. If a color is already captured in the clipboard, this application can automatically recognize it and can import it within the swatch. Its handy hue and saturation sliders allow you to fine tune the color values to get the perfect color. This tool is completely free and works like charm. This color picker can be used in conjunction with any standard Mac application.

Just color picker applicationJust Color Picker - This handy color picker can be used on both Mac and Windows platform. Its handy text tool allows you to view the background and foreground color to better visualize the color combination. Users can also add comments and notes on the captured color. You can also activate its always on top feature to quickly access the color capturing option. One can also define custom key for color capture.

ColorSnapper application for picking colors on MacColorSnapper - This intuitive color picker for Mac includes support for multiple monitors connected together. It supports up to two dozen different color formats that can be used in almost any external application. Developers can also paste the captured color code directly into their CSS code. It can also pick colors from full screen applications. It also keeps history of previously captured colors allowing you to quickly access your favorite colors.

ColorMania color picker app for developersColorMania - This popular color picker includes list of common and web safe colors that can be used instantly in your projects. You can also save custom color palettes quite easily with a click. Its color grabber includes a screen magnifier to pick the right color from a complex high resolution image. The interface of this color picker is impressive and quite easy-to-use. You can also invert and randomize the colors at will. This color picker is worth a try.

Color Cop color picker applicationColor Cop - This color picker automatically transfers captured color code in hexadecimal format to the clipboard. You can also easily deduce whether the captured color is web safe or not. Similarly, any color can be converted into its gray scale equivalent with a click of a button. Its color history buffer can save up to 7 captured colors in a single session. A dynamic color palette is also generated complimenting the color to easily make a color scheme.

GetColor color picking app for WindowsGetColor - This handy color picker allows you to pick color from your desktop in four popular formats. Once the color is captured, you can easily minimize it to the system tray for easy access. You can also instruct it to start automatically in minimized form when your PC boots up. Heavy users can activate its always on top mode to ensure you can easily capture several colors in quick succession. The application itself is small and lightning fast. It works seamlessly on all major Windows OS versions.


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