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6 Powerful Tools to Test Your Responsive Website

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Responsive design checker online browser-based toolI've earlier compiled a list of Google Chrome tools for testing responsive designs. Today, we're going to look at some generic tools to test responsive websites that are not dependent on any specific browser. Although modern web browsers include decent testing options for responsive designs, standalone tools always give you an edge with some added features. The complexity of a responsive design varies from site to site and so does its testing methodology. You can check out each of the flexible testing tools mentioned below and can select the one that suits your needs. Most of these tools can run seamlessly in a web browser making the testing process easy. Although I generally prefer desktop-based apps or browser add-ons for testing, these excellent options definitely give more options to bulletproof our responsive design.

Responsive design checker online browser-based tool
Responsive Design Checker - This simple-to-use yet powerful design testing tool can be used by anybody wishing to debug their responsive site. It gives you various popular device profiles to quickly test the design without any configuration steps. You can change the device dimensions on the fly without any need to refresh the web page. Remember, this tool simply gives you a viewport matching the exact screen dimensions of the selected device. Use an advanced system emulator application if you want to test some advanced functionality within your responsive design. It offers premium plans allowing you to test the website on actual devices remotely.

Impressive BrowserStack responsive testing
BrowserStack - This is one of the most popular testing tools used by thousands and thousands of front-end developers. The good thing about this service is that it offers one of the widest ranges of devices against which you can test your responsive design. It also allows you to do local testing directly within your browser with all the power and flexibility it offers. You can also do live interactive testing to get more control on testing the site behavior in different devices. I've used this service several times and found it extremely useful in debugging several responsive design issues.

Screenfly responsive design testing tool
Screenfly - This light yet extremely flexible browser-based testing tool is ideal for quickly checking your responsive design. It includes easy to use options with several popular devices presets to easily start the testing process. You can easily switch to different screen modes with a single click. Developers can also generate a sharing link to instantly share the test page with other online users. It grid mesh allows you to closely inspect elements on the page with perfection. You can also use a proxy server with this testing tool. I've used this service for testing design on large screen devices.

ScreenQueries fluid design testing app
ScreenQueries - This unique responsive design testing tool has lot of interesting features to make the task easy. It has a handy bookmarklet to instantly access the service, whenever required. It also maintains an error log while testing which can be used by power users for easy debugging. You can also get detailed viewport information to better optimize your design for specific devices. It supports over 5 dozen device profiles to ensure your design renders perfectly in every situation. One can test both web and local sites quite easily with this impressive design testing tool. tool for checking responsive websites - This is a simple tool for testing your responsive website. Click on one of the preset device models and you're ready to test the web page. A ready-made sharing link allows you to quickly share the results with your team or clients. You can also change the device screen orientation with a single click. Interestingly, you can also switch off the responsive mode to inspect how the site behaves in that condition. It also offers pro plans with added features to get the best results while testing responsive design for a business website. You must give this excellent service a try.

Galen framework for automated responsive design testing
Galen Framework - This powerful framework is used by web developers to automate the entire testing process of responsive websites. This impressive testing framework can run multiple tests in parallel to save your time. All the results can be saved in the cloud for future analysis. Developers can write custom testing routines through easy-to-write syntax. It generates detailed HTML reports with all the user testing data to fine-tune your responsive design. It also has an API to get absolute control over the testing routines. I'd highly recommend using this testing framework.


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