10 Best and Powerful Ways to Create Wireframes for Your Next Project

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Justinmind software for making mobile wireframesPrototyping techniques and tools have rapidly changed with new technologies coming up to ease the tasks associated with it. There are several extremely user-friendly and flexible wireframing tools allowing developers, designers and engineers craft rich and interactive prototypes in no time. Some of these wireframing applications are web-based while others work as standalone desktop applications. I use a couple of wireframing tools mentioned in the list below. These tools can easily replace your regular sketchpad you're using currently for making rough sketches for your designs. Some of these tools facilitate the creation of wireframes targeted for mobile and tablet apps. You can test and pick the best one that fulfills your wireframing needs. Let's check out these best wireframing and mockup applications.

Justinmind software for making mobile wireframes
JustInMInd - This excellent wireframing and prototyping application supports interactive mobile and web element widgets for creating rich prototypes. The drag and drop interface ensures you can make the wireframes in a rapid manner. You can also create clickable sections with swipe enabled images. You can also export your wireframes in different formats viz., HTML and PDF files. You can also share and collaborate with other users through a cloud network. It is one of the few useful wireframing tools that offer conditional navigation with variables support.

Web-based wireframing and mockups tool
Moqups - This is a rich web-based HTML5 app for creating awesome wireframes in quick time. With dozens of stencils and support for images and multiple pages, you are equipped with all the tools to create impressive wireframes. You can also easily embed images within your prototypes. All stencils can be customized and edited in different ways to customize the wireframe as per your needs. You can also connect multiple wireframe pages with configurable links. This app also saves revisions of the wireframe allowing you to easily revert back to the previous version with a click.

Balsamiq wireframing tool for developers
Balsamiq Mockups - This is one of my favorite tools for creating wireframes and mockups. It is available in different forms like a web-based version, native OS application and last but not the least in the form of an Adobe AIR app. It has a huge library of ready-made templates and stencils for making slick and professional grade wireframes. The application itself is lightning fast and the entire wireframe creation process is a pleasure. I'd recommend using the AIR version as it can be used on any platform of your choice. Do give this application a try for making killer wireframes.

Mockingbird web-based wireframing application
Mockingbird - This is another web-based wireframing tool that is easy-to-use and is packed with loads of features. You get a grid-based canvas where you can easily drag web elements widgets that are customizable. You can easily share your wireframes with other users too. Wireframe export options support both PDF and PNG format so that you can use them almost anywhere. While resizing the objects, text is also resized for best results. The interface is intuitive and very user-friendly. This flexible wireframing tool runs seamlessly within all modern web browsers.

wireframe.cc web-based mockup app
Wireframe - This simple yet powerful web-based wireframing tool is ideal for front-end developers. It lets you create impressive mockups of web, tablets and mobile design templates. While composing a wireframe, you can easily revert back to the previous version to undo some of the changes made by you. The tool is completely responsive and works seamlessly on tablets as well as on mobile devices. You can use three different types of canvas to compose your mockups. Custom size column based canvas is ideal for creating web mockups. Do once try this excellent wireframing tool.

UXPin wireframing and mockup tool
UXPin - Apart from inbuilt mockup elements, you can also upload your own wireframing files to use in your projects. It has a powerful wireframe editor with lots of intuitive features. Multiple users can edit and work on the same wireframe in real time making this solution ideal for a team. You can easily create custom wireframes for different types of devices including desktops and handheld devices. It has one of the richest libraries of web and mobile elements that can be readily used in your wireframes. It also allows you to easily create your very own custom web elements.

MockFlow web-based wireframing app
MockFlow - This lightning-fast web-based wireframe designer is one of the best tools included in this list. It offers both web-based and desktop applications for creating mockups. Once your wireframe is ready, you can instantly share it with your clients. Facility to export the entire wireframe in HTML5 format ensures you can view and reuse it in different ways. Its collaboration feature is so simple and all it requires is sharing the wireframe URL with the team member. With an intuitive interface of this wireframing tool, anyone can create slick mockups in no time.

Professional grade wireframing tool
WireframeSketcher - It's a full-fledged wireframing tool used by popular companies across the globe. You can use this application on all popular operating systems. It can also be tightly integrated with any Eclipse-powered integrated development environment. It can also work without any issue on multi-monitor systems. Grid snapping allows you to easily align the objects in a mockup. You can group and organize your related wireframes in the form of a project. Its rich and large library contains easily customizable web elements for all the popular devices.

FlairBuilder wireframing and mockup software
FlairBuilder - This powerful wireframing application supports multi-page setup with integrated sitemaps for easily traversing a large project. Its wireframe composing module is quite flexible with all the basic and advanced features to completely customize the embedded components. It has a large number of ready-made web and mobile widgets ready to be used in your mockups simply by drag and drop action. You can easily create interactive wireframes that allow you to present the information and design in a better way with your clients and team members.

Pidoco wireframing application
Pidoco - This is one of the few wireframing tools that provide a rich API set for advanced users. You can choose between smooth and hand-drawn modes while creating mockups. You can also integrate video and image within your wireframes. This application allows you to annotate your wireframes before exporting them in different formats. You can also create custom stencils which can be easily used in multiple projects. Its powerful enterprise edition variant gives you much more powerful, flexible and advanced options to get more out of your wireframing efforts.


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