How to Add Markdown Support for WordPress Posts and Pages

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Markdown support through Jetpack pluginIf you're a fan of Markdown syntax and prefer to compose your articles and posts through it, it's high time to add that support within your WordPress blog too. By default, WordPress post editor supports two primary modes for composing posts and pages. The first one is normal visual text mode and the other one is HTML mode preferred by technically sound bloggers. And, when you're using Markdown syntax, you can compose beautifully formatted posts without any knowledge of HTML tags. Once you get hang of it, it's quite addictive. Although full fledged Markdown text editors are also available but you have to use them on your desktop while adding support within WordPress ensures you can use it live on your blog. The syntax itself is very easy to learn. So, let's see some of the best ways we can use Markdown through select plugins made specifically for this purpose. After installing, first, try composing through a private dummy post so that you can preview and practice the syntax before applying it to real articles.

Markdown support through Jetpack plugin
Jetpack Markdown Module - The best and popular way to add Markdown support is through the famous Jetpack plugin which includes a bundle of other tools as well. Once Markdown module is activated you get dual windows with left one dedicated to writing while the right one serves as a preview pane where you can see the composed formatted post in real time. If you're already using Jetpack plugin on your blog, there's no need to install an extra plugin for using it. You can also enable Markdown support for comments. This way, your visitors can easily use it for leaving formatted comments on the posts attracting more attention. Power users can also add complete Markdown support for custom post types.

MarkPress plugin for WordPress
MarkPress - This powerful plugin allows you to compose journal notes easily in Markdown syntax. Quite similar to the previous plugin, this one also uses the same dual window option to preview the results as you write the text. Only registered users can use it with the required privilege. Fortunately, it works seamlessly on smartphones too so you can quickly compose your notes while on the go. It's open source on GitHub and the developer encourages contributions to this plugin to help make it better. While composing journal notes in Markdown syntax, this plugin automatically saves the text so that you do not miss it in case of disconnection. Do once give this handy Markdown plugin a try on your blog.

Typewriter plugin for Markdown support
Typewriter - As the name suggests, this plugin is associated with writing text on your WordPress blog. Once activated, it replaces the default visual editor with a powerful Markdown editor for both posts and pages. It's lightweight and works seamlessly in all browsers allowing you to quickly compose Markdown formatted posts in no time. If you're currently using TinyMCE editor for composing posts, it replaces that too with a Markdown editor. Under the hood, it uses a powerful Markdown parser to format the content written with Markdown syntax. Your existing HTML content in older posts will be formatted without any issues. It's one of the best and easy-to-use Markdown plugins for WordPress bloggers.

WP Markdown plugin for WordPress
WP-Markdown - This unique plugin supports Markdown format for posts, pages, custom post types, comments and for bbPress forums posts too. This makes it an all-in-one solution for adding Markdown support within the blog. It also has a preview facility for the comments section so that readers can inspect their comments before posting them. The good thing about this plugin is that it stores the processed HTML form of content in the database. This ensures your content will appear the same even if you remove the plugin at a later stage. If you're running a bbPress forum on your blog with a geeky user base, do once install and try this useful Markdown plugin to add one more awesome feature for them.

Gust plugin with Markdown editor
Gust - Though this plugin transforms the admin interface of your WordPress blog into its Ghost platform equivalent, it's included in this list due to the presence of Markdown editor integrated with it for both posts and pages. The editor is lightweight and works like charm allowing you to edit and preview the composed article in an easy way. Bloggers who have already used Ghost blogging platform before will enjoy its familiar interface and can use the power of its Markdown editor right from the very beginning. The editor also includes media upload facility so that you can quickly insert images without any problems. It can also work seamlessly with all the custom post types currently used on your blog.

PrettyPress Markdown editor for WordPress
PrettyPress - This is another powerful Markdown support plugin available for professional bloggers. It has an integrated editor and preview section for instantly viewing the composed article. Its minimal and distraction-free environment allows professional writers to do more with fewer efforts increasing the productivity by many folds. The pro version of this plugin also supports execution and previewing of shortcodes in real time. It's also responsive so you can use the editor and preview window on almost any device capable of running WordPress platform. If not required, you can also disable the Markdown mode to continue editing the post in regular format. It also supports Markdown mode for custom post types.

Parsedown Markdown parser for WordPress content
Parsedown for WordPress - If you have a huge archive of posts and pages written in Markdown syntax, then use this plugin which can process and convert all the archive into its nicely formatted equivalent saving your loads of time. It's one of the most actively developed plugins and works like a charm. It can also process commonly used special characters of HTML to output the correct results. The usage and installation of this plugin is dead simple. After activation, all your existing and future posts are automatically parsed and formatted by the Markdown engine. I've used this powerful plugin for one of my clients having a huge archive of custom post type content and she is running it without any issues.


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