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3 Modern Front-end Development Tools to Build Sites with Minimal Coding

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Google Web Designer applicationFront-end development now involves the use of cutting-edge technologies with countless tools, languages, and services to make modern websites with killer features. Hardcore developers prefer to code sites from scratch weaving highly optimized code for a blazing fast site. For others, there are several powerful tools to assist in site development with minimal coding requirements. Today, we're going to look at some of the best and popular front-end development tools which can be used even by beginners to quickly craft impressive websites in no time. And, if you're already familiar with front-end development, these flexible tools can save your time and money by many folds. Professional front-end developers across the world are using these tools to add more value to their workflow and to speed up their site development life cycle. I've tested these tools for about a week and found them immensely useful in crafting fully working models of a website that can be further enhanced and optimized with custom code at a later stage.

Google Web Designer applicationGoogle Web Designer
Google Web Designer - This is one of the popular website designing tools built by Google and is available for all popular operating systems including Mac, Windows and Linux. The application itself is designed keeping in mind that a beginner or intermediate level developer may also use it for designing websites. You can create full-fledged responsive websites through this tool built for modern web browsers. It's an evolving product which receives regular updates to refine existing features and adding new ones on a regular basis. Following impressive features are part of this wonderful designing tool.

  • Integrated with Google services - As you'll expect, this tool is tightly integrated with several useful Google services like Google Drive, Google AdWords, and DoubleClick Studio. This ensures you can use the features offered by these external services without leaving the site design platform.
  • Components and events support - This is one of the core features of this powerful tool which includes ready-made web components which can be included in your project with a click of a button. For example, if you want a customizable photo gallery, the tool offers easy integration for the same in a seamless manner. Similarly, you can easily program actions on gestures against various page elements and that too without any coding.
  • Add stunning animation - It also includes support of powerful animation through HTML5 standard to create impressive UX for the visitors. After the first usage of this feature, you can polish your skills to create more sophisticated animation effects for making a visually appealing website.
  • Add 3D effects - Again, savvy users can take advantage of modern CSS3 features to add vibrant 3 dimensional effects on the page elements. This helps you create highly converting custom landing pages on your website and that too without writing a single line of code.

Macaw web design toolMacaw Web Design Tool
Macaw - This is yet another website designing tool available for Mac platform and is used by a large user base of professional front-end developers. The first thing you'll notice about this tool is its stunning user interface which makes its usage, a good experience. It includes several intuitive features to not only make websites quickly but also to make them with a highly optimized code base. You can easily make a featured packed business website through this tool without touching the code. Its layout engine is one of the highlights of this tool which helps you create fluid layouts in an easy way. Let's see its features!

  • Reusable components - Developers can create and store commonly used web components they often use in projects to easily reuse them without any need to recreate them. This helps you speed up the development by many folds and also ensures you can easily refine these components on a regular basis.
  • Remote device testing - Distributed teams working through this tool can take advantage of this powerful feature. All the devices connected to the application's network can receive the design so that the person at the remote end can inspect the progress and can test it easily without any need to explicitly transfer the project files.
  • Advanced typography support - It also has a powerful typography module that allows you to integrate the best possible font stack for the site in two different ways. You can either pull web fonts from all the popular services or you can directly include the fonts which come packed with the application. All this font inclusion and integration is done without any coding.
  • Global styles and pages - One can apply styles to the core elements at the global scope quite easily through this application. This way, you can easily make site wide changes for the select page elements with a few clicks. Similarly, common web components can be shared among multiple pages and can be stored at a single location to easily make changes to the whole site.

Webflow site builderWebflow Site Builder
Webflow - And last but not the least, this impressive front-end development tool equips you with flexible tools to build modern website without any coding. It is a browser-based tool that automatically generates website's HTML and CSS code under the hood while you design the front-end through point and click controls. This service is used by several big brands which tell about its popularity. Its free plan is good enough for making small websites in an easy and efficient way. Let's check out what this tool has on offer and how one can create a stunning responsive website through this amazing site building tool.

  • Ready made widgets - Like every other similar tool, this one also includes a lot of reusable page elements one can easily insert and use in a project. All these reusable widgets can be tweaked and customized with ease to gel them well with the site design. You can even delete and replace them with the new ones without any hassle.
  • Make responsive layouts - Its pixel-perfect layout engine allows you to build and test impressive responsive designs that work on all popular tablets and smartphones without any issues. This saves lot of time spent in testing responsive layouts on different smaller devices.
  • Program states - For each page element, developers can create custom events and effects through point and click interface defining custom actions. This ensures, your website is highly interactive and responds to visitors' gestures, whenever required.
  • Version support - This is one of the powerful features of this front-end development tool. While working on a large project, you can take advantage of older versions of the design to roll back or check selective features. All the designs are saved with different versions on an automated basis under the hood by this design tool.


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