5 Powerful Ways to Monitor Internet & Network Bandwidth

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NetWorx bandwidth monitor toolProfessionals are more interested in examining data packets traveling through a computer network while general users are more concerned with their bandwidth consumption statistics. Whether you're using an unlimited plan or a fixed data plan, information about bandwidth consumption can help you know about your usage habits. It also helps you in moderating the browsing behavior to use your internet plan wisely. Most bandwidth monitors are lightweight apps which sit nicely in your task-bar and quietly runs in the background recording bandwidth usage data. We've handpicked some of the best and user-friendly bandwidth monitors that run seamlessly giving you accurate information about the data consumption. Almost all of these applications also generate handy reports for your analysis. You can switch them off and on anytime with a click. Let's check out each of these bandwidth monitoring applications and see which one suits our needs in the best possible way. Do use these apps for few days before selecting one.

Bandwidth monitor software
Bandwidth Monitor - This lightweight bandwidth monitor works on all Windows machines diligently monitoring consumption of your internet plan limit. It also has several handy utilities to further aid in better visualization of the data usage. Notification alerts from the app enable you to keep a check on your daily consumption. It can monitor almost every type of internet connection. If you have multiple active connections on your machine, it can monitor all of them, simultaneously. It can be fully customized for colors, graph styles, report formats and for data visualization. Do once install and give it a go.

NetWorx bandwidth monitor tool
NetWorx Bandwidth Monitor - It has a nice user interface with ample options to give you a powerful and flexible internet bandwidth monitor. It can display the usage in two different user-friendly formats. It also has tools for checking network interface for diagnosing common problems. It also allows you to export data in various popular formats. It can also automatically disconnect your internet connection after a threshold is reached and can notify you simultaneously about the same. It can also monitor downloads with their average download rate and the total time taken to complete the download session.

Netlimiter bandwidth customization app
NetLimiter - This is one of my favorites bandwidth monitoring tool which is much more than just a monitoring application. It's made for power users who want fine control over the applications consuming the internet bandwidth. Apart from regular data consumption monitoring, it has powerful filtering and rules modules for fine-tuning how each application consumes the network bandwidth. It also has a flexible connection blocker to save your time as well as bandwidth. It gives detailed and rich data reports about total and application-specific bandwidth consumption. Its interface is top notch with easy controls.

DU Meter monitoring application
DU Meter - This is yet another real-time bandwidth monitoring application with several useful features. It can also send you email notifications whenever a threshold is reached. You can also create custom rules to restrict the use of certain applications that consume a lot of bandwidth. It's well suited for users who consume a large amount of data to alert them in advance about their massive consumption behavior. For metered connections, it can also help you calculate the amount (approx.) your ISP may charge for the consumed bandwidth. You can also use custom themes with this bandwidth monitoring application.

PeakHour bandwidth monitoring app for Mac OS X
PeakHour - This premium and powerful bandwidth monitoring app is made for Mac OS X. Like every good Mac app, this one also has a nice interface. It works with wide range of internet connections and gives you a complete suite of monitoring the data with extensive user-friendly reports. It has an unlimited history feature that allows you to store archived usage data for the indefinite period. Whenever the threshold is reached, it can trigger notification alert, send an email or can execute a script specified by the user. It's custom zooming and scroll-back feature facilitates easy analysis of real-time data consumption graph.


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