How To Access All Your Cloud Storage Services From One Place

Otixo cloud access service interfaceThere are so many cloud storage services available for users today. Freelancers, web developers, and professional bloggers use them extensively to store their critical data. Generally, some of these services offer a desktop client to access your account, but some of the services only provide a web interface. Sometimes we struggle to sync and transfer files across these different cloud storage services. I've found an excellent service to centrally manage all your cloud storage accounts with ease. It is easy-to-use and equips you with all the essentials tools to manage your important and archived files seamlessly across different cloud storage services. The tool, I'm going to discuss below offers an excellent free plan which is good enough for general users. No technical expertise is required to use this service and one can store, transfer and download files through a handy drag and stop interface. So, let's get started and check out this flexible and user-friendly tool to easily tame all our cloud storage services under a single roof.

Otixo cloud access service interface
But, there's an excellent cloud storage management service called Otixo that lets you manage all your popular cloud storage accounts from one place. Otixo supports Dropbox, Box, Picasa, Google Docs, MobileMe, SugarSync, FTP, WebDav and Amazon S3 cloud storage services. Simply link your accounts to it and let the magic begin. Generally, we download the file to our desktop for transferring it to another cloud storage service. With Otixo, that's not needed at all. Simply drag-n-drop a file from within the application to transfer your file from one service to another.

You can also mount your Otixo account as a network drive on your PC so that you can manage all your cloud storage accounts from Windows Explorer. Otixo provides a secure sharing mechanism too. You can specify the access level and the expiration date of the shared file. This way it ensures that only authorized users are allowed to access the file. You can also use Otixo on your smartphone or on your iPad.

Otixo's strong search mechanism lets you search a file from all your cloud storage accounts in one go. You can also use wildcards to match multiple files. The desktop mounted version (as a network drive) is available both for Mac and Windows system.