How To Create Annotated Custom Maps Easily

Often we want to share geographical maps with our readers for different purposes. Google maps present these maps in various formats and embedding them in blog posts is not that difficult. But, it lacks editing capabilities leaving us with the default map. How about adding your own annotations, signs, arrows and different objects within the map to spice it up? You'll need an image editor and the necessary skills to add these objects to the map. But all this can be done very easily right within your browser including the embed code for use on your blog or website.

Annotated maps

QuikMaps is a free online service that lets you create custom maps easily with drag and drop object embedding. It has a large collection of signs and objects that can be easily embedded within a map simply by dragging and dropping at your desired location on the map.

You can start by typing the name of the city so that the relevant map can be fetched directly from Google maps. Now you can start the editing by selecting the appropriate category of signs and objects. There are hundreds of signs and icons available for you in different categories like signs, devices, beach, food, utensils and much more.

Adding annotations is extremely simple. Simply drag the annotation icon to the desired location and instantly you get the editing field ready to input desired text. You can also draw lines and can do free-hand scribbling with desired color and custom line thickness. All maps created by you can be saved within your account so that you can use them at a later time or can edit them further as per your needs.

After map creation, you get an embed code automatically that just needs to be pasted your web page's HTML file.