Why I Use MetroTwit As My Preferred Twitter Client

MetroTwit twitter clientI've used several Twitter clients over the last 2 years. Some of them were quite good and some were simply awful. I started with a web interface and soon switched to a popular Adobe AIR-based single column Twitter client. It was quite robust and feature-packed but lacked support for multiple columns. My next Twitter application was a multi-column Adobe AIR-based dashboard with some advanced features. I used it for about a year until I came across a Twitter dashboard couple of months back.

It's called MetroTwit.

The moment I used it, I decided to switch to it permanently? What made me take this decision within 24 hours of its usage? Well, here are some of the features that made the migration possible. I'm not saying that it's 'THE BEST', but it is certainly worth trying. If you're a professional social media marketer, you must give it a try. So let's discuss some of its features that attracted my attention.

Stunning interface - A good number of Twitter clients are based on Adobe's AIR platform. Nowadays a new breed of browser-based Twitter clients is popping up with some useful and unique features. MetroTwit neither uses AIR platform nor is it a browser-based application. It's a standalone desktop application powered by .NET Framework 4.0.

MetroTwit Interface

Equipped with the pleasing metro interface (used in Windows 8), it gives a whole new experience to the users. Links, tweet text, hashtags, and usernames are shown in different colors to understand the tweet in a better way. Aero-glass light and dark themes bring the most visually appealing experience to the users.

Real-time tweets - Generally, Twitter applications use the standard API to fetch and post tweets that may introduce some delay in the exchange of data. MetroTwit uses Twitter's Streaming API that fetches the tweets in real-time. This makes tracking and conversations happen as quickly as possible without any delay.

In-built multimedia previews - Whether it's a web page, a video or a photograph link embedded within a tweet, you can preview it easily right within the application without any need to open the web browser. Alternatively, if you prefer to view the rich media in the web browser, you can hold the Ctrl key while clicking the multimedia content.

Auto-completion of hashtags and usernames - MetroTwit intelligently auto-completes the usernames and hashtags used by you on daily basis. It continuously updates its database and presents a flying pop-up of suggestions to choose from. It also selects the entire username automatically whenever you attempt to select a given username while editing a tweet.

Tweet longer than 140 characters - If you want to express yourself in more than 140 characters, you can do so freely. MetroTwit automatically uses TwitLonger service to post large tweets. This gives you the flexibility to post long tweets without any need to leave the dashboard.

Full scrollable conversations - MetroTwit automatically fetches the entire conversations and presents them in a scrollable pop-up window with all the details. You can reply, retweet and can perform other necessary actions right within the conversation window with ease.

Multiple accounts - No Twitter application is complete without the support of multiple accounts. MetroTwit also supports the same out-of-the-box. The good thing is this that switching to and fro between different accounts is very quick. Normally, when you switch to a different account in other Twitter clients, it takes some time to render and load the fresh data. But that's not the case with this application. Account switching is lightning fast without any load on the system.

Tight integration with Windows 7 taskbar - This application makes the most out of .NET Framework APIs that enables it to use all the useful features available for the platform. Integration with Windows 7 taskbar helps you in viewing the unread count without even opening the dashboard. You can also enable pop-up notifications for new tweets while the dashboard is hidden in the taskbar.

Other features like URL shortening and resizable columns are some of the general features that are quite obvious for a Twitter dashboard. I'm glued to this application and I hope that you'll love it too.