6 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Following

Followers on Twitter platformWho doesn't want tons of targeted Twitter followers? But, getting a large Twitter following requires careful planning and select techniques so that you do not waste your time and energy in the wrong direction. You will find tons of solutions that claim to provide you thousands and thousands of followers overnight. But, they simply add bot generated accounts that vanish with the passage of time. So, it's not just about the number of followers, but also about the quality of those followers. We're going to discuss some of the best techniques that can increase qualified followers for your Twitter account to help increase your business and sales. Remember, there's no secret recipe to get tons of quality Twitter followers in quick time. It takes time and considerable effort before you start to reap the rewards. So, check out these simple yet effective methodologies to get more Twitter followers.

Followers on Twitter platform

Use Advanced Search to Find Qualified Followers

One of the most powerful ways to gather targeted followers for your Twitter account is the use of advanced search. It lets you filter out junk so that you can focus only on the qualified traffic that may have similar interests as yours. Here's an excellent guide to finding like-minded people through custom search query on Twitter.

Once you start following this technique, you can easily follow the right people who're more likely to follow you back due to similar interests. Devote 15 minutes per day on this technique and follow 10 qualified Twitter accounts per day. This way you can get up to 300 new targeted followers per month.

Help Others

This is yet another popular method to get more followers on Twitter. During peak times of weekdays, use the advanced search to find people asking questions related to your niche. Interact with them and provide easy-to-use solutions. This will magically increase your Twitter following topped with positive reviews. You can favorite these positive tweets from users whom you've helped to showcase it on your blog or website.

One important thing that must be kept in mind while helping people on Twitter is your approach. You should genuinely try to give answers to their problems instead of just triggering conversations to attract their attention. The latter approach can backfire and may shrink your followers count instead of adding something to it.

Offer Incentives

This is a proven and popular method to grab subscribers, leads and fans for an online business and is better known as incentive marketing. The only difference lies in the methodology used on different new media platforms. You can create a small Twitter marketing eBook or something useful related to your niche to offer free to your potential followers.

This way, you'll be able to pull a good number of targeted followers without putting much effort. Create a dedicated landing page for the freebie and share it with your existing Twitter followers as well as with other people on different social media networks. Include a custom banner for the same on your blog's sidebar. Make sure each new user follows you before getting the actual download link.

Use Twitter Directories

There are a good number of Twitter directories that can help you increase your followers count fairly quickly. These directories simply provide a closed platform to find relevant tweeps to follow and get followed. Popular Twitter directories like Twiends and Twellow are used by large number of users to add more followers to their accounts.

While using these directories, you must ensure that you're not blindly following users that are not related to your niche or interests. Skim through groups and categories and follow qualified users that may help you build your business in the long run. While creating an account in these directories, always fill your complete profile and clearly mention your interests and expertise to increase your visibility. This way you'll attract more followers matching with your interests.

Tweet Sensibly

The way you tweet also decides how many followers you may get with each passing day. There are different types of Twitter users that employ unique strategies to post tweets through their accounts. Tweet automation is an emerging trend and is used by almost every avid user. Such types of tweets should be supplemented with right hashtags to get more visibility which in turn attracts more followers.

Prepare interesting and most useful tweets in advance and use them in the peak hours of the weekdays. This way you'll get maximum retweets with lots of new followers. Another way to attract more followers is by breaking some news or tweeting something controversial. But you must take care that while using the latter approach, you're 'not hurting an individual or community intentionally and it doesn't contain racial or abusive content.

Promote Your Twitter Handle

No matter how interesting tweets you provide to your followers, you cannot add those additional followers to your account until you aggressively promote your Twitter handle, wherever possible. Highlight it on your blog, in your newsletters, in your forum signatures, email signatures and on other social media platforms.

Instead of simply including a plain text link, use Twitter's official follow button or use a small banner with a strong call-to-action. You may also include your Twitter handle on business and visiting cards for offline promotion. If you're distributing an eBook, include your hyperlinked Twitter handle on every page of the book.