10 Best Survey Plugins For WordPress

Nowadays more and more individuals, freelancers and small businesses are using WordPress as a full-fledged content management system for their blogs and websites. Whether you're using it as a blogging engine or as a CMS, at some point in time you had to rely on plugins to include the desired functionality. Small businesses and freelancers often run reader or customer based surveys on their WordPress powered websites. Either this survey functionality is custom coded by hiring an expert or webmasters use some specialized plugins to integrate survey functionality with ease. Here are some of the best survey plugins for WordPress that are extremely easy-to-use and lets you launch custom surveys or polls in no time. Some of these plugins provide multiple functionalities apart from giving you a robust survey platform for your WordPress blog.

WordPress Simple Survey PluginWordPress Simple Survey: This flexible and powerful plugin lets you host custom survey, poll, and questionnaire or quiz very easily. All the collected data is stored in WP database and can be displayed and analyzed in the WordPress dashboard. Since this plugin is powered by jQuery, visitors can fill multiple interactive fields within a single page without ever reloading the web page. This plugin has a robust score and weighting mechanism so that you can easily analyze the results with a click of a button.

WebEngage feedback PluginWebEngage Feedback: This plugin is extremely useful in collecting feedback from your customers or readers. It also lets you create custom short surveys very easily. Once you've designed the survey template, simply embed the JavaScript code into your theme at the desired place. You can also customize the 'Feedback' button placement, size and color as per your requirement. Whenever a visitor fills the feedback form, you instantly receive the notification for the same through email.

SurveyPress PluginSurveyPress: This is one of my favorite plugins to integrate powerful customized surveys to WordPress powered blogs. It uses the robust and open source LimeSurvey survey tool to run all the surveys. This plugin can create private as well as public surveys and can assign different privileges to registered users for creating, editing and submitting surveys. You can create an unlimited number of custom surveys and can run them simultaneously on the same blog.

Pinnion PluginPinnion Plugin: This unique plugin not only lets you run survey, poll or quiz on your WordPress blog, but also lets you run these surveys through mobile apps or social media platforms. This plugin has free mobile apps for iPhone and Android platform to easily host surveys to mobile visitors. You can also host trivia games through this powerful plugin. You can also share your custom surveys to Twitter and Facebook audience very easily through this intuitive plugin.

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings PluginPolldaddy Polls & Ratings: This is a very popular survey plugin with large user base. You can design, host and control all your custom surveys right from within your WordPress dashboard. Through this plugin, you can not only design your survey in 20 different styles but can also host them in dozens of languages. This plugin also gives you the flexibility to either keep the survey data private or public as per your preferences.

Colored Vote Polls PluginColored Vote Polls: As the name implies, this handy plugin uses different colors for each poll answer to present a custom and visually appealing poll to the visitors. Depending on your requirement, you can either make all the answers mandatory or you can do so selectively. What I liked most about this plugin is the ease at which you can embed the polls to any post or page through shortcode. You simply have to copy paste it at the desired location to get it running.

Feedweb PluginFeedweb: If you want opinion from a large community of readers through a custom survey, this plugin is your best bet. This plugin uses Feedweb Research Network to provide you with useful insights through the community feedback who are already active members of the network. This plugin creates an attractive feedback widget which can be easily embedded almost anywhere on your WordPress blog. You can store all the received data submitted by the visitors.

Simply Poll PluginSimply Poll: This plugin fully justifies its name. This is a lightweight plugin that lets you create an unlimited number of polls with up to maximum 10 answers per poll. Power users can also customize the theme templates for each poll by editing the relevant files. You can visualize the collected data within the dashboard or can export it if required. I must say that this is one of the best and easy-to-use poll plugins available for WordPress users.

db-form Plugindb-form: Now this plugin is like a sleeping giant. It simply collects values from custom forms and saves it at the back-end in your WordPress database. You can use your imagination to use this handy plugin for different purposes. Obviously, one of the best use of this plugin is to use custom surveys to collect an unlimited amount of data from your readers. It has an email notification system for submissions and also lets you customize your data collecting forms.

SurveyGizmo Survey PluginSurveyGizmo Survey: This is a premium survey service for professional WordPress bloggers. It collects data in real time and provides powerful reporting tools to track and analyze your survey's progress. It also provides a handy export function to collect the survey data in Excel files. Power users can also use its API to push the collected data to other 3rd party services like Aweber. This lets you create powerful and automated conversion funnels with ease.