8 Best Free Webinar Software For Marketers And Businesses

MeetingBurner LogoInternet marketers, bloggers, developers and small businesses often use custom web-conferencing applications in various forms to connect with their loyal customers and teams working in remote areas. This is such a powerful medium to reach out to the consumers, peers and business partners without any hassle. Webinars are used in different sectors (professional, educational, entertainment, media) for different purposes. When it comes to web conferencing software, both commercial and free options are available to the consumers. If you're an individual or a small business looking to implement web conferencing solution at minimum cost, here's a list of some of the best and free webinar software used by a large number of people. You can try out each one of this webinar software and can opt for the most user-friendly option that suits your business needs. All the solutions mentioned below are quite easy-to-use and wouldn't cost you a dime. I've tested them on my Windows machine and found them quite good.

MeetingBurner LogoMeetingBurner: It's one of the most popular free web-conferencing software. Simply create a free account and you can get started instantly to launch your first webinar. Integration with conferencing lines and Skype, topped with fast screen sharing makes it a quite robust and reliable service. Integrated analytics data lets you optimize your webinar session in real-time.

AnyMeeting LogoAnyMeeting: It is one of my favorite free web-conferencing services packed with loads of features. At any given time up to 200 attendees can join a single session of webinar at no cost. It supports screen and application sharing along with messaging, VoIP and polling support. You can also record your webinars. Handy social media integration allows you to share your recorded sessions on different social networks.

Yondo webinar extensionYondo Webinar: You can use this excellent web-conferencing and online collaboration service as a Google Chrome plugin. It has tons of features and supports crystal clear web conferencing stream. Attendees can join the session in real-time and can use the shared resources (screen, applications) with ease. It has one of the easiest and user-friendly web conferencing interfaces which even a layman can use without any issues.

BigBlueButton LogoBigBlueButton: It's free and open source web-conferencing and online collaboration software for education sector. An active developer community adds new and robust features to this powerful webinar software on a regular basis. You can initiate screen sharing, voice/video calls and whiteboards in a single web-conferencing session. It has a layer of users where moderator sits at the top and manages all the participants remotely.

OpenMeetings LogoOpenMeetings: As the name suggests, it's free and open source web-conferencing software. OpenMeetings is browser-based webinar system that you can host on your own server. You can share your screen, mic, webcam and can also use whiteboard during the webinar. Since it can be hosted on your own web server, there's no limit on the number of users who can join a single web-conferencing session. Apache Foundation now actively develops this open source webinar software.

TokBox LogoTokBox: This awesome tool lets you add group video chat support on your web site or blog. The free API gets you started within minutes and you don't need to be a programmer to implement this solution. You can also use the plug-n-play application for embedding the same functionality on your blog. Plugins for WordPress and Drupal are also available to easily integrate group video chat on your web site.

ooVoo LogoooVoo: This free software is ideal for small businesses and freelancers to initiate group video chat sessions with up to 12 participants. You can record the sessions and can easily share it on YouTube from within the software. Facebook integration allows you to instantly send messages to the network during the video conference. You can also record your video-conferencing session in HD quality through ooVoo.

Google+ Hangouts LogoGoogle+ Hangouts: Since the launch of Google+, hangouts have become one of the most popular features used by large number of users to connect with friends, peers and customers. It's easy to use, runs within browser and supports high-quality yet reliable group video chat sessions. Participants can join and leave Google+ hangout session in real-time.