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We're constantly seeking out guest writers with a knack for delivering well-researched and eloquently written insights, opinions, and content. Whether you have tips, tricks, or cutting-edge tech insights to share with the tech community, we want to hear from you.

At FreshTechTips.com (FTT), we're also on the lookout for inspirational, share-worthy, and potentially viral content across various categories, including Design and/or Development, Technology, Gadgets, and Social Media.

If you're interested in getting published on FTT, your submissions will undergo an internal review process. To increase your chances of acceptance, consider the following criteria:

What We Accept:

  • A "How-To" or a "Problem-Solver" post with actionable tips.
  • Content backed by credible sources and high-authority relevant links.
  • A post using relatable examples to enhance reader understanding.
  • Writing tailored for our target audience.
  • Includes images that complement the post's content.
  • Uses original screenshots. Generally, the use of stock images is discouraged.
  • Includes subheadings, bullet points, and concise paragraphs enhancing the readability to make it easier to comprehend.

However, it's important to note that many submissions are rejected for various reasons. Here's why:

What We Reject:

  • Irrelevant topics not aligned with our focus areas.
  • Submissions that are either too brief or overly long.
  • Content not written in understandable English.
  • Material that conflicts with our publishing policy.
  • AI-generated, plagiarized, or copied content.
  • Posts explicitly aimed at promoting products or services.
  • Inquiries disguised as submissions.

We reserve the right to reject submissions that don't meet our standards. Additionally, ensure your submission adheres to our formatting guidelines:

Format Guidelines:

  • Submit posts in MS Word DOC (zipped) format.
  • Provide a full title for your post.
  • Use JPG/PNG/WebP formats for images with proper credit lines.
  • Ensure image copyrights are cleared.
  • Name image files in lowercase and hyphenated format. (e.g twitter-profile.jpg)
  • Zip image files in a folder named IMAGES.
  • Submit high-resolution images.
  • Include an author bio, front view headshot photo, and links to LinkedIn, Twitter, or Github profiles with your submission.

Keep in mind that due to the volume of submissions, we may not respond to every submission.

Review of submitted posts may take up to 1 week. If you do not get any reply within a week, you can use it elsewhere.

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