How To Make Your CSS Code More Readable

Readable CSS codeIf you're a web designer building custom themes for your clients or just a hobbyist who loves to play with web pages, you must be familiar with CSS (cascading style sheets) code and it's power. Writing good CSS code is a skill, but presenting it in a clean and readable way is what most of us never pay attention to. Professional web developers always write their code in a nicely formatted way which is easy to read and follow. There are several tools for format the CSS code which can perform the necessary job almost instantly. Instead of manually correcting your CSS code, you can use these tools to save your time. The tool I've selected for this purpose is free-to-use and can be used both by beginners as well as by seasoned developers. Simply provide your CSS code to this tool and it will emit the formatted code. You can also merge and combine multiple CSS files into a single stream and can get a unique copy of the entire formatted code base. Let's check out this awesome tool to prettify our custom CSS code in an easy way.

Readable CSS code
Although an optimized and efficient CSS code is not readable (single line with all white spaces stripped off) by humans, but if a group of people is working on a large project, it really becomes necessary to share your copy with others in the best possible readable form. That's where ProCSSor comes into play. It's an advanced CSS prettifier that makes your cryptic CSS code look more beautiful and readable.

All you need is provide your CSS code and adjust the available settings/options to get the desired style. You can provide the code in three different ways (copy paste in form, file upload or URL of CSS stylesheet). Remember, providing the URL doesn't alter the contents of the original copy. You can tweak various settings to get the desired look and feel that makes it more readable for your team members. Whether it's indentation, line spacing, class-property grouping, ordering, sorting or a need to columnize the code, you name it and ProCSSor can do it all for you instantly.

Once the process is complete, you can either copy paste the optimized code elsewhere or can download in the form of a file. Do not forget to experiment with the available properties to get your favorite readable form.