10 Best Translation Plugins For Firefox

Flags of countriesNowadays multilingual websites are popping out in large numbers to cater their audience from around the globe. These multilingual sites include large business websites, eCommerce portals, and blogs. At times, we find an interesting web page with loads of information, but in a different language. If we could get it translated instantly into our preferred language, nothing can be better than that. Fortunately, there are several translation plugins available for Firefox users that can be used to read web in our preferred language. Here are some of the popular translation plugins for Firefox users.

Flags of countries

Instant Translate - This popular plugin is ideal for avid users who frequently visit multilingual websites on a daily basis. Simply install this plugin, and instantly translate these websites in your preferred language. This powerful plugin can translate websites in over 100 different languages with a click of a button.

gTranslate - This plugin has a very large user-base that itself shows the popularity of this extension. It uses Google's translation service to translate any web page. This add-on intelligently detects the language used in the original text and gives you an option to translate it into your desired language. This plugin also works pretty well in input and form fields.

Translate This! - This is yet another popular translation plugin that uses Google translation services. You can either translate the entire web page or you can select a region from the mouse to translate only some parts of the whole text. You can set your default preferred language and can also instruct to open the translated text in a separate tab. Like every good plugin, you can also assign a keyboard shortcut for quick translation of web pages.

Gesture Translate - This is a unique and intuitive plugin that uses mouse gestures for selecting the text to be translated. Simply circle the text through mouse movements, either in one go or in multiple parts and you'll get the translated text right below the web page in the status bar. This plugin is ideal for instantly translating small chunks of text in quick succession.

ImTranslator - Online Translator, Dictionary, TTS - This is a hugely popular plugin used by masses. It not only provides the regular translation feature, but also includes spell checker, virtual keyboard, text-to-speech and dictionary. Now this covers almost everything which made this plugin so popular. This plugin is ideal for power users who offer translation services to their clients.

Wiktionary and Google Translate - This plugin is a combination of powerful dictionary as well as the regular translation service. It is ideal for writers, freelancers, and publishers. You can simply right-click the word to know the meaning from the dictionary. It can translate the entire web page in your desired language in a single click. You can set your translation preferences through its settings for easy and quick access to the translated text.

www.Translate - This powerful translation plugin can use all three popular Google, Bing and Pragma translation engines. It depends on you, which one you want to use as your default translation engine. This plugin not only works with Firefox but can also be used for Mozilla Thunderbird email client. This handy plugin also supports drag-n-drop feature to shift the translated text at your desired location.

Free Quick Translator - As the name implies, this light plugin translates your selected text instantly in more than 4 dozen languages. You can either translate the entire page or you can select the desired text to apply the translation feature on that block of text. This plugin is the most light-weight and fast among all other plugins included in this list.

Google Translator for Firefox - This is one of my favorite plugins for translating text on the web. You can configure your preferred hotkey for instant translation without any delay. Like other robust plugins, this one also lets you choose either the entire page or specific block of text. This plugin uses Google's reliable translation engine. Through this plugin, all the original text is replaced (overwritten) by the translated text.

Globefish Instant Translator & Expression Checker - This awesome plugin is ideal for students and enthusiasts learning foreign languages. It not only translates the selected text but also intelligently analyzes the entire expression to check for grammatical mistakes suggesting you a better alternative. Through this plugin, you can certainly shorten your foreign language learning duration.