5 Best Translation Plugins For Firefox

Flags of various countries

Nowadays multilingual websites are popping out in large numbers to cater to their audience from around the globe. These multilingual sites include large business websites, eCommerce portals, and blogs. At times, we find an interesting web page with loads of information, but in a different language. If we could get it translated instantly into our preferred language, nothing can be better than that. Fortunately, there are several translation plugins available for Firefox users that can be used to read the web in our preferred language. Here are some easy-to-use translation plugins for Firefox users.

Flags of various countries

All of these translation add-ons are free to use and work seamlessly without any issues. Take your time in trying out each one of these and select the one that fulfills your all translation needs.

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Make sure you're using the latest version of Firefox. This way, you eliminate any add-on compatibility issues. Let's get started and check out these handpicked translation plugins, one by one.

Instant Translate - This popular plugin is ideal for avid users who frequently visit multilingual websites daily. Simply install this plugin, and instantly translate these websites into your preferred language. This powerful plugin can translate websites into over 100 different languages with a click of a button.

ImTranslator - Online Translator, Dictionary, TTS - This is a hugely popular plugin used by the masses. It not only provides the regular translation feature but also includes a spell checker, virtual keyboard, text-to-speech, and dictionary. Now this covers almost everything which made this plugin so popular. This plugin is ideal for power users who offer translation services to their clients.

Simple Translate - As the name implies, this one is a dead-simple translation plugin. It supports both Google Translate and DeepL API platforms. Simply select the text, and a popup appears with the translation. With the toolbar popup, you can get the translation—instantly—as you type. If you want, you can get the translation feature through the context menu too.

Translate Web Pages - Web page translation has been never so easy before the advent of this plugin. It's a perfect choice to quickly translate entire web pages. While translating the web page, you don't need to open a new tab. All happens on the same tab. With a click of a button, you can change the translation engine of your choice. You can also opt for automatic translation if required.

Edge Translate - This add-on has one of the nicest interfaces. High ratings from the majority of users make it a worthy competitor among others in this list. It provides an array of options for the users to decide the content of the results. For power users, it has plenty of shortcuts to quickly get the translated text in their preferred way. You can also blacklist web pages to exclude them from the translation feature.

No matter which translation add-on you're using, make sure you experiment with the available translation engines to get the best results. Almost every translation add-on comes with an instant translation facility. So, try to keep it on a manual mode to avert unwanted popups.