10 Best Payment And Billing Plugins For WordPress

If you're selling digital products on your WordPress blog or looking to integrate a payment system to your donation or fundraising campaign, you must be looking for an easy way to include this functionality. Fortunately, there are dozens of payment and billing plugins available for WordPress blogs. Some of them help in selling your content, while others simply integrate a payment gateway anywhere on the blog. Depending on your requirements, you can further customize these plugins to get a custom solution. If you're looking for implementing a full-fledged shopping cart on your WordPress blog, you can look for various e-Commerce plugins. Here are some of the best and popular payment and billing plugins available for WordPress.

WP Deals PluginWP Deals: As the name implies, this useful plugin lets you add simple deals on your blog with customizable payment options. This plugin includes membership options with editable profiles that include past purchase history and preferences. You can assign categories and tags to your deals for complete control on filtering as per user preferences. It also has a powerful statistics module to track sales and performance of individual deals.

Easy Digital Downloads PluginEasy Digital Downloads: This is a powerful plugin to sell digital goods (PDF, image, audio, video, themes) on your WordPress blog. It has multiple payment gateways to give the buyer more choices for making the payment through his preferred medium. The plugin generates custom purchase receipts and keeps detailed logs of downloaded goods. You can also visualize the download data in the form of charts to get a better picture about performing products.

WP-Invoice PluginWP-Invoice: This is an ideal plugin for freelancers and professionals who offer their services directly from their blogs. This plugin integrates a powerful and secure invoicing system with your blog that includes membership system as well. There are lots of configurable options to generate custom invoices and receipt templates. The plugin maintains a complete history of each transaction that can be tracked easily through the admin interface.

Cleeng Content Monetization PluginCleeng Content Monetization: This intuitive plugin includes large number of payment gateways for monetizing your blog content in different ways. You can configure pay-per-view, daily passes or monthly subscriptions for your content. You can even lock specific portion of your content for paid subscribers. You can also protect your premium content on the basis of time. It also has a powerful analytics module for tracking transactions.

WP Invoices Ultimate PluginWP Invoices Ultimate: This is one of the easy-to-use plugins for integrating invoicing system based on PayPal. It's lightweight, very easy to configure and user-friendly invoicing plugin. You get notification emails whenever a payment is made through this plugin. You can customize the invoice template to suit your needs. You can also override the default payment or invoice template to gel it well with your current theme through easy PHP file creation.

MediaPass Subscriptions PluginMediaPass Subscriptions: This is one of the better ways to sell premium content on your blog through MediaPass account. It's most powerful feature is the WYSIWYG buttons that makes subscription configuration extremely easy. You can not just sell posts and pages, but can also sell premium multimedia (audio & video) content through this plugin. It also includes real-time reporting of subscriber activities that includes detailed history for each member.

Easy PayPal Custom Fields PluginEasy PayPal Custom Fields: This plugin lets you add custom 'Donate' or 'Buy Now' PayPal buttons on your WordPress blog. You can either display these buttons on all the posts or can configure them to render only on specific posts or pages. You can also choose different themes and size including custom text on each button. You can even set different currency formats and PayPal accounts for different posts as per your requirements.

Paid Memberships Pro PluginPaid Memberships Pro: If you're looking to implement a powerful membership system for selling premium content or digital goods on your WordPress blog, then this plugin is ideal for you. It has multiple payment gateways and can be configured to implement one-time or recurring payment membership schemes. You can create multiple levels of subscribers with custom content preferences. It also has a powerful reporting module for tracking subscribers' activities.

Personal Fundraiser PluginPersonal Fundraiser: This is one of the best fundraising or donation collection plugins available for WordPress users. You can easily create custom fundraising campaigns that includes custom amount, duration, goal, tracking meter, donors' statistics and much more. You can configure multiple payment gateways including PayPal as the default option. You can use templates and shortcodes to easily embed your fundraising campaign at the desired location in your blog's theme.

TinyPass PluginTinyPass: This is yet another useful plugin to offer premium content to your subscribers. Through this plugin you can even accept very small payments (up to 10 cents) from the subscribers. You can also configure multiple discount schemes for subscribers purchasing multiple content pieces. Power users can also use PHP API available from the plugin developer. TinyPass supports all major payment gateways including regular credit card payments.