10 Best Plugins To Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile-Friendly

WordPress Mobile Pack pluginAs more and more web users are using smartphones, publishers are striving hard to make their websites mobile-friendly. Nowadays blogs and websites powered by WordPress are also using various techniques to give the best browsing experience to mobile users. Some do it through lengthy coding procedure while others prefer plugins. Whatever is the way, the ultimate goal is to make a fluid and responsive website that renders perfectly on mobile and tablet devices. Most inexperienced and new bloggers prefer the latter option as it saves a lot of time and the results are equally good as the former approach. Today, we're going to see some of the best plugins that can be used easily to create a mobile-friendly WordPress blog. These plugins help in making the blog's key visual elements smartphone-friendly so that visitors' can easily browse the content without any need to scroll horizontally.

WordPress Mobile Pack plugin
WordPress Mobile Pack - This popular plugin transforms your existing blog content into a nice mobile application which can be easily used by smartphone users. The application itself renders perfectly on all the popular mobile browsers. Theme support is also included with complete responsive designs. Colors, fonts, and various other visual attributes can also be customized from the dashboard. Posts, pages, and comments are synchronized on an automated basis to keep the application updated.

MobileCheif Plugin
MobileChief - Mobile Site Builder - This powerful plugin uses Twitter Bootstrap framework for building smartphone friendly themes. There's no limit on the number of mobile landing pages you can design with this plugin. For power users, this plugin also offers a rich set of API library to integrate advanced features within the mobile design. If you frequently design squeeze pages for your mobile traffic, then this plugin is made just for you.

Mobile Client Detection Plugin
Mobile Client Detection - This useful plugin is ideal for power users who want an advanced custom-coded responsive layout for different mobile platforms. You can easily load selective CSS, PHP and JavaScript files based on the platform of the visitor. This helps in creating highly customized solutions for different segments using different mobile platforms. Advanced users can use this plugin to provide extra platform-specific features to the readers.

JoeMobi Plugin
JoeMobi - You can use this plugin to build customized apps for your WordPress blog. Don't worry; you don't need to be a programmer to build these apps. This plugin's helpful interface lets you create mobile-friendly business apps focused on your blog in no time. Its in-built push notifications system informs your app subscribers as soon as you publish new content on your blog. You can also use the native WordPress comment system or a 3rd party comment system like Disqus to let your app subscribers leave comments in an easy way.

Mobiloud Mobile App Plugin
Mobiloud - This is yet another plugin to not only create mobile-friendly apps for your WordPress blog, but also for monetizing it with optimized mobile-friendly advertisements. This greatly helps in increasing your revenue and at the same time giving much better browsing experience to the visitors. Mobiloud supports powerful REST and JSON APIs for developers to seamlessly exchange data between your WordPress blog and the application. You can also use this plugin to syndicate your blog's content to mobile-friendly apps.

Simple Mobile URL Redirect Plugin
Simple Mobile URL Redirect - This simple plugin can be used to divert your mobile traffic to a mobile-friendly version of your website through redirection. You have to provide a working public URL for correctly redirecting your mobile traffic to the optimized version of your website. This plugin detects a large number of mobile platforms and is best suited for situations where you've developed a mobile version of your blog in a separate subdirectory. This plugin is very easy-to-use and can be configured even by a layman.

Juiz Smart Mobile Admin Plugin
Juiz Smart Mobile Admin - This handy plugin is perfect for administrators who frequently access the dashboard while on the go. It uses the default admin theme and interfaces to present it in a mobile-friendly format to easily do routine blog administration tasks. It is available in different languages and also supports default WordPress admin bar for easy access to important links. You can configure it to shift different visual elements at your desired place to quickly perform regular blog maintenance routines.

WPtouch Plugin
WPtouch - This plugin is extremely popular among WordPress bloggers and enjoys a very large user base. Once you install it, it automatically servers a stunning mobile theme to the mobile traffic with an option to switch to desktop mode. It also works seamlessly with tablet devices. This plugin doesn't alter or affect your existing regular theme and quietly integrates the mobile version for smartphone users. I've tested this plugin thoroughly on a local web server with mobile simulation software and it worked perfectly without any glitch.

WP Orbit Slider Plugin
WP Orbit Slider - This plugin integrates a jQuery-based photo slider in your WordPress blog that is totally responsive and renders well on different mobile platforms. You can also use this slider with custom post types and taxonomies. This plugin is ideal for making your media galleries responsive. You can showcase your photo collections to the mobile traffic in a fluid format for maximum engagement from the visitors. Photobloggers can use this plugin to pump new life to the mobile version of their blog.

Meteor Slides Plugin
Meteor Slides - As the name implies, this excellent plugin lets you create mobile-friendly responsive slideshows on your WordPress blog. You can easily embed these responsive slideshows at the desired location through handy shortcodes. It supports over twenty transition styles for your slideshows so that you can choose the best one that perfectly matches your theme. This plugin supports over 20 different languages and ideal for multilingual blogs receiving targeted traffic from different locations across the globe.