15 Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing statementThousands of affiliate marketers use WordPress as their preferred publishing platform to offer different products to the potential buyers. Some of them use a custom solution made from scratch while others prefer specialized add-ons or plugins. The latter approach not only saves your time and money but also gives you several options to choose from. Generally, affiliate marketing involves two broad approaches to sell products through a blog. Either product offers are smartly embedded within the primary content or they're showcased inside dedicated sections or pages. Fortunately, there are several good plugins that can be used to try out both these affiliate marketing techniques. All plugins mentioned here are quite flexible and easy-to-use and doesn't require any kind of programming knowledge. Simply install them and get started with your affiliate marketing endeavors!

Affiliate marketing statement

Affiliate Hoover pluginAffiliate Hoover - Several affiliate marketing companies provide RSS feeds of tailored and unique content to market their products. This handy plugin smartly parses these feeds and convert them into blog posts. During parsing and conversion, you can specify keywords to filter out irrelevant content that is not targeted towards your potential buyers. You can also add categories and tags to these posts on an automated basis. The plugin also allows you to configure comment and trackback settings for each post as per your requirements.

Affiliate Press pluginAffiliate Press - This powerful plugin pulls data from product pages feed to build your own WordPress-powered shop. It works with dozens of affiliate companies' product pages. You can configure it to extract product information, price and links to create your own affiliate marketing engine in no time. The plugin developer is continuously adding more and more product page feeds support to broaden the feed parsing capability if this plugin. All the content created through this plugin is published as custom post types for maximum flexibility.

WPX Affiliate Manager pluginWPX Affiliate Manager - This handy plugin lets you display up to six 125x125 affiliate banners in your blog's sidebar with ease. It also bypasses almost all popular ad-blocking plugins available for popular browsers. In case your sidebar's width is less than 250px, it smartly arranges all banners in a single vertical line. Sometimes, technically challenged affiliate marketers to struggle to arrange 125x125 banners in their blog theme. But this plugin lets them embed these banners so easily. It's perfect for displaying different types of affiliate banner advertisements.

Nivo Affiliate pluginNivo Affiliate - If you have a Nivo slider affiliate account, then you can use this plugin to display affiliate banners at custom locations in posts, pages and your blog's sidebar. You can completely customize the placement as per your blog's theme. You can use shortcodes for posts and pages and can create a widget for a sidebar with few clicks. You can also specify alt tags for banner images and can also configure whether landing pages should open in a new window or in the currently active window. You can use all types of banners available in your Nivo slider account.

Amazon Link pluginAmazon Link - This powerful plugin is a boon for affiliate marketers who sell products from Amazon on their blogs. It is capable of embedding any type of Amazon product link (text, banner, widget and flash) within your posts, pages and sidebars. You can use shortcodes for generating product links within the posts. You can also configure an optional popup for diverting international users to the appropriate localized site. It also has several templates for different types of Amazon product widgets to customize them according to your needs.

AffiliateWire Quick Ignition pluginAffiliateWire Quick Ignition - This flexible plugin lets you embed products from your AffiliateWire account on your blog posts and pages. Simply install it and pick the products you want to market. Its easy setup process lists the products on your blog in no time. You can also create custom posts through this plugin to showcase entire product lines. You can split test and monitor your campaigns through this plugin to optimize your earnings. All the creatives and banners needed for your campaigns can be accessed right from within the dashboard.

Coupon Code pluginCoupon Code - Some affiliate marketers use coupon codes (discounts) to increase their earnings. But smart buyers often bypass your affiliate link and still manage to get the discount on your coupon code. This results in loss of revenue. This intuitive plugin doesn't let the user copy the coupon code unless he has visited the merchant website through your affiliate link. If the user tries to copy the plugin without using your affiliate link, a friendly popup instructs the potential buyer to use the proper link to unlock the coupon code.

Tunesly pluginTunesly - You can use this plugin to sell products on iTunes through your LinkShare affiliate ID. This plugin automatically generates links to your affiliate products based on the keywords in your content. You can also create sidebar widgets to showcase products on iTunes from different categories. It also includes inbuilt social sharing feature that enables potential buyers to share these links very easily on Facebook and Twitter. Its unique geo-location feature ensures that each visitor gets the most relevant affiliate links as per his location.

CB Storefront pluginCB Storefront - This flexible and powerful plugin lets you sell affiliate products from your ClickBank account feed. Simply use a simple shortcode and it will display an entire storefront in the post. Products on this storefront can be searched both through keywords and through available categories. Since the ClickBank product database is self-updating, you never need to modify the settings once the plugin is activated and configured. It automatically fetches the most relevant product line for your potential buyers based on the settings done by you.

ClickBank Press pluginClickBank Press - This is yet another useful plugin for ClickBank account holders. You can create customized product pages very easily through this plugin. You can customize the products and categories to be picked from the marketplace so that they match with the interests of your incoming traffic. You can also create a custom list through this plugin to include different products from external affiliate systems other than ClickBank. You can also showcase your products on multiple sites provided you use the same affiliate account on all these websites.

Affiliates manager pluginAffiliates Manager - This is an all-in-one solution to manage an affiliate program running on your website. It can easily manage referral associates and the associated functions. The plugin also supports an integration of popular affiliate programs. It has a real-time reporting system which enables you to analyze and view vital statistics almost instantly. There is no upper limit on the number of affiliates you can manage through this plugin. Various commission and payment methodologies can be used to easily pay the associated members without any hassle.

Affiliate coupons pluginAffiliate Coupons - This is an ideal solution if you frequently share various product deals and discounts to the target audience. Whenever a visitor makes the purchase through your coupons, you get the affiliate commission for the same. Display of coupons in an attractive way is supported through handy shortcodes so that you can showcase them almost anywhere within the design without messing with complex code. Coupons can also be segregated on the basis of categories and you can show them easily on different posts and pages at will.

MoneyPress pluginMoneyPress - This plugin is a must-have for Commission Junction affiliates looking to monetize their blogs from different products available in the marketplace. It has a caching mechanism to speed up product look-ups that presents highly relevant products to the visitors and that too in quick time. You can set global parameters as well as can configure post-level parameters for display your affiliate products. Serious users having a high traffic blog can use the pro version to get more advanced settings and more flexible configuration.

WatchCount pluginWatchCount - If you have an eBay account and a blog with decent traffic, then this plugin is just the right recipe for you. It lets you sell the most popular products on eBay directly on your blog. You can either showcase the products in the form of widgets in your blog's sidebar or you can opt to embed the products within your posts or pages. Like other flexible plugins, this one also lets you filter products on the basis of keywords and categories. It also provides a search box that visitors can use to find the right product on eBay.

Jigoshop pluginJigoshop - This is one of the most popular plugins used by large number of affiliate marketers across the globe. It lets you build powerful and impressive online storefront to sell your affiliate products. It has a powerful reporting module that greatly helps in optimizing your campaigns. It has a fantastic user interface with user-friendly wizards. You can also integrate a reliable payment gateway through this plugin. You can also use premium themes with it that are made specifically to create an impressive storefront.