10 Ways to Integrate Facebook Page with Your WordPress Blog

WP-Facebook applications PluginTwo popular new media platforms viz., WordPress and Facebook are used by millions of users across the world. Almost every blogger opens a Facebook page and vice versa. Traffic flow between both the platforms facilitates easy promotion of services and products. Apart from simple like button and box, there's much more on offer to deeply integrate Facebook with your blog. This way, you can leverage the reach of your fans to inject your blog's content across Facebook's ecosystem. There are numerous plugins to facilitate easy information exchange between your blog and your Facebook page. All you need to do is to select the most relevant plugin that fulfills your need to let your fans engage more actively with your blog's content. Some of these plugins provide several features in a single package. So let's see some of the best plugins to integrate your Facebook page with your blog.

WP-Facebook applications Plugin
WP-Facebook applications - This powerful plugin lets you create Facebook pages and custom tabs directly from within the WordPress dashboard. You can also add multimedia content to your page without ever leaving your blog's administration panel. This plugin is suitable for bloggers who manage multiple Facebook pages as well as maintain their blogs throughout the day. There is no limit to the number of custom tabs you can create through this plugin. You can also add comment boxes while adding content to your Facebook page.

Add Link to Facebook Plugin
Add Link to Facebook - This is one of the flexible methods to share your blog content on Facebook. You can share your published posts on your timeline, page or groups. You can even customize the title, snippets and thumbnail image as per your requirements. If you do not want to share a specific post, simply select the appropriate option before publishing the post. It also supports multi-site version and provides easy-to-insert shortcodes for configuring the sharing options very quickly. It also works seamlessly even when you're publishing content remotely.

Skysa Facebook Fan Page App Plugin
Skysa Facebook Fan Page App - This useful plugin fetches important information from your Facebook page and displays in an Ajax-powered window along with a like box. It's ideal for showcasing your brand, products and services information to your blog visitors. Since the information is displayed in a separate floating window, it doesn't hinder the normal browsing process. The configuration process is extremely easy and presents you a new unobtrusive way to showcase select Facebook page information to your audience.

Simple Facebook Plugin
Simple Facebook Plugin - This is one of the simplest methods to add a feature-packed like box on your WordPress blog. Your visitors can like your Facebook page and can also read latest posts on the page without leaving the blog post they're currently reading. They can also view who else in their friends' network has already liked your page. This plugin is available in over two dozen languages letting you connect with different people across the globe. Installing and configuring your custom like-box through this plugin is extremely easy.

Facebook Albums Sync Plugin
Facebook Albums Sync - If you want to share select photo galleries of your Facebook account with your blog readers, then this plugin is an ideal solution for you. Through simple shortcodes, you can easily embed your Facebook galleries on any blog page. The album linkage is dynamic. This essentially means that once you embed a gallery on one of your blog pages, any changes done to the gallery are automatically reflected on the page. You can combine this plugin with other plugins presented here and can present a rich information loaded blog page on your Facebook page.

DUB Facebook Albums Plugin
DUB Facebook Albums - This is a complete solution to display public Facebook photos and galleries from a specific page. This plugin provides several customization options to present the gallery in a pleasing format. It uses custom CSS to render a Facebook-style photo browsing grid. You can also customize the width and height of thumbnails in the grid. Since it uses caching mechanism, the photo upload process is fast and smooth. You can also customize how frequently your albums should be cached. This helps in preventing extra load on your web server.

Facebook Connect Plugin
Facebook Connect - This is popular plugin used by thousands of bloggers. It includes tons of features to integrate several Facebook functionalities within your WordPress blog. Apart from regular sharing features, you can also publish content directly on your Facebook page through this plugin. Visitors can also leave their comments using their Facebook profiles and can also create a new Facebook account right on your blog. It also includes a customizable activity feed widget so that visitors can check what's latest on your page. It also provides shortcodes for various features and widgets so that you can easily integrate them at the desired place.

Social Facebook All In One Plugin
Social Facebook All In One - This intuitive plugin integrates multiple Facebook social plugins within a customizable jQuery accordion. Apart from regular like box, you can also integrate Facebook recommendations, Facebook registration and Facebook activity feed widget within a single element. This way all the visitors can connect to your Facebook page through one of their preferred social plugins. The animation effect of the accordion lets visitors easily explore all the integrated plugins increasing the probability of engagement.

WP Facebook Plugin
WP Facebook - This plugin lets users log in to your blog through their Facebook credentials. They can also leave comments on their Facebook accounts. It also provides several shortcodes for embedding popular social plugins within your blog. After activating this plugin, visitors can post directly to your Facebook page as well. You can also configure several other advanced options made for developers to deeply integrate Facebook features within your WordPress blog. You can integrate all popular Facebook social widgets through this plugin.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox Plugin
Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox - This handy plugin is used by bloggers to promote their Facebook page in an effective way. It shows your page content in a lightbox to new as well as repeat visitors in a customized fashion to encourage likes and comments. You can customize the frequency at which the lightbox should be shown to the repeat visitors. You can also delay the loading so that visitor can settle down before he is shown the page content within the custom lightbox. Unlike some other plugins, you don't need to provide cryptic API keys to this plugin to get things done.