10 Powerful WordPress Plugins to Manage User Logins

Login Master PRO WordPress pluginIf your blog is frequently used by multiple registered users, managing their profiles as well as monitoring their login activities is a cumbersome task. Although there are several good plugins to help you administrate your WordPress blog in an easy way, user management requires specialized extensions. The following plugins excel in aiding user management on a busy and active blog. Some of them facilitate easy registrations and logins, while others gather important login activity data for the administrators. Depending on your exact requirements, you can either use one of these plugins or can combine more than one to get all the desired user management features. Some of these powerful extensions also work seamlessly in multi-site WordPress installations. Try them in a test environment before using on a live blog.

Login Master PRO WordPress plugin Login Master PRO - This is an all-in-one solution for busy WordPress administrators who regularly manage dozens of registered users on a daily basis. This powerful plugin tracks all log in incidents to the admin area of the blog. If required, one can block individual users based on their usernames or IP addresses. You can also limit the number of logins on per hour and per day basis for each user account. Administrators can also configure custom redirection to specific pages for registered users. All login related records are displayed at a central location for easy access.

Scan-to-Login WordPress plugin Scan-to-Login - The name says it all! If your blog's registered users frequently access it from their mobile devices, you can enable log in through QR code scanning for enhanced security. This flexible plugin lets you configure QR code based login system in a few easy steps. This 2-step authentication system hardens the login procedure of your blog and effectively protects the subscriber-only content on your blog. Users also love this solution as they don't have to remember their passwords and a simple QR code scan allows them to quickly access the content on your blog.

Simple Login Log WordPress plugin Simple Login Log - This excellent plugin creates a detailed log of important data associated with each log in happening on your blog. This data includes IP address and even the browser agent used by the visitor. While scanning these logs, an administrator can filter them based on different criteria like username, month, year and much more. This facilitates easy analysis of the log records. You can also activate recoding of unsuccessful login attempts made by suspicious visitors. It is also available in several languages and can be used on a multilingual WordPress blog.

Expire Users WordPress plugin Expire Users - If you're running a membership website on WordPress, this plugin can be a lifesaver for you. It lets you set expiry limits for user accounts in an easy way. You can apply different conditions for expiry viz., persistent logins and expiry on the basis of day, month, a year or a specific date. Once the expiration condition is met, you can set different actions to modify the user details associated with the expired user. For example, upon expiry of an account, you can either change the role of that account or you can send a notification or an alert email to the administrator.

Login with ajax WordPress plugin Login With Ajax - This handy plugin is an ideal solution for placing a custom login widget in the sidebar of your blog thus bypassing the regular login and user registration page. Password reset process can be also powered by this plugin. Custom page redirects to the login and registration process can also be implemented. It also works seamlessly with SSL-powered sites and multilingual blogs. It also supports shortcodes and template tags. All logins don't require a page reload and the smooth transitions give a pleasant login experience to the users.

Custom Login WordPress plugin Custom Login - If you have limited knowledge of HTML and CSS and want to customize your WordPress login page, then this plugin is made just for you. Freelance web developers can easily build custom login screens for their clients that matches exactly with their theme. It includes four custom designs to kick-start your design process immediately. It also supports custom posts types for incorporating multiple designs on the same WordPress site. Advanced users or administrators can use its jQuery, HTML and CSS box to build killer login page designs with minimal efforts.

WP Login Alerts WordPress plugin WP Login Alerts - This is yet another useful plugin to keep check on login attempts made on your WordPress blog. Whenever a login page is opened, this plugin immediately sends an email to the administrator. In case, a login attempt is made, additional details like username, IP address, referring URL and browser agent are logged and dispatched to the blog administrator. This way, you can easily detect malicious login attempts and can ban the respective IP addresses in time to prevent any further damage or security threat. It also logs the timestamps of every login.

Login by Auth0 WordPress plugin Login by Auth0 - This is an all-in-one solution for all the login and user registration processes on a WordPress website. It provides ample options for making custom rules for user registrations as well as for the login procedure. Social login is also offered by this plugin with the support of over 30 different social platforms. For password-free logins, SMS, emails and magic links are also supported out-of-the-box. It can also mitigate various types of brute force login attempts. All login and authentication data can also be viewed anytime to get the clear picture of activities.

Hide Login WordPress plugin Hide Login - Here's one more useful plugin that helps you manage your WordPress login page in a slightly different way. It lets you create custom (simple or cryptic) pages for login, logout, registration and password recovery. If you're creating user-friendly URLs for login and registration, it will help general users easily access the relevant page. You can also enable its 'Hide Mode' that will completely hide the default login page. If you're hosting premium content for your subscribers, you can use this flexible plugin to provide them access to your blog through short login URLs.

Flexible Frontend Login WordPress plugin Flexible Frontend Login - If you have a custom WordPress design and want to let visitors login from different sections of the web page, you can use this plugin for that. It lets you embed a link to a modal login popup web-form anywhere in your blog's theme. You can either use a shortcode or can go ahead with a template tag to precisely embed it at your desired location. Usage of this plugin saves a lot of space on the web page that can be used for embedding other important information. If required, you can place links for multiple login forms on a single page or blog post.