8 Ways To Manage Media Library On A WordPress Blog

Media Library Assistant WordPress pluginWhile conversing on Twitter, I find so many bloggers struggling to correctly use WordPress media library. If we compare its appearance with the earlier versions, the layout and functionality of this important section have changed a lot. Most bloggers never use some of the options available in the media library. The primary reason is their alienation about the options available to use the uploaded media in different ways. Media library is not just about uploading and organizing media files. I've compiled a list of plugins that can help you take more out of WordPress media library. These plugins are ideal for those bloggers who frequently use multimedia content on their blogs. Essentially, these plugins make the available options user-friendly. Let's check out these powerful media library management plugins.

Media Library Assistant WordPress plugin Media Library Assistant - Without any doubt, this is one of the most popular media library management plugins available for WordPress users. This powerful plugin provides a large array of shortcodes to easily embed libraries of different media files in a page or post. Power users can use over two dozen hooks provided by this plugin to customize media embeds within their themes. It also provides tight integration with other popular plugins like Jetpack. It also includes a powerful media search box to mine out the required image, audio or video files from a huge data set.

Enhanced Media Library WordPress plugin Enhanced Media Library - As the name implies, this plugin adds more power to the default media library for better media management. You can add an unlimited number of categories and tags to the uploaded content. This helps both in segregating and searching them easily. Another flexible option of this plugin is the ability to create new media file types. This literally opens the gate for almost any kind of media file management. Power users can use filters to sort and search through the custom MIME types and categories very easily. This plugin is ideal for photo and tech blogs.

Grand Flagallery WordPress plugin Grand Flagallery - The popularity of this plugin can be sensed from the large volume of user base it enjoys. You can create powerful, responsive, SEO friendly media galleries through this plugin. Whether you have a collection of images or want to showcase audio or video content, this plugin makes stunning galleries in no time. You can also create banner rotators and slideshows through the content uploaded within the media library. It also has ready-made templates and skins to stylize your media libraries. Photobloggers will find this excellent plugin very handy and useful.

GI-Media Library WordPress plugin GI-Media Library - This unique plugin lets you arrange similar type of media uploads in different formats. Advanced users can use the custom CSS to stylize the library arrangement as per their requirements. You can also use RTL languages with this plugin like Persian or Arabic. You can also create impressive video playlists from the content uploaded to the media library. It also supports shortcodes for both posts and pages to embed playlists and libraries quite easily within your design. And, its bulk modification and deletion facility let you work with multiple files with ease.

Post Thumbnail Extras WordPress plugin Post Thumbnail Extras - Embedding thumbnails of uploaded images was never easier for an average blogger. This handy plugin lets you embed thumbnails very easily through a shortcode. Power users can also use a hook provided by this plugin to create thumbnails in the media library. If you regularly use featured image or custom image thumbnails within your content, this plugin can help you simplify the image management task by many folds. It is also useful for novice bloggers who struggle to embed images and thumbnails within posts and pages via regular HTML code.

SuperSlider-Media-Pop WordPress plugin SuperSlider-Media-Pop - Bloggers often struggle to get the right image size while inserting them in the post. This useful plugin presents you with all the image size options available in the media library whenever you insert an image within a post or page. You can also assign the default float and size option for every image insertion process. It also adds the meta box with each post editing screen with details of attached images within the content. This is very helpful when the number of images used in the article is large. You can also control the JPEG image quality while uploading.

Media Categories WordPress plugin Media Categories - This plugins offers a flexible and user friendly category meta box for assigning categories and subcategories to your media files. It also includes a powerful search box that lets you search a specific category of content almost instantly. And, with a handy shortcode, one can easily display a gallery of a specific category. Since category assignment is so easy through this plugin, bloggers uploading media files in groups can use this feature to keep related content in different logical buckets. This ensures that related media files can be easily accessed, whenever required.

Media File Sizes WordPress plugin Media File Sizes - Premium hosting plans always come up with a limited disk space. If you're uploading massive volume of media files on your server, this plugin is made just for you. It creates an additional column on the media library page that displays the size of files in KB or MB. It also shows what percentage of disk space your media pool is using giving you an accurate estimate of disk space consumption. And, this powerful plugin also allows you to sort all the media files by their size. If you think your web space is limited, I'll strongly suggest using this excellent plugin.