10 Ways to Integrate MailChimp Email Service with Your WordPress Blog

Vector illustration of postal mail serviceOne of the popular email marketing services MailChimp is used by millions of users across the globe. Its free plan is good enough to cater to the needs of new professional bloggers. Although MailChimp provides handy code for integrating email sign up forms within a website, technically challenged users often face difficulty in correctly inserting them at the desired place. It's not just embedding sign-up forms but the management of multiple subscriber lists from within WordPress dashboard is also a challenging task. Following powerful plugins are specifically made to seamlessly integrate MailChimp functionality within your WordPress blog in a few easy steps. A couple of flexible plugins mentioned in this list adds extra features to your existing MailChimp setup on your WordPress powered website to better manage your lists.

Vector illustration of postal mail service

Before integrating these MailChimp plugins, make sure you have a healthy email list in terms of legitimate subscribers. This way, you build a foundation for aggressive email marketing for your blog.

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Thoroughly test the setup by creating a test list and sending a sample newsletter before switching to your main and active email list. It'll ensure your plugin is working correctly. Let's get started!

MailChimp for WordPress plugin MailChimp for WordPress - This plugin has a large user base which itself tells how popular is this extension among MailChimp users. Through simple shortcode insertion, you can embed the custom sign up forms anywhere within your blog design. It also provides checkboxes feature to simultaneously sign up for multiple services like bbPress, BuddyPress and many more. Power users can write their own HTML & CSS to completely customize the forms. One only needs the MailChimp API key that is associated with your subscriber list to get started with this handy & intuitive plugin. The management interface of this plugin is very good without any complex settings. This plugin is frequently updated by the developers to weed out bugs if any.

Easy MailChimp Forms plugin for WordPress Easy MailChimp Forms - This plugin do exactly as its name suggests. Users can embed the sign-up forms in two different ways. You can either use shortcodes or you can use PHP tags for more control over the placement. Its fantastic drag and drop interface lets you arrange the form fields quite easily. Advanced users can easily modify its CSS to give it a customized look and feel. You can easily embed multiple sign-up forms in a single page very easily through this plugin. You can pull and manage several subscription lists through the API key associated with your account.

MailMunch MailChimp Form plugin for WordPress MailMunch MailChimp Form - Users who cannot design impressive sign up forms can use this plugin as it comes packaged with several designs that can be used out-of-the-box. You can install both modal sign-up forms as well as inline web-forms within the page layout. It also has an integrated analytics module to track the performance of your email sign up forms. You can also configure select web pages where the sign-up form must be displayed. Rest of the pages and posts are automatically excluded from form embedding. The collection of ready-made form design templates is quite good.

Nmedia MailChimp Widget plugin for WordPress Nmedia MailChimp Widget - This plugin includes a full-fledged form creation wizard tool which allows you to create custom variables and interest lists to segregate your subscribers' base easily. Apart from regular shortcode support, it also has a handy widget for the sign-up form that can be easily embedded within widget ready sections in your theme. You can also enable data validation for individual form fields. Power users can also use custom CSS for unique sign up form design. It is complete translation ready and can be used in different languages in a few easy steps.

MailChimp Sign Up plugin for WordPress MailChimp Sign Up - This is yet another powerful and easy plugin to quickly embed Ajax-powered MailChimp sign up forms within your blog. It supports single opt-in sign-ups to help you build your email list quickly. You can also add your own custom CSS classes to fine-tune the form design. The success and error prompt associated with the sign-up form is totally unobtrusive giving a seamless experience to the potential subscriber. All you need is an API key and you can get started with embedding multiple flexible and simple sign up forms on your WordPress website.

MailChimp Multiple Newsletter Sign up plugin for WordPress MailChimp Multiple Newsletter Sign up - This is a very flexible and powerful plugin to create unique and customized sign up forms for your MailChimp subscriber list. You can easily add multiple sign-up forms within a single page. It includes support for shortcode as well as for widgets that can be easily dragged at the desired place within relevant sections. Due to Ajax support, the web page is not reloaded once the user submits the form. You can not only add data validation controls within forms but can also run multiple campaigns quite easily. You can also add users to specific lists.

Big MailChimp plugin for WordPress Big MailChimp - This simple yet effective MailChimp plugin is ideal for embedding both widget based sign up forms as well as standalone forms in select posts or pages. Each form is configured in such a way that any changes made to your MailChimp account are directly reflected in the form embedded on your website. Most users prefer its widget since it is quite easy-to-use and can be inserted quickly in the sidebar, footer or within a custom widget ready content section. The plugin itself is lightweight with a simple interface that works out-of-the-box without any glitch.

Subscribe form plugin for WordPress Subscribe Form - This simple, lightweight and handy plugin lets you easily embed MailChimp sign up forms within select posts and pages through shortcodes. You can either use the default themes for the forms or can disable the default look to let the blog's CSS rules override it. Power users can also modify the default CSS classes to customize the look and feel, significantly. Simply provide your MailChimp API key and choose one of the campaign lists available in your account. After configuring, you instantly get a shortcode that can be used anywhere within a blog post or a page.

AutoChimp plugin for WordPress AutoChimp - Professional bloggers can use this plugin to manage their entire subscription lists from within the WordPress dashboard. You can easily add, delete and manage users on multiple lists without logging in your MailChimp account. As the changes are done, the data is automatically synced over the email service to reflect the changes made to your dashboard. Custom and automated campaign creation are also quite easy with this plugin which saves a lot of your time. This literally makes your business blog or website run multiple custom email campaigns on autopilot.

MailChimp Goal plugin for WordPress MailChimp Goal - Power users can use this flexible plugin to track goals associated with your multilevel email campaigns. Goal tracking helps you trigger automated responder emails to a different segment of subscribers to help increase the retention rate. Before using this plugin, you must create the corresponding email campaign monitoring goals within your MailChimp account. Remember, goal creation and tracking is available for paid MailChimp account and is intended for professional grade business email campaigns. The interface of this powerful plugin is very slick.