How to Track and Schedule Emails Sent Through Gmail

Gmail inbox opened on a smartphoneAlmost every regular email service doesn't provide scheduling facility inherently and Google's Gmail service is no exception. As more and more professionals and businesses are using Google email platform, a need for tracking and scheduling business emails is becoming a priority. Fortunately, there are numerous good and powerful tools that allow you to do the same. Apart from regular scheduling feature, these tools provide several extra useful tools to get more out of your Gmail inbox making your business communication, a breeze. Almost all of these tools are available as a browser add-on because users prefer to use the native web interface of Gmail. Most of these extensions are available both for Google Chrome and Firefox. These unique tools add extra controls and buttons within the default Gmail interface in an unobtrusive way so that even a layman can use them without any problem. So, let's check out these user-friendly and extremely useful tools for easily tracking and scheduling our Gmail emails.

Gmail inbox opened on a smartphone

Remember, these tracking solutions do not work if the recipient is using a privacy-oriented email service at the other end. In this case, you may never know when the sent email was opened.

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If you're doing business communication that involves timely replies, using tracking system for the same makes sense. But, if general communication is going on, you may consider ignoring it, altogether.

Right Inbox service for scheduling emailsRight Inbox
Right Inbox - As the name suggests, once you start using this tool, you're going to use the right inbox for your email communication. It has a large user base and seamlessly integrates to provide the very best experience of processing your business email communication. Apart from Google Chrome and Firefox, it is also available for Safari on the Mac platform. It is also one of the easiest to use email scheduling tools. I've tested it with Firefox and found it amazingly user-friendly. So, let's check out some the powerful and productive features one can use to process Gmail emails in a much better way saving loads of time.

  • Schedule emails - This is its primary feature which allows you to send custom emails at the scheduled time to get the best possible results.
  • Email reminders - This is another useful feature that ensures you can keep track of all important business communication happening right within your Gmail inbox.
  • Recurring emails - Marketers can take advantage of this powerful feature to send a queue of emails to targeted contacts.
  • Complete timezone support - And last but not the least, use timezone support facility to schedule emails with the most optimal time suited to the receivers.

mxHero tools for scheduling Gmail emailsmxHero
mxHero - This is essentially a collection of tools that do much more than just scheduling Gmail emails. But, we'll focus on the tracking and scheduling part. It is available both for Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. You can use it for free instantly with all the powerful features it has on offer. Desktop clients of Outlook can also use this useful email scheduling service. The Gmail plugin is available for Google Chrome users. Small businesses using Gmail as their communication medium will find this tool extremely helpful. Following intuitive and easy-to-use features are part of this Gmail tracking and scheduling plugin.

  • Schedule delivery - Like other solutions, this one also has strong support of scheduling emails with point and click convenience.
  • Complete tracking - You can also track sent emails open activity, attachments and links at the receiving end giving you deep insights about how they interact with your emails.
  • Self destructing messages - If required, you can also ensure that your sent emails are self destructed within a specified time limit to ensure people do not forward it to any external party.
  • Reply timeout - One can also mark and configure reply timeouts for select emails so that you can take necessary actions for such important emails when they go unanswered.

Schedule emails through boomerangBoomerang for Gmail
Boomerang for Gmail - This is undoubtedly one of the most popular Gmail tracking and scheduling tools with a very large user base. Apart from using it within your regular desktop web browsers, you can also use it without any issues on your smartphone. It can work both with regular Gmail and Google Apps email accounts. It has several unique features missing in other programs which make it one step ahead of the competition. Its free plan is good enough for general users. Following are some of the helpful and impressive features supported by this service to add more kick to your business communication.

  • Send later (schedule) - Conveniently write and schedule all your important emails deferring the delivery to match with your business schedule.
  • Read receipts - You get instant notifications whenever sent email is opened at the other end giving you reliable confirmations about the same.
  • Gmail Follow-up - While doing important business communication, use this feature to keep track of the entire thread so that you do not miss the opportunity.
  • Mobile support - Android and iOS users can also use it easily on their mobile devices through optimized interface built for smartphones.

Sidekick tools for scheduling emailsSidekick
Sidekick - This versatile email boosting service is available for several popular email platforms which include Gmail as well. Apart from regular email scheduling and tracking features, I liked its contact profiles option which gives you useful insights about your email contacts. It has a very nice interface which makes its usage, a pleasant experience. It's platform independent so you can use it almost everywhere. The free plan offered by this service is good enough for most users. Do once use these productive and time-saving features included in this popular and easy-to-use tool for Gmail.

  • Click & open tracking - It has a powerful tracking system which not only monitors email opening action but also tracks clicks of the links within email body.
  • Contacts' profiles - Detailed profile cards of contacts ensure you can quickly get all the important information about the same before initiating conversation.
  • Easy-to-use - The tool is designed in such a way so that everyone can use it without any hassle.
  • Excellent controls/prompts - The interface controls and prompts are designed in the best possible way making its usage so easy.

Mixmax email scheduling toolMixmax
Mixmax - This is another collection of tools that can boost your email communication by many folds. It has several awesome features which can enhance the quality of your regular business communication done through Gmail. Power users can use its flexible SDK to seamlessly integrate external services right within Gmail inbox. The service itself is completely secure using SSL encryption to ensure your vital information is not lost in transit. I liked its interface and few extra features offered by this tool. Check out these select and awesome options that are part of this impressive email boosting tool built for Gmail.

  • Preview links - Once installed, you can easily preview site links to get an idea what's on the web page whose link is included in the email body.
  • Markdown support - With complete Markdown support, one can easily compose beautifully formatted emails in a quick time.
  • Embed polls and surveys - Users can also embed nicely formatted links to polls and surveys within email body.
  • Include external attachments - Apart from uploading attachments from your desktop or Google Drive, you can also include large attachments from external cloud storage services.

FollowUp service for boosting email - As the name implies, this tool is perfect for business professionals who regularly communicate with important clients through the Gmail platform. It has all the necessary features one needs for ensuring all communication is tracked and followed up in an easy way. Like other powerful tools, this one also supports integration with 3rd party tools and services for better results. Once integrated, users can make intuitive use of the available extended features. So, quickly install this powerful business email boosting tool and see how it improves your entire email workflow right within your Gmail inbox.

  • Schedule emails - This feature needs no explanation as it allows to you quickly schedule emails for sending them on a future date.
  • Track emails - Similarly, complete email tracking feature lets you see who opened your email and at what time.
  • Save attachments on external service - One can also configure saving of email attachments on external cloud storage service like Dropbox.
  • Keep inbox clean - Through its powerful tools and features you can easily keep your unprocessed emails count to zero throughout the week.

SndLatr powerful scheduling extension for GmailSndLatr
SndLatr - This simple yet useful email scheduling and tracking tool is a must-have for every avid user of Gmail. It is available for Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers and also works seamlessly with Google Apps business accounts. The available extensions for both the web browsers are very light on system resources and works without any glitch every single time. I've tested it extensively on my Windows machine and found it quite good. The tool itself is regularly updated by the developer optimizing its functioning. Let's see how this useful extension can make you a Gmail ninja in no time.

  • Easy email scheduling - Its email scheduling option is very easy to use and facilitates configuring of multiple emails in quick time.
  • Helpful reminders - Reminders can help you keep track of important business communication so that you can easily follow vital threads.
  • Snippets (Templates) - Users can easily create collection of text snippets which can be readily used within body while composing the email.
  • Seamless integration - Simply install the plugin and see how magically all the features and buttons get integrated within native Gmail interface.