4 Easy Ways to Sell Products on Blogger Platform

Cart printed on a keyboardIf you're running a blog on Google's blogger platform and want to sell different types of products or services on it, you may struggle to find a ready-made widget for it. However, there are several useful services that provide you with an easy way to add eCommerce functionality on blogger platform. For using these features, you never need to be a coding expert. All you need is basic knowledge of HTML and the copy-pasting ability. If you're planning to sell digital products on your blogger blog, the solutions mentioned below can easily help you do that in a few simple steps. You don't need to purchase an SSL certificate for opening a shop on blogger. These solutions provide a handy way to showcase and sell products in an intuitive way that doesn't require any added tools or services. Before applying it to your live blog, once test your selling widgets on a dummy blog to ensure they're working, as intended. So, let's get started and see how we can turn our blogger blog into an eCommerce platform to sell products.

Cart printed on a keyboard

If you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can integrate these eCommerce solutions in a better way and can customize them as per your needs. Do give them a try—at least once.

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Always take a backup of your blog's template before integrating the widget or script provided by these services. This way, you can easily revert back in case things are not working as intended.

Ecwid shopping cart for blogger platformEcwid eCommerce Cart
Ecwid - When it comes to integrating eCommerce functionality on a blogger blog for my client, this is my preferred choice. It's specifically designed for blogger and works like charm. Its setup is quite simple and technically challenged bloggers with basic copy pasting practice can also use it with ease. You can sell both tangible and non-tangible products through this tool. Power users can take advantage of its flexible feature to showcase an advanced shopping cart on their blogger blogs. Let's check some of the best features this service has on offer for professional blogger platform bloggers to easily sell items.

  • Easy integration - This service allows you to add eCommerce shopping cart in two different ways. You can either copy the cart code and can paste it directly into posts or pages or you can opt for customizable blogger widget made specifically for this purpose. In both the cases, you get the same result.
  • Flexible payment options - It supports over 30 different payment platforms so that publishers can select their preferred option. Popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe are also supported by this powerful shopping cart system.
  • Customizable - Apart from using premade design schemes, bloggers can also customize the shopping cart with CSS to match it with their blogger design giving better shopping experience to the customers. Power users use this feature to completely customize the integrated shopping cart.
  • Enhanced checkout - Bloggers can also customize the checkout experience by giving an option to the customers to create a profile before making a payment. This way you can easily make the customers' database for future pitches.

Selz eCommerce toolSelz
Selz - I recently used this excellent service for one of my clients who's running her high traffic blog on blogger platform. She is a graphic designer and wanted to sell her digital designing packages through a shopping cart. I used Selz to integrate the functionality and she is more than happy with the results. This is a simple and very user-friendly tool to unobtrusively sell products on your blog. Through a centralized dashboard, you can manage and customize everything including post-sale interaction with your valued customers. Do check out some of the useful features this unique service offers for professional bloggers.

  • Easy cart integration - Once you've filled all the details of the product, simply copy paste the code at the desired place on your blog to let the purchase button appear with relevant details. A protected buying widget pops up which completes the transaction and delivers the product to the buyer.
  • Build email lists - You can also integrate popular email marketing services like MailChimp or Aweber with your checkout process to start building email lists right from day one. This way, you can easily keep your customers in the loop for new product announcements and discounts, if any.
  • Built-in messaging - As I've mentioned before, you also get baked in direct messaging service so that your customers can interact and take help in case of any issues with the product or purchase. This greatly helps in increasing the customer satisfaction level once they've made the purchase.
  • Customize appearance - And last but not the least, you can customize the design of the integrated buttons and widgets so that they match with the blogger design. This also ensures that visitors feel comfortable when making a purchase to see a familiar look and feel which is not alien to the base site design.

Shoplocket service for eCommerce cartShopLocket
ShopLocket - I've seen lot of blogger blogs using this eCommerce shopping cart service. Naturally, I gave it a try on one of the test blogs and found it amazingly powerful and flexible. It has dozens of features to help you set up a full-fledged shopping cart on the blog. The integration process is dead simple and works instantly without any hassle. Its starter plan is totally free and is ideal for new merchants who are just starting with their online selling business on blogger platform. Get ready and see what this intuitive eCommerce platform offers blogger users to easily integrate shopping carts on the blog.

  • Pre-ordering support - This is one of the few solutions available for blogger platform that fully supports Pre-Order option out-of-the-box. This is deal for those bloggers who're already running a popular blog to collect potential customers' details even before launching the product.
  • Multi-product checkouts - Its flexible shopping cart allows a buyer to include multiple products in the cart before checking out. This not only increases sales but also gives you the freedom to sell multiple products on the blog which closely relate to each other.
  • Customizable widgets - The embeddable product widgets are fully customizable so that they become part of your blog's primary design. This gives a better buying experience to the potential buyers and significantly increases the conversion rates.
  • Fully responsive - Buyers can purchase your products both from smartphones and tablets without any issues due to the responsive nature of the shopping cart. This greatly increases the sales of more and more buyers are using mobile devices for completing purchasing activities.

Gumroad for selling productsGumroad
Gumroad - This is yet another impressive eCommerce platform ideal for blogger platform which allows you to sell different types of products in an easy way. You can sell almost any kind of product through this platform. They have a simple pricing mechanism and supports quick integration with various platforms including Google's blogger platform. It has flexible payment options both for the buyer and merchant to facilitate easy payments from either end. It's time to look at the some of the best features supported by this promising eCommerce platform to integrate shopping carts on our blogger blogs.

  • Sell product variants - You can easily sell different versions of the base product line to let customers choose the best one that fits their needs and budget. This greatly helps in conversions and gives more flexibility to the customer while making a purchase.
  • Subscription based products - One can also create subscription-based products where each subscriber pays a recurring amount on a monthly basis to access a part of the product on a continual basis. This is best suited for bloggers offering premium content through their blogger blog in multiple installments.
  • Flexible widgets - You get an array of widgets to choose from which can be easily integrated with your existing blog. All these widgets are easy to customize and effectively showcases your products to the potential buyers.
  • Powerful analytics - Savvy users can take advantage of the rich analytics data this service generates for the products. This greatly helps in improving the products and in optimizing the existing cart to get more sales with minimum efforts.