8 Best WordPress Plugins to Sell Digital Downloads

Sell Downloads WordPress pluginIf you've created a premium digital product for the masses, selling it online is a challenge. Configuring an entire selling channel requires correct planning and execution. Fortunately, there are several good plugins for WordPress that lets you sell different kinds of digital products with ease. Configuring the entire setup through these plugins is quite simple and you can start selling your digital downloads in less than half an hour. Almost each of these plugins supports dozens of premium add-ons to add killer features for more control over the entire selling process. You can use several popular payment gateways through these plugins and that too without any complex settings. You'll need a self-hosted WordPress account to use one of these plugins. Let's check out these flexible and powerful plugins to sell our digital products.

Sell Downloads WordPress plugin Sell Downloads - As the name implies, you can use this plugin to sell different types of digital products through your WordPress blog. It uses PayPal as the primary payment gateway which is quite popular across the globe. You can also sell premium multimedia content through this plugin. If required or applicable, it can also allow a protected demo of the offered digital content. It also allows easy sharing on the social web for pulling prospects towards your premium digital downloads. It's quite light, easy-to-use and secure plugin used by large numbers of savvy bloggers.

Sell Digital Downloads WordPress plugin Sell Digital Downloads - Like other powerful plugins, this one also lets you sell different types of digital products through an easy setup. It also allows you to create custom order types for giving different kinds of buying options to the buyers. It has dozens of hooks and filters for advanced users to customize the entire selling process as per the requirements. Downloads are always served through encrypted links to prevent unauthorized access to your premium products. Its user-friendly interface lets you easily complete the entire product selling setup in a fairly quick time.

Simple Ecommerce Shopping Cart WordPress plugin Simple Ecommerce Shopping Cart - This is yet another useful plugin to sell digital downloads with confidence. It provides several options to ensure secure delivery and access to the premium files. Its rich set of product creation options allows easy generation of downloads in the best possible way with tons of added information. You can also sell services through this plugin including different levels of membership. You can also generate a discount or coupon codes through this plugin to accelerate the sale of your digital product. It also accepts multiple currencies.

Sell Media WordPress plugin Sell Media - Needless to say, this awesome plugin is ideal for selling audio, video, images and general software files on your WordPress blog. One of its unique features allows you to add different types of licenses to the digital products. This gives you more control over the usage of your products by the customers. It can also convert your WordPress site into a full-fledged stock photo or video site. Through its powerful licensing mechanism, you can earn passive income perpetually. Its secure media file protection feature keeps all your digital downloads safe from unauthorized access.

Selz WordPress plugin Selz - This is one of the easiest plugin to set up for selling digital downloads. It doesn't require complex steps or code writing to set up multiple products on the blog. The file delivery is automatic and totally secure. It not only accepts multiple currencies but also includes one-click sharing of products on popular social media channels. It supports multiple payment gateways to allow buyers to make a payment from their preferred option. Though it's quite easy to set up, plugin developers provide both email and live chat help for the new users who struggle to configure it properly.

ShopLocket WordPress plugin ShopLocket - Its unique product creation wizard lets even newbies create different products within minutes. Once the products are created, you can easily display them on your website at the desired location through a simple embed code. It uses both the PayPal and Stripe services for accepting payments. If required, you can also configure its 'bundles' feature to let customers buy multiple digital downloads in a single transaction. Easy exporting of customer and product data allows you to transfer the entire setup to a new WordPress site quite smoothly without any glitch.

Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin Easy Digital Downloads - This plugin is hugely popular with a large user base. It's one of my preferred choices for selling digital downloads. The free variant of this plugin is powerful enough to sell multiple software files with ease. It has one of the richest set of reporting to assess the performance of individual files. Its import and export feature allows you to transfer the entire setup across two different domains in an easy way. It has dozens of options for creating products including price variation. It also supports large numbers of payment gateways for potential buyers.

Buy Now for Stripe WordPress plugin Buy Now for Stripe - If you prefer to sell your digital downloads through Stripe payment gateway, then this plugin is made just for you. It's quite easy to customize and integrates with your WordPress blog in minutes. It can easily protect your premium digital content hosted on Amazon S3 service. Buyers can get customized receipts or emails upon completion of payment. It provides user-friendly shortcodes to help you embed custom payment forms at multiple locations on your blog. It is secure, fast and reliable plugin to sell your digital products with minimum hassle.