7 Free WordPress Courses for Absolute Beginners

Free WordPress courses by WP ApprenticeIf you're just starting with WordPress or want to polish your skills to better manage your blog, it's important to learn the basics of this popular content management system. One can either read or purchase books for the same or can try to test each feature on a dummy blog. But how about free online WordPress courses to increase your knowledge about this powerful CMS? Almost each free WordPress course includes enough information to enable new users better perform day-to-day blogging and blog management tasks. These courses are primarily aimed at self-hosted WordPress bloggers though hosted platform WordPress bloggers can also take advantage of the curriculum. Most of the courses are in the form of videos so that one can easily grasp the concepts. After signing up for one of the courses, devote at least an hour a day and you'll be a better WordPress user within a few weeks. So, here we go to check out these information-packed WordPress courses made for beginners and intermediate level bloggers.

Free WordPress courses by WP Apprentice 1. WP Apprentice: It's one of the best free video courses best suited for absolute beginners. It covers all the essentials of WordPress including the latest features to equip you with enough knowledge to manage your self-hosted site with ease. This free course includes 10 highly popular videos covering lots of vital information about basic WordPress management.

After going through this course, you'll be able to select the best web hosting company for your WordPress blog. Apart from that, one also learns about all the important options and features accessible through the dashboard. One of the best tutorials in this course is about making custom menus which are often a riddle for newbies. It makes you step ahead from the beginner's tag.

Free video course from WPBeginner 2. WPBeginner: This is yet another highly popular video series for new bloggers who've just started with self-hosted WordPress blogs. A series of video tutorials will make you quite comfortable while managing the blog and while creating content on a daily basis. This video course is highly recommended by experts in the WordPress domain which itself tells about its popularity.

Several readers have subscribed to this course and their feedback was very positive. I liked the quality of the videos and the way instructions are given to complete a specific task. Even a layman can grasp the basic WordPress concepts with ease after watching these tutorial videos. You're free to cover this excellent WordPress course at your own pace to ensure you can practice the learned concepts.

Free WordPress course on Udemy 3. Udemy: This is one of the few WordPress courses which cover the basics in so detail. It has a large subscriber base which testifies about its popularity. It has over 6 hours of video tutorials explaining all the ins and outs of WordPress relevant for beginner bloggers. Once you sign up for this course, you get uninterrupted and lifetime access to the videos.

Interestingly, it also includes a complete section consisting of several videos covering WooCommerce which is a popular eCommerce platform. This is a boon for the subscribers as they get to learn about the integration and usage of this popular eCommerce solution. It also covers user management aimed at administrators who want to run a multi-author WordPress blog.

WP101 Free WordPress videos 4. WP101: Here, WordPress beginners can find a good collection of free tutorial videos to help them get started with a new self-hosted blog. Often newbies get confused when it comes to using hosted or the self-hosted version of WordPress. You can find an excellent video which clearly tabulates the differences between the two to help you take the right decision.

It also includes a detailed tutorial which provides step-by-step instructions for installing a typical self-hosted WordPress blog. Viewers' also get to know several important blog-related concepts like RSS feeds and much more. It also covers the most popular SEO plugin by Yoast which ensures your new WordPress blog is search engine friendly, right from day one.

Alison free WordPress course 5. Alison WP Course: This free WordPress course is intended for technically challenged users who want to start their own blog for the first time. It starts with basic concepts and updates you with new blog creation process. Thereafter, one can learn about post editing, rich media management, daily maintenance tasks, and several other important concepts.

Once you complete this course, you can run your blog easily without any assistance. To grasp the concepts clearly, go slow and make sure you apply the learned information on a test blog. The tutorial video quality is extremely good with crisp and clear sound. If you have enough free time, you can complete this WordPress course in a single day.

Bog stylist WP free course 6. The Blog Stylist WP Course: While searching for free WordPress courses, I found this gem. It is a comprehensive tutorial which not only gives you loads of essential information about WordPress but also teaches about blogging and hosting concepts. If you're afraid of technical jargon, try this fantastic course which is free from heavy technical terms.

This course also equips you with the necessary CSS skills to enable you to make small tweaks and minor adjustments to the blog design. Bloggers also learn about important security concepts along with vital tips to increase the performance of the blog. You can complete this course at your convenience as you nurture and groom your new WordPress blog.

BobWP free WordPress Course 7. BobWP WordPress Course: The last free WordPress course included in this list is equally good when compared with other entries mentioned above. The entire course is designed for first-timers who're not familiar with blogging and WordPress. The course literally gives you a tour of WordPress dashboard explaining each and every important option a blogger may use on a daily basis.

Subscribers also learn about plugins, widgets, and themes. This helps them in selecting the right plugins and the best theme from a reliable source. You also get to learn about secure WordPress updates and generic blog security concepts to deter spammers and trolls. Do once try this informative WordPress course to become a beginner ninja in no time.