50+ Best Google Chrome Extensions for Everyone

A collection of magic cubesNo modern web browser is complete without extensions to augment its behavior and to add new useful features. Google Chrome is no exception and supports a huge repository of extensions. It's very tempting to try these all of these extensions. Instead of trying out each one of them, it's better to use the best ones that aid in your daily browser-based activities. I've picked some of the best and popular Google Chrome extensions which are not only going to make you productive but will also help in enriching your general web browsing experience. You can pick select extensions from this list to complete your arsenal of tools to get more out of Google Chrome. The list is compiled taking popular extensions for all the common tasks and actions users may complete within a typical web browser. Some of the popular Google Chrome extensions included in this list are used by millions of users. So, let's get started and check out these flexible and powerful Google Chrome extensions for better Google Chrome browsing experience.

A collection of magic cubes Lastpass Google Chrome extension1. LastPass: The first extension included in this list is a must-have for every user. Though the name suggests it's used for management of passwords, it's much more than that.

Apart from regular password storage and management, one can also create profiles for credit and debit cards which can be used to quickly fill order forms with a single click. It can also be used to quickly attach rich media files and PDF files. It uses an encrypted secure vault to safeguard your login credentials and also allows you to easily edit and manage these secure records.

Pocket extension for Google Chrome2. Pocket: If you have less time to browse the web and still want to save cool stuff you may pay attention to at a convenient time, do try this useful and flexible Chrome extension.

This extension saves all your favorite web pages, audio and video pages within your pocket. You can do so either through the toolbar button or through a handy keyboard shortcut. Easy tag management ensures you can easily segregate saved content on the basis of their topic or domain. And, no matter on which device you save the content, it is seamlessly synced across all active devices used by you.

AdBlock Plus Google Chrome extension3. Adblock Plus: This hugely popular extension is used by millions of users. As the name suggests, this block makes your web browsing experience, completely ad-free.

It can also check for common website malware as well as can block various tracking scripts to safeguard your identity. It can also block social sharing widgets and buttons speeding up your browsing experience by many folds. It can easily block various types of rich media ads generally integrated with popular social media platforms and websites.

Video Download Professional plugin for Google Chrome4. Video Downloader Professional: If you're an avid viewer of video content, then you must use this extension. One can use it to easily download videos from popular websites.

Apart from downloading videos from your favorite websites, you can also save them to later view at your convenience without opening the original video page. You can also play MP4 videos grabbed from the web page on your TV via Google Chromecast. I find it very handy when I have to save multiple videos from the same web page for deferred downloading.

Evernote web clipper extension for Google Chrome5. Evernote Web Clipper: Who doesn't love Evernote service? This extension easily lets you save web content in your Evernote account which can be later accessed on any device.

It also supports tags for clipped content to group them in different baskets. Apart from saving web pages and articles, one can also highlight and annotate web content before sharing it with others on the web. Content can be shared either through an email or a direct link can be generated for the same. One can also clip Gmail threads and conversations.

Buffer extension for Google Chrome6. Buffer: This is one of the preferred methods to share articles and posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It's seamlessly integrated with the native web interface of these platforms.

One can also post scheduled updates on both Twitter and Facebook with ease. If interested, you can also check the detailed analytics data about each shared update to know how well you're performing on social media. The posting and scheduling interface is quite simple and easy-to-use working swiftly on almost any web page without any problems.

Session buddy extension for Google Chrome7. Session Buddy: It is a life saver for an avid Google Chrome user. One easily create browsing sessions to save the tabs and browsing history on an automated basis.

From a saved session, one can easily reopen all the tabs. This recovery even works when the web browser closes with a crash. You can also collect, save and organize web links through this extension which can be later retrieved through a powerful keywords search. All the saved web links can also be exported in various user-friendly file formats for easy offline analysis.

Awesome screenshot plugin for Google Chrome8. Awesome Screenshot: This is one of the best screen capturing and annotated image sharing extensions available for Google Chrome with a massive user base.

With one-click uploads, you can swiftly share captured screenshots in no time. Apart from annotating images, you can also blur select parts of the captured screenshot. It can also capture horizontal screenshots while scrolling. Screen captures from the desktop are also supported. Image cropping with clipboard transfer of captured shot facilitates easy editing of the image in external applications.

Eye dropper extension for Google Chrome9. Eye Dropper: This is an advanced color picker extension made for developers and designers who frequently work with color codes. It's very easy-to-use and works perfectly.

It can keep your entire color picking history so that codes can be reused in various projects easily. Both RBG and hex color codes are generated by the color picker. Color can be picked either from a web page or can be picked from the inbuilt color picker which is transferred to the clipboard as well. Power users can use keyboard shortcuts for color picking.

Google+ hangouts extension10. Google+ Hangouts: This extension enables users to converse and to use free video calls using the Google+ hangouts platform. This extension has a very large user base.

You can send photos, files, and emojis while conversing with people. In a single session, you can add up to 10 people in a group video call through this extension. It keeps a history of your photo sharing sessions too. You can view the shared collection of photos in the history. And with over 800+ emojis, you get a big collection of symbols to show your emotions and mood.

Todist extension for Google Chrome browser11. Todoist: This extension is a powerful combination of a to-do list and a task manager. It's an all-in-one tool to keep you productive and agile throughout the day.

It has a built-in calendar which can be used for creating recurring dates associated with important and repetitive tasks. True nesting support allows you to create a master task and its sub-tasks to create a chain of related tasks. Tasks created through the extension are also available on all the connected devices. It also allows quick addition of tasks through an email.

Click and clean extension for Google Chrome12. Click&Clean: I'll put this extension in the category of must-haves for every Google Chrome user. It's a powerful way to manage your entire web browsing history.

It has easily accessible buttons for clearing selective history assets like cache or cookies. It has several configurable cleaning modes to fine-tune the cleaning process. Custom auto-cleaning of history on browser exit can also be configured. I liked its feature that completely restricts access to the default history page generated by the Google Chrome browser.

Google Dictionary extension for Chrome web browser13. Google Dictionary: As the name suggests, this handy extension enables you to get easy access to word and phrase definitions without leaving the current web page.

All you have to do is to select the word on the web page and the extension will automatically present the definition in an unobtrusive tooltip. It also includes the link to the audio defining the selected word. Alternatively, you can explicitly type a word or a phrase in the extension's search box for its complete definition in the drop-down menu.

Google Translate extension for Google Chrome14. Google Translate: If you regularly browse websites in different languages or work with a multilingual site on a daily basis, this extension is a must-have for you.

There are two ways to get the translation of the selected text. You can either use the context menu after right-clicking or you can click the toolbar button for the same. The audio equivalent of both the selected text and its translation is also provided. Translation of the entire web page is also easy by clicking on the extension's toolbar button.

Turn off the lights extension for Google Chrome15. Turn Off the Lights: It's a prefect extension for users who regular watch videos on popular platforms. It can be used to switch to night mode while watching videos within Google Chrome.

While watching the video, you can click the extension's toolbar button and it quickly fades and darken the screen leaving the video part as it is. This gives you better viewing experience free of any distractions. It also enables you to switch to auto HD mode to view the best quality video streams. I often use it on the YouTube platform without any issues.

Feedly mini extension for Google Chrome16. Feedly mini: If you're a Feedly user, you can use this extension to quickly add different websites and their RSS feeds within your account with a click of a button.

Apart from saving websites to the Feedly account, you can also share them through an email or on the popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter. One can also save a web page in their Evernote account. It's a powerful tool for content curation including support of tagging. It's a must-have tool for users who frequently share and curate select RSS feeds during their browsing session.

WOT extension for Google Chrome browser17. WOT: This is yet another essential extension that keeps you safe from malicious or compromised sites which may infect your computer or may steal your personal information.

This extension shows web reputations for websites on the result pages of all the popular search engines. It uses three color codes of red, yellow and green to denote the reputation state of the website you're going to visit. This helps in easily identifying the websites and online web apps that may be infected or may have a bad reputation.

Awesome new tab page extension for Chrome browser18. Awesome New Tab Page: No matter which web browser you're using, the default tab page is always boring and unproductive. That's where this useful extension comes into play.

You can easily add and arrange dynamic widgets on the tab page consisting of Google Chrome apps of your choice. You can also create custom shortcuts to connect with websites and apps. The widgets can be resized too. Power users can use their own custom CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code to create custom widgets. It also facilitates a search of websites through shortcuts.

Xmarks Bookmark Sync extension for Google Chrome19. Xmarks Bookmark Sync: This extension is a powerful bookmarking tool with several useful features to centrally manage all the saved bookmarks in one place.

All the saved bookmarks can be accessed from different devices on all the popular web browsers. One can instantly bookmark and sync all the open tabs at a given time. You can also search the saved bookmarks and can easily share your list with other users. It's one of the few essential extensions I use with my Google Chrome web browser.

Block site extension for Google Chrome20. Block site: If you often procrastinate due to casual browsing sessions at the peak time, use this extension to curb this activity and to focus on your important work instead.

It has a powerful and flexible scheduler to define the blocking intervals for the entire week. Apart from using the default word list to block adult websites, you can also create your very own custom list of words. Explicit blocking of the opened website is also possible through a context menu option. It also has an uninstall protection option to prevent anyone from disabling the blocking.

Poper Blocker extension for Google Chrome21. Poper Blocker: It's an all-in-one solution to give you relief from both obtrusive popups and popunders which sometimes make web browsing, an annoying experience.

The extension keeps the count of popups it blocks and also allows you to view the content of the blocked popup through a drop-down menu. If needed, you can allow pop-ups from a specific website with a click of a button. Customization of blocking notifications is also supported which includes both the toolbar badge indicator and an on-page message.

PanicButton extension for Google Chrome22. PanicButton: If you often browse confidential or NSFW web content, this extension can save your ass in difficult conditions provided you are alert enough to use it in time.

With a click of a button, you can instantly close all the opened tabs and can later restore them with ease. To make things easy for you, it has a support for creating custom keyboard shortcuts. Similarly, the extension's toolbar button can also be made invisible. One can also configure a default tab page that should appear after hiding all the opened tabs.

crxMouse Chrome Gestures extension for Google Chrome23. crxMouse Chrome Gestures: This extension is a must-have for power users who primarily rely on mouse or pad gestures for swiftly browsing the web pages.

One can customize both mouse actions as well as the keyboard behavior as per the needs to speed up the repetitive tasks while browsing the internet. All the custom settings can be both imported and exported to be used on different devices. I prefer the custom keyboard shortcuts which saves the time by many folds boosting the productivity, significantly.

Hotspot Shield extension for Google Chrome Browser24. Hotspot Shield: This hugely popular extension can be used to view and access blocked content through a completely free VPN which has no restrictions for general users.

Unlike other free VPN services, this one does not include pesky ads for the free plan users. It's primarily suitable for both hiding your identity as well as to access blocked websites. It hides your IP address as well as your location keeping your information safe from website trackers. You can choose the virtual location through which you can access the internet, anonymously.

Black menu for Google extension for Google Chrome25. Black Menu for Google: If you're an avid user of Google services, this useful extension can help you in accessing these services with a click of a button through a nice black menu.

Through a nicely designed drop-down menu, one can easily access most commonly used Google services. The extension's developer is continually adding new Google services which can be accessed through this menu. For services like search, Google+ or Translate, it presents you an integrated search or update box to quickly use the service directly from the menu.

Spots extension for Google Chrome26. SPOTS: The default homepage generally presented as soon as the browser is opened should be good enough to quickly start with the most common and important tasks.

This extension populates the home page with links to your favorite website in a nicely designed tiled grid you can access with ease. One can also create shortcuts for phone and texts on the homepage. Based on your interests, this extension can help you in finding the best websites and web apps. It also has a powerful search function to mine out connected apps, contacts, and websites.

MightyText extension for Google Chrome27. MightyText: This handy extension can be used to manage texts sent through your Android smartphone. It's completely free and is packed with several useful features.

It can sync your phone's photos and videos on your MT account with a click of a button. The most striking feature is the availability of app notifications which can be seen directly on your computer. It can also give you alerts whenever your phone's battery is about to finish. And last but not the least, all the MMS messages can also be synced to your system.

Grammarly extension for Google Chrome28. Grammarly: I'm using this grammar checking service with all of the web browsers as well as office applications and this extension helps me to use it with Google Chrome.

Once activated, its powerful contextual spelling and grammar checker work in the background whenever a text field is in focus on a web page. It has a very large user base which makes it one of the essential extensions one must consider for daily usage. Its free plan is good enough for an average user to keep their articles or posts, error-free.

Office editing extension for Google Chrome29. Office Editing: If you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, you can use this extension to edit and view office files via Google Docs web-based service.

Once edited, the document can be saved back to the original office file format. You can also invite other users to edit, share and comment while working on a document. It can be used for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files supporting all major office versions. Make sure you're not using the classic version of Google Drive else it may not be able to open and edit office files.

StayFocusd extension for Google Chrome30. StayFocusd: If you're struggling to be productive, try this excellent extension which can be used to restrict time spent on selective websites in an easy way.

It has a user-friendly configuration interface which enables you to block websites for a given time range on a particular day. You can fine-tune the blocking rules by selecting subdomains, specific URLs, and web pages while configuring the settings. Its powerful blocking mechanism can even block select elements or resources within a single web page.

Ebates Cash Back extension for Google Chrome31. Ebates Cash Back: It's a must-have extension for online shoppers which enables them to easily save money through coupons and exciting cashback offers.

Whenever you visit an online store, this extension will alert you to a cashback offer (if available) on an automated basis. It can also help you find the best deal while searching for products on all the popular search engines like Google and Bing. It can also give you information about all the current top deals and best online stores where you can save money while shopping for your favorite products.

Sidekick by HubSpot extension for Google Chrome32. Sidekick: Business professionals and freelancers must use this flexible and useful extension to get more engagement with their prospects, clients, and contacts.

One can easily track emails getting an acknowledgment whenever it is opened by the intended reader. Similarly, scheduling of emails is also possible through this extension. Clicking activity within sent emails can also be tracked through it no matter how many times they are opened. This handy extension works seamlessly with all the popular email and CRM platforms.

Weather extension for Google Chrome33. WeatherBug: If you're concerned about weather condition of distributed locations across the globe inhabited by your loved ones and friends, do use this popular extension.

It can automatically detect your geolocation and can display the weather accordingly. One can also add more places to the custom list to get the extended weather forecasts for all the included places with a click of a button. Wherever available, it can also display local weather webcams to get an accurate visual idea of the current weather conditions.

AddThis extension for Google Chrome34. AddThis: It's a popular and user-friendly sharing tool which can be used to share and distribute your awesome content on hundreds of different social media platforms and services.

Complete customization of the sharing menu is possible enabling you to include select platforms where you want to distribute your web content. You can also email the content without any need to open the native email interface. Right-clicking on the opened web page gives you a context menu with an option to share it on your favorite social media platform.

Magic Actions for YouTube extension for Google Chrome35. Magic Actions for YouTube: YouTube lovers must install this powerful extension to get more out of this popular video platform and to get the best possible viewing experience.

It can automatically switch to auto HD mode for getting a crisp and clear version of the uploaded video stream. Similarly, cinema mode ensures you're not distracted by anything else other than the running video for maximum viewing pleasure. It also supports an expansion of YouTube videos to full-screen mode when watching long duration movie titles.

RSS Feed Reader extension for Google Chrome36. RSS Feed Reader: This is a handy RSS feed management extension which can be used for tracking, viewing and editing collection of your favorite RSS streams.

It supports multiple themes to match with your preference. Through a drop-down menu, you can easily see numbers of unread items in your feed collection. You can either open the website page to read the content or you can mark all the items as read if required. Customization of the entire feed collection is also supported with easy export options.

Photo Zoom for Facebook extension for Google Chrome37. Photo Zoom for Facebook: Facebook users who frequently browse and scan photos on this popular social media platform must use this extension to get the best available photo uploads.

Whether you're viewing profile photos, shared albums or regular photos upload on the timeline, a larger zoomed version is shown to the user as soon as the mouse cursor hovers on the image. It's a lightweight extension and doesn't slow down Facebook in any way. Through a keyboard shortcut, you can easily activate or deactivate this feature.

Browsec extension for Google Chrome browser38. Browsec: This security extension encrypts your entire web traffic and also facilitates access of blocked websites keeping your identity protected from all the trackers.

Users can explicitly select the location through which you want to connect to the internet in a secure way. It works seamlessly on intranets as well as on local area networks too. In a case of deactivation, it reminds you of your visibility. It has a large user base with positive reviews which indicates the popularity of this extension.

SpeakIt! extension for Google Chrome web browser39. SpeakIt!: If you're tired of straining your eyes while reading long text copies on a website, this useful extension can easily convert it into audio format for you.

This powerful text-to-speech converter can generate an audio equivalent of text in over 50 different languages. You simply have to select the text on the web page followed by a click on the icon to listen its audio equivalent. The extension also displays the number of sentences it will convert into audio format. You can also pause the speech in between.

Search by image extension for Google Chrome40. Search by Image: This useful extension can be used to instantly trigger Google image search for any photo or illustration embedded in an opened web page.

An image search icon automatically appears whenever a mouse cursor hovers over the image. You can also use the context menu image search option after right-clicking on the target image. Do not forget to customize the image size option for the camera icon so that it doesn't appear for very small images, icons, and avatars present on the web page.

Wisestamp extension for Google Chrome41. WiseStamp: This is yet another important Google Chrome extension every freelancer and professional must consider for their business email communication.

This extension can create beautiful and rich email signatures consisting of avatar image, social profiles and recent updates from select social networks. All the major email services are supported by this service and the extension seamlessly inserts the rich email signature as soon as you open the email composing window of the native interface.

Print friendly and PDF extension for Google Chrome42. Print Friendly & PDF: I'd highly recommend using this powerful extension if you frequently save web pages on your computer or look to print a hard copy of the same.

It can make almost any web page print-friendly and can also convert it into a PDF file. Similarly, emailing a web page is dead simple through this extension. The extension automatically removes advertisements from the page before converting it into a print-friendly format. One can explicitly remove select elements on the web page by clicking on them.

Speed dial extension for Google Chrome43. Speed Dial [FVD]: This is yet another flexible extension to create a rich and useful default tab page to improve your workflow and to speed up your browsing experience.

One can create custom speed dials for quickly opening the favorite destinations. Custom backgrounds can also be configured for the tab page. It can also display the most visited websites for different categories. Bookmarks organizing and syncing support is also supported by this extension. Do try it if you want a better and productive tab page.

History Eraser extension for Google Chrome44. History Eraser: The name itself clearly defines what this extension is all about. Tame your web browsing history through this fully configurable extension.

It's capable of either deleting an entire web history or a part of it depending on the settings configured by the user. Automated history cleaning can also be scheduled as per your convenience. Individual history items can also be deleted on a manual basis. One can also take quick backups of the entire web history data and can edit it too quite easily.

Facebook invite all extension for Google Chrome45. Facebook Invite All: Online marketers and professionals will find this extension extremely handy for inviting the entire network to their event or on a Facebook page.

With a single click on a toolbar button, you can select the entire list of friends to be invited saving your time by many folds. It has also a smart auto-scroll system that works seamlessly on all event pages and general pages. While using this extension, make sure you do not annoy your friends' network by continuous invites for pages and events.

Chrono download manager extension for Google Chrome46. Chrono Download Manager: This is a complete download manager for Google Chrome users. It includes all the features of a modern download management application.

This extension automatically sniffs for images, videos, links and other downloadable elements present on an opened web page. One can easily filter out specific types of files or can use a regular expression to fine-tune the filtering behavior. It can also be used as a full-fledged video download app supporting all popular platforms out-of-the-box.

Wikiwand extension for Google Chrome browser47. Wikiwand: If you're an avid user of Wikipedia, then this extension is made just for you. It transforms the default site by adding useful features and options.

It starts the transformation by switching to a pleasing and clean layout for better readability. The typography is improved to ensure readers get the best experience on different devices. Links previews on hover ensure you get the right information at a glance. It also renders large cover images with better galleries to get the most out of this knowledge base.

Talk and comment extension for Google Chrome48. Talk and Comment: This interesting extension lets you record and leave voice notes on almost any website with a click of a button replacing the classic text sticky notes.

The left voice notes can be played even if you've uninstalled the extension after leaving the notes. It is best used on websites like social media platforms and knowledge base websites. The recorded voice note is automatically uploaded and a link to the same is transferred to the clipboard. You can share this voice note link anywhere on the web.

timeStats extension for Google Chrome49. timeStats: This extension should be used to get an insight about how you browse and spend your time on the web. Do once try it for better time management in the peak hours.

Start with grouping frequently visited websites on the basis of categories to get the best possible statistics when analyzing the results. The extension records the time spent on each and individual website. You can check the statistics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to get a larger picture of how time is being spent on frequently visited websites.

Screencastify extension for Google Chrome50. Screencastify: This excellent video capturing extension can be used for either recording screencasts inside Google Chrome tabs or directly on the system's desktop.

All the recorded screencasts can be directly uploaded to Google Drive or YouTube apart from saving them directly on the desktop. It can also record audio streams present on the opened web page. Power users can also configure custom keyboard shortcuts for recording and storing screencasts. All the recorded video files are stored in a secure sandboxed area managed directly by Chrome.

Silver Bird extension for Google Chrome51. Silver Bird: Twitter power users can use this popular and easy-to-use extension to easily manage their accounts without any need to rely on any external application or client.

You can tweet, retweet, reply, mention and favorite tweets on your timeline. Trending topics of Twitter can also be accessed through this extension. Similarly, following and unfollowing of users is also supported. Link previews are also supported to check the content before you try to open them in the tab. It also has tracking support for read and unread tweets.