How to Automatically Create a Slideshow in 5 Simple Steps

Top view of a laptop

Whether it’s for an academic or work project, or even for personal purposes, one of the best ways to show your pictures is to create a slideshow. The fastest way to do it is to make it automatically. And for that you will need the right software. There are lots of programs on the market, but today we are going to show you how to make a slideshow in a few simple steps in SmartSHOW 3D - automatic slideshow maker. Let’s dive in.

Top view of a laptop

1. Run the Software and Add Your Pictures

Download and install the slideshow software. Once you’ve run the program, you will have a choice - either to create a slideshow from scratch or to make an automatic slideshow in 5 minutes.

Let's go with the second option. Here you will see pre-designed templates of various styles and for different occasions - modern and retro, family and travel. Pick a template that suits your goals and hit Next.

You will see the number of pictures recommended for this exact template. Add your images. You can rotate or crop the photos, shuffle or delete images right at this step.

2. Throw in a Catchy Tune

Some templates come with built-in music, but you can add music of your choice if you prefer. There are two options - either upload a song from a file or pick a tune from the software collection. You can edit the audio track.

Hit the synchronize button and the duration of each slide will be changed into accordance with the duration of the music. If you want, you can add several songs, cut them and adjust their volume.

Hit Done and the automatic slideshow creator will generate your slideshow. You can create your video right away, but we suggest making some further adjustments.

3. Insert Titles and Captions

Let's add an opening slide. Go to the "Titles" tab. Select a template and place it at the start of the slideshow. Type in the name of your photo slideshow and hit "Apply".

Click "Play" to preview the result. You can also add captions to some slides to make your photos speak. Select a slide and click "Edit Slide". Then, click "Add Layer".

There are different types of texts - simple, 3D, glowing or animated. Choose the one you like, then adjust the settings (for example, the type of animation and text style) and add it to your slide.

Type in your text, adjust its size and place it on your slide. You can also rotate your text and move it around. Now set the timing - you can make your caption last from the end of the transition to the end of the slide. Preview the result and hit "Save", if you are satisfied with it.

4. Add Transitions and Animation

Random transitions are added by default, but you can change them any time. Switch to the "Transitions" tab. Pick a transition that you like and place it between the two slides.

You can also animate your picture. To do that, go to the "Animation" tab. There you will find different effects: simple and complex, motion, 3D and nature. Select the one you like and simply drag it to the slide.

5. Create Your Slideshow

Once you’ve finished working on your slideshow, switch to the "Create" tab. Here you can create a video of different types - for your PC, tab or smartphone, burn it to a DVD or make a video optimized for social networks and websites.

Let's choose the first option. Several video formats are available: for TV, PC, smartphones, etc. Let’s create an HD video to get the best possible quality. This way, you will be able to watch your video on your TV, project it on a big screen or share it on YouTube.

So, these were the steps to create an automatic slideshow in mere minutes. Follow them and make your own customized slideshow with pictures and music of your choice.