How Digital Signage Has Made Printed Menu Boards Obsolete

A digital signage for food items

You only have to look around you to realize that digital signage is taking over from static printed advertising and informational materials. This is particularly obvious when you go to a café, bar, or restaurant. These days, it is quite rare to see handwritten specials or menu boards.

A digital signage for food items

If you are wondering why digital signage is turning printed menu boards into a thing of the past, just read on and you´ll find out.

Digital Signage Is Far More Eye-Catching

Modern consumers are used to using screens to help them to get access to what they want and to get things done. Therefore, their eyes are naturally drawn to a screen. They perceive the information displayed on it as being potentially important or entertaining.

Digital signage companies like Mandoe Media are aware of this. That is why they offer products that make it easy for food service businesses to set up a digital menu board on an A-frame on the sidewalk or in a window.

Both are effective at catching the eye of passersby and tempting them in.

Digital Menu Boards Are Easy to Update

What is displayed on them can be updated in minutes. If a restaurant sells out of one of its specials, the staff can go into the system and replace it with another dish that they still have available.

This avoids customer disappointment and provides them with a better dining experience.

Reducing Waste and Improving Profit Margins

Used in the right way, these screens also play a role in reducing food waste. Most restaurants throw away between 4 and 10% of the ingredients they purchase. Something that has a significant impact on their bottom line.

If a dish is not selling well, the owner can reduce the price and add it to the menu board. Making it far more likely that it will sell through rather than end up in the bin.

Easily Work Out Which Dishes and Deals Appeal the Most

Digital signage provides café, bar, take out, and restaurant owners with the opportunity to monitor how effective each promotion is. The system automatically records what time each list of specials or promos was first displayed.

Combining this information with the sales data for the relevant items for those time slots makes it easy to uncover what customers like and create more similar menu specials or deals.

Boost Branding

Using these eye-catching boards is an effective way to boost branding. They get noticed, even when a customer is not looking directly at them they are subconsciously thinking about what they saw on the screen as they walked past.

Because slideshows or moving images can be displayed on them, screens can be used to deploy subtle or subliminal marketing techniques. For example, a seconds-long video of a steaming cup of coffee makes a much stronger mental impact than a still image would. Making it easier to get customers to register the fact that the café is never going to serve them a tepid coffee.

The above are all compelling reasons to use digital signage and the technology is improving all the time. Printed or handwritten will always have their uses, but their use is highly likely to continue to decline.