8 Tips on Content Writing to Attract More Followers

Writing content on a laptop

What makes people come back to certain blogs and sites? Is it the information they receive? Is it the positive tone? Perhaps, people choose certain writing styles and delivery manners. It’s always hard to predict or explain posts’ success. Yet, there are certain rules you can follow to try your best to attract followers. Here they are.

Writing content on a laptop

1. Choose Your Headlines Wisely

A headline is an introduction to your article. Hence, it must be good to draw the right attention. You want to intrigue your audience.

A headline should consist of a hidden promise of some new and exciting information they just must learn. A person should get tempted by this promise and click to follow the link.

Writing such headlines is a rare talent. This simple line should briefly tell what the piece is about and why users need to read it. It has to be relevant and interesting. Yet, it should also be truthful. You need to deliver exactly what you promise to readers in a headline.

2. Know Your Audience

You should know who is reading your piece even before you start writing it. Thus, you should have a clear image of your target audience and the average reader. These people should inspire you to create. You write to please them and make them come back for more.

Sketch of people

For example, if you want to write a WritePaperForMe to help find a reliable writing service, your target audience is students. Thus, you should consider what they are looking to find in your piece.

When they will be able to read to them (that’s when you should post), and how much info they need. Overall, learning who your readers are and what they need are key points to attracting more attention.

3. Develop a Voice

You need to stay different from everyone else to be noticed. Thus, you need a voice like no one else has. Of course, each writer needs time to develop their writing style and manner. Yet, such a skill will help you stand out from other writers and develop a unique form of writing.

Conveying message through a microphone and a speaker

Keep in mind, though, that sometimes you’ll need to mimic the existing brand’s voice. Thus, each post should have a similar voice even though different people wrote them. It’s also a rare skill to master.

4. Speak the Same Language

Language is very important to deliver your message. You should speak the same language as your readers to deserve their attention and loyalty. Thus, if you write an IT blog for professionals, speak like an equal. Use the same terminology, go into depth, avoid simplifications, etc.

Of course, your approach should be different when talking to beginners or non-specialists. So, you match the right language to each audience to receive a better response.

5. Keep It Short

In today's world, people appreciate convenience and efficiency. So, stay brief and concise when communicating with your readers. Don’t waste their time. First, you should show that you deserve people’s attention. Keep most of your articles sweet and simple.

If you do need to write a long read, put a warning up front. Thus, your readers will know how much time they need to complete a piece.

A document

Overall, you should be able to deliver your message in less than 1,000 words. Short texts should also have subheadings, short paragraphs, and an easy-to-follow structure.

Chances are, they come to your blog to get a distraction and to unwind. So, they look for a good time and relaxation mixed with some useful information.

Help your readers go through the article faster by highlighting the key points and valid sections. The more they enjoy reading your posts, the more chance for their return you have.

6. Always Use Visuals

We perceive information when there are visuals. Hence, any post will only benefit from having relevant images, GIFs, videos, graphs, etc., in place. You are not cheating by including those images in the post. On the opposite, you enhance the text’s message.

Image and video

People will look at images and see the confirmation or description of what you are saying in words. Hence, they have twice more chances to remember and analyze your message.

7. Learn SEO Writing

No modern site can survive on perfect writing only. All businesses and bloggers use the basics of SEO writing to get themselves noticed in the search. That’s what you should do, too. SEO writing is not that hard to learn.

In fact, you can even find numerous apps and extensions online to do SEO for you. Such software will prepare a text that can compete for the attention among search results.

8. Stay Active on Social Media

Social media is your ticket to people’s lives and hearts. That’s often the first place people learn about your postings and blog. Such platforms are great for advertisements, finding your audiences, and bringing attention to your product. Hence, you should never shy away from social media pages.

Two people talking while sitting on chairs

First, focus on one or two platforms. See where you have higher chances of meeting your typical readers. People of different ages, occupations, interests, etc., use different social media pages. Thus, if you have a blog aimed at professionals, look for LinkedIn. If you want to appeal to teenagers, TikTok is your go-to.

Next, allow sharing of your posts. Perhaps, add the call to action at the end of each article. Ask people to share your posts on their social pages. Such a call will give you more exposure and free advertisement.