How to Ask Your Visitors to Upgrade to a Modern Browser

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Nowadays technology is changing at breath taking pace. Whether you code your website from scratch or use any content management system, you're bound to introduce such elements in your web design that are not supported by older browsers like IE6. Still a large chunk of web traffic use these old browsers that breaks your web pages. We cannot force them to upgrade but can surely show them a friendly message to upgrade whenever they visit our web site or blog. To do so, one needs a handy mechanism that not only detects use of legacy browsers but also educate the user about the same. Fortunately, there's an excellent tool one can use to ensure traffic using older browsers get's a friendly message to upgrade. This not only helps people see your site in a better browser but also ensure you contribute in making internet users upgrade to newer tools. So, let's get started and see how we can use this excellent and powerful script quite easily on our sites and blogs to quickly alert visitors about legacy web browsers.

If you are a coder, you can write a small piece of code yourself, for others, there's a premade script that gracefully handles browser detection and prompts for upgrading to a modern browser.

Browser detection dailogue
DevSlide Labs have developed a script for browser detection that shows a nice upgrade message to people using old browsers. You can choose from 5 premade prompts or can fill in your own text for the dialogue. Once configured, simple copy paste the code in your website such that it is fetched in the header of every web page.


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